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November 9th, 2008 at 10:18 pm by under Inside WOOD TV8

Once again, thanks for all your feedback regarding the new site redesign.

Based on your feedback, we’ve made several changes to the home page.

1. We’ve replaced the thumbnails of video stories with the text of the latest 10 local news stories.

2. The day planner graphic has reappeared.

3. A link to Bill’s Blog is directly below the day planner graphic.

We’re still addressing the problems you’ve described about site slowness. If you have some specific info on what’s occurring to you, please pass it along.

And to those people who have shared how they’ve used the site in the past and how they want to use it in the future, your feedback is especially appreciated. Concrete examples of what you want will really help us make the improvements you want to see.

I can assure you, we will not stop making changes to the site until it is better than the previous version. Your support for the last version of the site gives us something positive to build on for the future.

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> Your input on the new website helps
> A new website is coming Friday

Feel free to leave your comments and questions below, or email us directly at

96 Responses to “Site changes you requested”

  1. Catherine Carpenter says:

    The light blue text color you’re using is hard to read for us folks with weaker eyes. How about more contrast??

  2. doll says:

    In response to what Bill Olson said, here’s the email address for LIN Broadcasting:

  3. dt says:

    very buggy. – alot of stuff will not load. I’m on a nearly new machine too. stuff that does load is way slow. the new format reminds me of wzzm13′s site. I will be finding a different site for my daily local news. bummer tv8 – you’ve taken a big leap backwards. From a graphic design standpoint – yuck. did someone in accounting get a new position in the web design department? content is hard to find at best

  4. Kathy W (Martin) says:

    Have been unable to post a comment here several times over the past 2 days, but will keep trying. I too am very unhappy with how slow the site loads and I believe it is the video thumbnail that has slowed things down, along with the Google weather map that was loading on Friday when I checked the site. I use woodtv for my home page, reading my news and weather and Bill’s Blog daily and sometimes more than once per day. I am hopeful based on the comments I have seen that it is possible you will be able to make some of the suggested changes; but knowing this was a corporate decision and modification makes me wonder if it really will be done or if you will lose alot of viewers. I will keep checking and trying to navigate the new site and hope for the best.

  5. Dave DeJonge says:

    @ David Marshall

    You should run your virus scan software on your computer. Those ads are not coming our site natively.

  6. juli says:

    I will be changing to wwmz13. This site has gone from bad to worse, way to many clicks to get where you want to go, have to return to home too often, site is boring and blah, and never has the information, just a title heading, but no information on the news.For”we have it first” logo, you sure don’t.

  7. Larry says:

    Thank you for the changes to the home page. I really like having the day planner there again. And I can get to the printer freindly forecast easily – and the printer format is improved over the previous site (where only one page could be printed).

    the changes were made promplty and you’re blog shows you are committed to having a first class site much improved over the previous site and I have am confident you will succeed. Keep you the good work.


  8. Sue says:

    I really do not care for the new website, the colors are very bland and things are hard to figure out. The old website was much more bolder which made it easier to click on what you wanted

  9. BT says:

    I did make my feelings known to LinTV ( as they are obviously out of touch with the local affiliates. I appreciate the fixes that you are making BUT- the one question I have is-didn’t anyone really anticipate this reaction? Can you imagine if you changed the evening news format in a drastic way and then fixed it on the fly night after night? Why is the “New Media” any different? This should have been thought out-focus grouped-and vetted before launch.

    I will never figure out why corporate types need to fix things that aren’t broken-apparently just to feed their own need-not the needs of the marketplace or consumer.

    PS-Still too many clicks to get to the story-do not have a headline that clicks to a headline and then you have to click again on another headline to get the story. Ridiculous and an easy fix.

  10. Fred says:

    Site is still junk. You don’t get it, do you? Bring back the old site, improve on that one, and you will have it. As for the rest of us, we will be going to WZZM site

  11. Deb says:

    Liked the old website much better. I don’t like this at all. Also when I try and pull the website up on my pda, it gives me some paragraph about Rss feeds or something. In addition, my daily forecast email is jumbled into non readable stuff. I don’t even get the breaking news email anymore. Not happy at all with the changes.

  12. Scott says:

    Very slow to load, almost to the point of locking up the comp and this is dsl. It will take a day to load with dial up at home.

  13. Liz says:

    Looking better and thank you for listening to the viewers!! I see much more content which is why I preferred WOODTV to WZZM’s site.

    I do miss seeing the radar on the home page if it’s possible to add it back??

  14. Kevin says:

    I like the new site! The site has been loading faster for me than the old one.

  15. Al says:

    I see no inprovements over the old site. Maybe you should contact Target 8 to investigate how you got ripped off by this Web design company on the West Coast. This site is not usable in it’s current condition and should be shut down until it is usable.

