Talking With Red Wings Anthem Singer Karen Newman

February 8th, 2009 at 11:57 am by under Entertainment, Sports

I had chance during a recent Griffins game to spend some time with Red Wings anthem singer and recording artist Karen Newman.  “It’s been too long since I’ve been here at a Griffins game,” Newman said.  “I’m glad to be back.”

In addition to singing the national anthem prior to Red Wings games and participating in teams community relations events, Newman has produced several of her own C.D’s, has sung backup for major acts including Kid Rock and Bob Segar and the Silver Bullet Band and has put on annual Christmas shows in Detroit for the past eight years.

“I said (to a Griffins employee), why am I not doing my Christmas shows here in Grand Rapids,” Newman said.  “I’m going to explore that.  I’d love to bring my Christmas show (here), it’s a very family friendly show.  There are some great people here, great hockey fans, great music lovers, I need to bring it here.”

While Newman is known best for beautiful voice and well…  beauty…  I found her to be incredibly nice and personable.  She’s also a huge hockey fan.  In fact, growing up in metro Detroit, she became a die hard Red Wings fan well before she joined the team nearly two decades ago.  “I grew up listening to the Red Wings,” Newman said.  “My dad always had the Red Wings on.  I’ve been with the them (the Wings) for 19 seasons.”

After singing the national anthem at a recent Griffins game, Newman joined me for a brief intermission interview on the Griffins radio network to talk about her love of the Red Wings, music, and bringing her Christmas show to Grand Rapids. 

You can find that video of that interview, on line, at

See ya at the rink,

Larry Figurski

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  1. Bill Steffen says:

    FYI – She was the entertainment B4 the fireworks at the Grand Haven Coast Guard Festival and I was the emcee of the show. I got to spend some time with her before the show. I’ll second what Larry said…she’s personable, bright and put on a high-powered and family-friendly show.

  2. MikeRAHfone says:

    Will someone pull syt’s comment off this comment page. It’s disgusting, and speaks ill of our area men.

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