Record Snowfall in West Michigan

January 19th, 2009 at 3:14 am by under Bill's Blog, Weather

<–grill covered with 15″ of new snow near Muskegon Sunday AM.  Daily record snowfalls on Saturday for Grand Rapids (4.7″) and for Muskegon (14.8″).  Shelby, Michigan has had 20″ of new snow this weekend, with 34″ of snow on the ground (not counting drifts!). Season snowfall totals as of Monday PM are:  Grand Rapids 88.8″ (season average is 72.2″), Muskegon 119.6″, Lansing 52.5″, Battle Creek 60.4″, Kalamazoo (WMU) 81.7″, Grand Haven 104.3″, Holland (Tulip City Airport) 103.5″, Oshtemo 107.5, Ludington 132.4″.  New Era had 15″ of snow in roughly 15 hours on Saturday.  Farther north, Mancelona had nearly 14″ of snow and they now have 37″ of snow on the ground and 165″ for the season! Here’s some snowfall totals. This is the coldest start to January in GRR since 1999.  Grand Rapids (and most of West Michigan) has now had 13 consecutive days with measurable snow.   Grand Rapids is 4.8 deg. colder than average for January, Battle Creek is running 6.7 below for the month and Kalamazoo is now 7.3 deg. colder than average for January.  The average wind speed for Monday has been 3.8 mph – that’s a calm day for mid winter.

The state of Maine may have set an all-time record low temperature Friday AM, when the thermometer at Big Black River measured -50 (the state record is -48 set way back in 1925).  They will check that thermometer.  There is also a controversy brewing about an all-time state record low temperature for the state of Illinois.  The thermometer at the Rochelle airport recorded -37 Thursday AM.  Meteorologists calibrated the thermometer later Thursday and found it to be off by 14 degrees.  They fixed the problem…then on Friday AM, the same thermometer registered -36 (which would have tied the state all-time record low temp. set in Jan. 1999).   Even though the NWS says the reading “may be accurate” (may be? – they just calibrated it the day before), they aren’t going to count the record. The same morning, I saw another weather station nearby at -35 and several others at -30 to -32.  Hmmm.  Here’s a second opinion.

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  1. Moderate to heavy snow in Marshall for the past hour and a half. Looks like a very narrow but intense snow band has developed from northern Van Buren Co. through northern Kalamazoo county through central Calhoun Co.

  2. michelle (currently Spring Lake) says:

    Oh goodie-they extended the warning for Ottawa until 1AM. Should be tons of fun driving home. If I make it home. Enough already. And I thought I saw beaks inthe clouds here.

  3. Mikeyd(West Olive) says:

    Hello Plowed This Morning At 2am About 8″ Right Now About 10 Inches In Driveway Unbeleavable When Will It Stop Snowing On Lakeshore Tonite Or Tommorow AM.

  4. Craig (Holly St Park area) says:

    It wasn’t too many years ago and even the Lions could count on a W after playing the Cardinals. Now, they are going to the Super Bowl and we set the record for a 0-16 season! Our franchise is so lame…

  5. Shawn says:


    Any word on Holland’s total snowfall after this week and weekend? Thanks much.

  6. Tyler( Holland) says:

    well.. another 5-6″ today… Bob, had that band over me for about 15 minutes and it dropped about 1/2″ in that time!

  7. Patti says:

    where can you find snow accumulation totals so far this year. I am from the Holland area.

  8. Ty says:

    Anyone want to apologize to those folks who make the Almanac? They were saying at the start of the year this was going to be a rough winter. All the folks with the fancy forecasting equipment said that was nonsense..
    Don’t know about you, but I think the Farmers Almanac nailed it!!

  9. Melissa says:

    City of Allegan. My husband just came in from snowblowing – yet again. He believes it was easily 10″ of snow. Last time he snowblowed was Friday night.

  10. Jay S. (US 31/I-96 Corridor - S. Muskegon County) says:

    Just shoveled (cleaned up) the driveway again. A fresh 1 – 2 inches on it from today. Great night out there tonight…clear skies with a great view of Orion in the sky. Temp is 5.1 degrees here in MKG near the airport.

  11. Dave (BC) says:

    We’ve had 57.5″ of snow in the last 30 days (that’s GR’s total–we’ve had more in Byron Center due to lake effect). It’s possible that GR could hit 100″ by the end of January (many spots north and west are well over 100″ already). And we can (and do) get accumulating snow well into April (like we did on April 11, 2007)–that means we’re still in the ‘zone’ for another 90 days.

    And I thought we had a lot of snow last year.

    I’d be dead without the diesel tractor (with chains) and snowblower.

    Oh well–back to reading how toasty things will be 100 years from now….

  12. Owen R. says:

    Hey Bill,
    What happened to the promised January thaw you said was coming late 3rd week – 4 week of this month. We sure could use it.