  16. BT says:

    Hey Dave-Like Liz said, what happened to the Doppler? It was the reason many (including me) would login to the website-now you have to search for it?? You go to the weather page and you see temps first-who cares about temps? I realize that this could contribute to the speed issue for home page loads-but economizing through one of the most popular and useful elements of your site is not right?!?!

    If you haven’t gotten the message yet-All content that is Local is important to the users of Local news (1 click) weather (radar visible on login)and fast load. 3 simple things would bring you closer to where you were.
    I sympathize with you, I know you are trying…

  17. JoeT says:

    I enjoyed the ease of use of the old format better. I liked how you felt everything you wanted or needed was right in front of you on the main page with just a quick glance…The new page is nice, but is difficult to manuver quickly, I like the option of chosing to watch the video as opposed to having it right there. As other posters has writtien, it is nicer to read at our pace and elect to watch the video if desired. Keep up the good work of trying to improve an already great product. Thanks for being the best news source in West MI.

  18. b.fizzle says:

    The old site was much quicker loading and was easier to navigate. the new site seems much slower as there is more video on the homepage. Will I leave as my homepage after today????yeah probably but I believe there needs to be some of the old theory” if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” put to use.

  19. Lucy says:

    I do not like the new website at all. Bad format and takes too long to load.

  20. Jan says:

    Have been giving myself some time to familiarize with the new website, to watch your updates, and to get familiar all over again. My most obvious concern has to be in reference to the speed of the site loading and navigation around the site. I would guess that many people use your website from work and appreciate the quickest way to get information – and that’s not necessarily via video.
    Thanks for your continued efforts.

  21. Too slow. U need to post a special thumbnail just for Big Lake conditions.

    Terri, are u up 4 some bear hot sticks!? They are delicious, if u like spicy.

    Let me know.

  22. David Marshall says:

    @ David Marshall

    You should run your virus scan software on your computer. Those ads are not coming our site natively.

    @ Dave DeJonge

    I have. These are not pop-up ads. They are in the position that your normal ads run in. Top banner, right side and so on. Ad-aware, Spybot Search & Destroy, Microsoft OneCare and McAufee have all been run. The machine is clean.

    Large ad on right hand side link –

    Smaller ad, right hand side –×100/300x100_2.gif

    Top banner ad –

    If these are in fact, not coming from your website, advice in removing them would be appreaciated as these ads are not showing up at any other sites that I visit. Just here.

  23. P J says:

    I do not like the new website. It takes too long to load. It takes too long to try to find things. I changed to Wood Tv after WZZM changed their site but thiers is better than this, much quicker. Afraid I will have to change back.

  24. Cindy says:


  25. KV says:

    I have to say that since Friday afternoon the “changes” that have been made to the new site don’t seem to address what the public is saying. I’m with the majority of people who say “Bring the old site back!”. If I was in charge I would have switched the page back IMMEDIATLY and I can’t imagine that with all the negative feedback the person who is in charge isn’t doing the same. This is like Business 101-PLEASE THE CONSUMER!! The first problem with the page is that there is no news. When I come to the site during the work day I want to quick read some headlines and see if anything is going on that might in some way impact the rest of my day. The old site had it right on the homepage, you type in and right away you see 8-10 recent headlines. Now there are 3 headlines and none of them are beneficial. I have also noticed that alot of the headlines elsewhere on the site seem to be “old” news. Second you can’t identify the website as being the same WOOD TV you watch on TV. Colors are different…it’s like you’re at a totally different news source’s website. As many others have said the speed of the site should be a huge concern. Basically you should just listen you what people say and give the guy who developed the old site a bonus and go back to it, because it was much more user friendly and it actually provided the consumer with what they are promised-the NEWS!~

  26. Lynne @ Little Whitefish Lake says:

    Sorry – I have tried and tried to get to Bill’s Blog and make a post, no luck. I, like many others do not like the new format – it is not easy to use and not very informative. I will just do with out my news and weather for a while. I’ll check back in a few weeks to see how things are progressing – I’ll miss you!!

  27. Laura says:

    I really liked the old format. I no longer can access the news portion from my cell phone. I am very disappointed about that. I don’t know if this is something that you are looking into or not. I strongly agree with everyone about the lack of color. It is very boring. I really liked the look of the old format. I am not someone that cannot embrace change. I was very excited about seeing the new look however very let down now that I have seen it. I look forward to seeing something new.

  28. Linda says:

    Don’t like it. What did you do with the games? Go back to the old one.

  29. doll says:

    WISH-TV and WDTN-TV have the skyline of their cities at the top of the homepage. Will WOOD-TV be doing the same? It looks nice on their websites, although even more color would be nice.

    Dave, thanks for the email. I know you guys are trying.

