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My youngest child, a sophomore in college now, has always said Thanksgiving is his favorite holiday.  I couldn’t understand that before, because as a kid, I couldn’t wait for the next Christmas, counting the days from December 26th on.  But as an empty nester,  I now see what my son sees. 

I see all four of my children coming home, coming together for the first time since summer vacation, their first break from the routine that began when school started up in August.  My kids are in colleges and law school and working fulltime.  They have always been close siblings and they look forward to seeing each other as much as Mom and Dad look forward to seeing them.

And that’s it.  That’s the holiday.  Getting together.  Joining with family and friends, like the first Thanksgiving, sharing what you bring to the table and giving thanks for whatever it is you have. 

Over the years, I’ve usually worked Thanksgiving night.  Up until this year, the holiday fell during television ratings and the audience was usually captive (or comatose) on the couch after a day of eating and football and did I say eating?  After a wonderful celebration with family and friends, I would come into work with trepidation, anticipating awful news.  It seems like some of the worst news I’ve ever reported broke on Thanksgiving night.  One story in particular still haunts me:  After Thanksgiving dinner, a father in West Michigan drove his two young children to his place of work, a factory foundry, opened the door of one of the furnances, threw them in and then left.  Unimaginable.  Absolutely unimaginable.

I’ve told my dear friend, with whom we celebrate Thanksgiving, that the holiday brings me peace and solemnity on what is often a bleak and austere day in November.   Even surrounded by loved ones, amidst the hustle and bustle of getting the food on the table and coaxing the Lions to a win (not), I find calm in the day. 

Most experts will tell you,  calm is not what is always summoned on a holiday like Thanksgiving.  The pressure of families coming together in close quarters, strained relationships, stressful finances, and abundant imbibing often give way to explosive gatherings which too often lead to breaking news.

I’m taking Thanksgiving night off this year.  I’m savoring the calm I look forward to on the fourth Thursday of November.  And as I sit and watch 24-Hour News 8 from home, I’ll be thankful if there’s no awful breaking news to haunt me again.

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  1. Sue from kalamazoo says:

    I have to say I think Thanksgiving in my favorite holiday. I look forward to spending time with family today. We don’t have a big family, but it is growing. I will have a new son-in-law in May of 2009. So that will make the table a little fuller then. It is always fun to hear what is going on in everyones lives at the time.

    I feel that Christmas has just gotten off track to much and it doesn’t feel like it did when I was growning up with my brothers. So I have to say I enjoy Thanksgiving so much more.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family today.

  2. Long Lake Gal says:

    I have been up since 5:30 this morning getting the turkey in the roaster and getting the rolls started. Other than that, I think I got most everything else ready yesterday (and the day before). I think back to when I worked full time and still fixed the big Thanksgiving Dinner,and wonder how I did it. One year, my husband, his brother and two nephews were at the cottage deer hunting and I decided to bring Thanksgiving Dinner up to them. I started the night before, after work, and the kids and I drove for an hour to get to the cottage, smelling turkey all the way! I even packed up the good china and crystal. (What a waste of time!) The guys enjoyed the suprise, I cleaned up and the kids and I headed home. That was a fun, special day! Today seems easy by comparison!

  3. Zeelander says:

    It’s one of the best….but not quite…we are typically not near either one of our families so we invite others to dinner and enjoy the day with us…last year my eldest daughter was in big time labor the entire day, my second oldest was bugging her, we had three dogs running about, a friend had a little too much wine and start to show off colored video skits/jokes to a very conservative family that attended and their daughter got a panic attack…it will go down in our family history….this year my eldest daughter is again do(another 7 months), the second oldest grilled venison and did not bug the oldest, my third oldest had a mild concussion from a sledding party so she stayed low (Hope Student), my youngest (another Hope Student) had his girl friend over, three dogs running around again, our guest were a family from next door (double evacuated from hurricanes)and a another friend..we had a great time talking, sharing stories and of course good food. As a family we look forward to these style of get togethers….it’s something you just don’t want to miss!!!!

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