Warnings expire at 7 PM

November 30th, 2008 at 8:59 pm by under Bill's Blog, Weather
Local The Winter Storm Warnings and Advisories will expire at 7 PM Monday for all of West Michigan.   I’m off to speak to the Ottawa Co. Townships Annual Dinner at the Pinnacle Center this evening.  Snow showers will diminish to flurries, with flurries continuing tomorrow.  A stronger Arctic cold front approaches on Wednesday with more snow or a brief mix changing to snow.  Then VERY COLD air arrives (850 mb temperature to -16C Friday AM)…so lake-effect snow is likely.  Saturday we get a clipper system and at least light snow.  Sunday even COLDER air arrives (-18C – (or 0F) at 850 mb Sunday AM), with more lake-effect.  More snow and colder than average for next week  Keep the winter coats and snow shovels handy!!  Click here to see advisories/watches/warnings for neighboring states.  Oh, and read the posts below and above…this is going to be a wild week of weather!

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  1. Bob P. :o) (St.Johns) says:

    5.5 on the ground, on elevated surfaces (picnic table) 6.1″..
    Still snowing & 32*

    Heart attack snow, good grief this stuff is hvy!

  2. Barbara in Kazoo (S. 6th & N Ave. (west central Kalamazoo Co.) says:

    So how did Brennan do with all his school closing predictions?

  3. Mike Menconloy says:

    Brennan did wonderful!

  4. Craig (Holly St Park area) says:

    The NWS/Gaylord does these morning – kind of a recap of the weather over the past 24 hours in their region.

    Sure would like to see GR and DET offices do something similar! Hint hint.

  5. pete from byron center says:

    i have 6.5 inches of heavy snow.

  6. Tanya Mack-Big Rapids/Morley-Stanwood says:

    Boy I hope all the bickering in here doesn’t continue all winter! Couldn’t help but laugh at all the people claiming the storm was hyped…I measured 8 1/4″ here….heavy wet stuff-great for making snowmen! Still flurries off and on but doesn’t appear to be amounting to much from where the parking lot was plowed this morning. Kids are happy to have a snow day-they already had a 5 day wknd for the holiday so now it’s 6. Not sure what to think about the snow for later in the week-we don’t usually get much LES but I hear we may this time. Anyone have any idea if Mecosta County has a chance for any? Just curious.

    Hope all here are safe (and warm!) =)

  7. Bob P. :o) (St.Johns) says:

    6.5 measured on a elevated surface……5″ on the warm ground, 33*

  8. Vincent(N.E.Kent Co.) says:

    My snow measure stick i pounded into the yard Sunday at noon now says 10 inches of new snow here. Gotta go out and plow driveway again.I dont like it. Its real pretty,but i dont like it. Have a good day.

  9. Scott in Hartford (Western Van Buren Co.) says:

    We had about 3 inches yesterday and last night another 1″ this morning, now it is letting loose with the lake effect. From looking at the current radar I am in the middle of the green :) .

  10. 5.5″ here at my place. What a storm! Still some flurries but no additional accumulations..yet..

    I was looking at that LES band there and that will definitely up the totals of some folks. This storm isn’t quite over yet for some.

  11. Dale P says:

    snowing very hard in Paw Paw right now, rates I believe over an inch/hour. Wonder how long this band will stay over us? Maybe rest of day if I am lucky. What are the teams thoughts of LE potential this weekend? Looks like a prime set up for what could be a very heavy LE event for WNW flow areas.

  12. Click my name to go to my blog ans see some of my photos gang. More coming later today.

  13. Dan (Belmont) says:

    SO Bill whats going to happen with the LES this week, like the amounts, and the wind direction, will I get a lot of LES this week?

  14. Andy says:

    Worked from 10 last night until about 5:30 this morning plowing a facility in Greenville. I’m pretty sure I saw lightning a few miles off to the north around 2 am. A couple of occurrences. Anyone else observe this?

  15. Trent says:

    Yeah, as of 7 o’clock this morning I had 6 and a half inches of snow in my yard and I live in Wayland. Also, I hear we may have a big blizzard coming, any truth to this?

  16. Steelie says:

    Good Day,

    East Paris between 29th and 32nd – 4.5″ on the ground.


  17. Craig (Holly St Park area) says:

    5.5 inches over on this side of the state. Thank god for synoptic snows. Have fun with all your LES, west siders!!!

  18. 5.8″ now with this recent LES band over my area….

  19. Joe (8 Miles E of Rockford) says:

    Bring on the Arctic Air!!! I’m ready for it. I could go for some “Urban Ice Road Trucking”!!!

  20. Tyler says:

    Total at about 4.5 inches in Holland. Blowing around good too.

  21. oxford says:

    When is GRPS going to have a snow day next???????

  22. weather watcher says:

    Near Fremont and I have 5.5 inches..

  23. Brennan Prill says:



  25. WOW ,,,, LOL SNOW , OH MY GOD i lived in mi for 40 yrs , moved to arizona last june,, just so you all know ,its like 830 pm , im on the patio in shorts and t shirt drinkin ice cold bud light playin horse shoes ,with a great job ,, no money problems ,, in other words mi sucks and so does its weather ,

  26. ^ Have fun running out of water moron! I’m glad your arrogance is gone!

  27. Jason says:

    Just got home from driving and its nasty out there….ICE ICE BABY is a perfect song for tonight. Also and thought on snow for the rest of the week, what is the NWS thinking for totals???

  28. dear direfloyd,,, im sure not afraid of running out of water , see i thought about that , and i know your wonderfull jenifer granholm will sell me any amount of water i need in order to keep that broke state afloat in order to make her self look good , dont get upset with me , as they say dont hate the player hate the game , by the way be nice and ill send ya some warm weather lol

  29. oh my god tiny tim you have never heard that saying ?well let me put it into plain english for ya,, anyone who thought about where michigan was , and where it is now , got a clue and got smart and got out of that state

  30. okay this blog is just weird now…im out

  31. wow tim , you seem a bit bitter , or is it because your living under a bridge and your afraid the next time your governor has a state shut down due to lack of money they may also turn off your night lite (street light)and no im not nowhere near fifty , but i will till ya this , ill make you a bet you dont make 2750 , an hr like i do , because if you did you sure would not be drinkin no skunk beer like miller lite

  32. LOL, such modesty… Your head might get bigger talking up yourself so much but your junk isn’t dude… get a life, this is a weather blog, not Dave Applegate, the chronic liar, is GOD blog. Like I said, have fun in my version of hell.

  33. well tim id try to hook ya up with a job , however the people who work with me take showers and are ready to work in the mornin in other words (well rested)and seing you live under bridge and all i dont think you would fit in , sorry ,, and , i wasnt really dissin your brew ,all i was saying is hell in az you can buy a case of skunk miller lite for like 9 bucks , but that could be cause of the stupid deposit thing you guys have to pay on the cans , but however tim , it was nice talkin to you however i have to get up and go to work in the mornin , so ill let you go , have a nice night checkin the weather which i know you need to do seeing you live under a bridge ,,

  34. wyoming says:

    any guess for snow fall for the next storm??

  35. CLS says:

    Dave Applegate and Direfloyd – your comments are uncalled for on this blog – this is a weather related blog – let’s keep it that way.

  36. Jason says:

    Yeah please go to a different blog for your conversations. Anyone know how much snow west mich will get this week?

  37. mackenzie says:

    they should cose allegan publin schools because there a lot of ice by the
    back roads

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