  30. Sarah says:

    Is this newly-designed website really worth all of these unhappy viewers???? Trying to get on your website has been tying up my computer all day. Are you going back to the old version, or not?

  31. Max Merryman says:

    You had a good thing going with the old site, when TV13 switched to there new web site i thought i would never switch but now im wondering if i should! Keeping it simple is what your viewers want…….Please!

  32. DJ says:

    Hate it cant print the weather report.

  33. Karen says:

    Please go back to the old website. The new one is horrible.

  34. Jack P says:

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I guess the artzy just cannot resist forcing there idea of better on we that pay the bills. I can live without this site. I only used it for Bill’s Blog because of my interest in climate conditions.

    Good bye

  35. Kathie says:

    How do I access archive videos on your new site?

  36. direfloyd says:

    I signed up for your website but when I post I have to fill in my name and email every time still. I’ve signed in on the main page but when I try to comment an error comes up unless I fill in the name and email… my name isn’t hyperlinked also which makes me think the signing in function isn’t working correctly. Could you let me know how to sign in? Thank you! I like the site other than the commenting bugs and having to sign up again to comment.

  37. svo1 says:

    Thanks for the changes made to the site. It is much better than the original new version. Love the local news section with the option to read the story. Put a link on the main site to this blog now and I think most of the people, like myself that hated the original launch will like the latest version much better. I will now bookmark the site once again. thanks svo1

  38. Tina says:

    Do not like this new format at all. There aren’t enough local headlines to keep me interested enough to stick around and I find the weather area difficult to naviage.

    Unfortunately, this has gone from being my favorite West Michigan news site to the least favorite. I’m going to remove from my bookmarks, for now. Perhaps I’ll be back in a few months to see if you’ve changed formats (again).

  39. Edwin Lane says:


  40. Beth says:

    I clicked on a news headline and there’s no details, just this?

    Neighbors react to
    Brake’s charges
    Last Edited: Thursday, 13 Nov 2008, 1:27 AM EST
    Created On: Thursday, 13 Nov 2008, 1:25 AM EST

    Jessica Leffler
    WRIGHT TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) – Troy Brake is charged with killing four people who lived next door to the home he grew up in. Matt and Heather Trout now live in the home Brake grew up in.

  41. Beth says:

    The look of the site is a bit bland – gray banner on the top is not exciting and wastes space
    The light blue headline lettering is wimpy, not bold or eye catching
    There’s too much advertising/junk that my eyes don’t go to anything quickly

    I’d like to see the headlines – all 10-15 of them without having to scroll down

    I’d like to have fewer repeats – if it’s in the “top 3″ news articles, then don’t repeat it in the lower section – in fact the “Lost Hunter” story appears three times right now!

    I would like a “5 day forecast” link on the first page without having to hunt for it

    Maybe you could find a way to let us frequent users customize a personal version of the page the way we each want it, like Yahoo let’s me customize what I have on my homepage.

  42. David says:

    New website is slow and glitchy. Have to click through twice to get to a main story. Once to get a picture and one sentence. Second to actually get to the story. You page takes up a lot of CPU space as well 200+ K. I was a little nervous when you said you were switching to FOX. not the best network website either. Slow and a very busy looking page. I use open in a new tab all of the time and the double click through is just a pain. Thanks

  43. David says:

    Additionally, same news up all day. School closings hard to find. Old site had way too many ads but it worked and didn’t suck up all my CPU time. Probably will switch to WZZM it only takes 8K of CPU space and more headlines. It is more eye catching. I run two websites and the keys are keeping it simply and easy for the end user. Hope you fix it soon.

  44. David says:

    Good bye WOODTV.COM Site takes too long to load and click twice for a main story is rediculous. here I come.

  45. Don says:

    Sigh, I was actually worried Bill might be ill as he had not posted for so long. Come to realize that you had dumped your prior RSS feeds and now have new ones:


    I like the old one better to be honest … but then again, it doesn’t involve feed burner … why use a third party site.

    Anyway, the last thing one should do with an RSS feed is update those to whom you syndicate content. Perhaps you noticed the drop, and perhaps you didn’t. I sure did. If it were anything other than Bill’s Blog, I’d probably have simply moved on, but his stuff is interesting so I took the time to chase it down (and it is NOT easy to find the proper RSS link either … it takes multiple levels of clicking). You can have your share this link. As a beta tester of newsvine, I get it … the whole share and syndicate thing, but it should not have been hard for me to find the rss link. I have to click on feed burner in html and then find the hidden link for the xml rss feed that I need for Thunderbird. Blah blah blah :-)

  46. Sandy says:

    Your site SUCKS ! It takes FOREVER TO LOAD – some things never load! It loads slower than if we were on a dial-up connection, and we’re on high-speed. We used to depend upon this site for all our local info. What gives??? Buy a webmaster with some practical smarts.

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