  13. Bob P. :o) (St.Johns) says:

    I never saw the word “promised”, I see the word “possible”,

    from Bill

    I think the week of Jan. 11-18 may be the coldest week of the winter, with a thaw possible in the last week of January.

    This from Dec 31st Blog entry….
    The 8-14 Day Outlook calls for near-below average temperatures for Jan. 6-12 and to me, the long range looks chilly for the next three weeks. Happy New Years Eve

  14. Matt H. says:

    Global warming is NOT the cause of the heavy snowfall this winter. First, Lake Michigan is frozen right now, so it’s not warmer than usual. Second, global average temperatures have been falling for the last several years and arctic ice coverage increased 20% last year. Global warming alarmists don’t like to publicize data that contradicts their biases, however.

  15. Jay S. (US 31/I-96 Corridor - S. Muskegon County) says:

    Down to 1.7 degrees here in Muskegon. The land breeze and clear skies are causing the lakeshore counties to drop close to zero.

  16. Jim S (Saugatuck Twp) says:

    We have skyrocketed to 117″ in Saugatuck this year. Just 3″ below last years total. Over 40″ the last couple weeks.

  17. Lake Michigan is frozen? I don’t think so.

  18. Slim Jim(nw GR) says:

    Clear and +4° here so have a good chance of getting to 0 or below once again.
    No Doctor Lake Michigan is NOT frozen over nor do I expect it to this winter unless it get much colder and stays that way for several weeks and I do not see that happening but I do think its going to stay on the cold side for two to three more weeks yet! And I still think we could get a big snowstorm or ice storm or two yet.

  19. Jimmy James says:

    Down to 2.5 degrees here in Jenison and dropping.

  20. Storm total for me was 5-6″ the sun came out and it all settled before I was up to measure.

    6.3F here

  21. Mitch (Hudsonville/Allendale says:

    1.6F here

  22. Mitch (Hudsonville/Allendale) says:

    Was way up to 2.2 about 15 minutes ago, but now down to 1.4. Charles…You’re “winning” so far!

  23. Mitch (Hudsonville/Allendale) says:

    Woo Hoo!!! 0.9F!!! I’m winning! I’m getting silly…time for bed. ZZZBRRRZZZ…

  24. I had a reading of 0.6F moments ago!

    Now I am winning LOL

  25. Todd in Nunica says:

    Well as I have said before beware of the storms that do not get hyped. This is easily in the top 3 as far as depth of snow in a single storm I have plowed this entire year. I measured 11-12″ Away from any drifting. (Middle of the parking lot) This is in Norton shores/N.Spring lake area.

    Funny I just seem to recall last Thursday hearing 1-4 or maybe 2-5″ from this storm. This was way worse than our HUGE storm last Monday.

    Oh well. I cannot wait to do billing tomorrow.

  26. Bob P. :o) (St.Johns) says:

    Todd in Nunica,
    thats is the ficklness of lake effect and cold air…
    do you run a crew? or do you plow all your accounts by yourself?

  27. Bruce says:

    We just returned from the North Country where it was -22 at the cabin. Vanderbilt has the state record low temp if it still stands. Where is the recording station for that town. We were not pleased to return to all this new snow. We barely hard 4 inches of new up there.

  28. Todd in Nunica says:

    Bob P. :o ) (St.Johns):

    Its just me, 1 truck 1 guy. Lots of quiet lonely nights. lol

    I dont think I like SW flow……..give me NW anyday!

  29. Tyler in Marquette says:

    Hey, don’t forget about the chilling temperatures up in the U.P. last week I read -17 (not to mention windchill)on my thermometer and that is near the lake inland was much colder, and our snow fall totals are around 140-150″ this season!

  30. William says:

    We were near Shelby this past w/e. The snow just wouldn’t stop. Between the ‘clipper’ Friday and then the lake effect Sat-Sunday, it was a w/e to remember. Large flakes falling straight out of the sky..and even w/ some sunshine at the same time. The aftermath was a sight to behold…I loved it!

  31. Poppa says:

    I live in Northern Mi, the Tip of the mitt. I was in Kazoo for a week visiting my Daughter and Grandbabies. I have a question….Do any of the Road Commishes down there know what a Snowplow truck is for? I have never seen such bad road conditions in my life. We get alot of snow here, we just got another foot while I was gone, BUT I could atleast drive safely down my road. And I live way out in the woods! My daughter said thats thew way it is down there all the time. Fire the Commish and get someone in there that knows what they are doing.

  32. GreenerBuzz says:

    Is there a local W MI source for daily/monthly weather history? Weather Underground has weather records, but they only recorded GR as having 17″ of snow in Dec! and only one day of over 6″. I had over 4 days of 7″+, and one of nearly a foot.

  33. scott kitkowski says:

    What is the snowfall (in inches) for the 2008 -2009 winter season in Oxford Michigan

    1. Clark Skinner says:

      Hi Scott, did you attend GMI?

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