Neighbor to Neighbor

February 11th, 2009 at 6:00 pm by under News

We hear it everywhere. These are tough economic times for all of us. One can often feel overwhelmed by it all and wonder ”What can I do?” With so many people hurting, those who offer help are also overwhelmed trying to keep up with the demand.  There is something we can do.

Mayor George Heartwell first announced his Neighbor to Neighbor program during his State of the City address. In the current water bills sent out to many Kent County residents, there is an opportunity to give a little extra if you can, and help out the neighbor who can’t. 

There are many different funds you can donate to help people trying to meet their basic needs. United Way, your local church, many non-profit organizations just to name a few.  This community has always stepped up to help those in need.

Tell me what you’re doing to help those in need in your community….

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  1. Larry of Hastings/Barry Co. says:

    Everyone needs to read, The Story of Stone Soup. It’s a old short story with a powerful message. During hard times we all must help one another.

  2. Gordon Beld says:

    Not doing much right now, but would like to find an opportunity to assist in an ESL classroom in the Holland area, helping adult immigrants to learn English. Did that for eight years until the class in which I was involved was discontinued four years ago. Now provide editorial assistance to Exodus World Service, a Chicago-area agency which seeks to link incoming refugees with caring Christians. Have been doing that for 20 years. Working with refugees has been important to my wife and myself for the past 30 years. That began in Alma where I was director of public relations for Alma College. At that time our church sponsored a family of Cambodians, one of whom became our foster daughter for two years (long story). During that time we were able to persuade other churches to sponsor five families of her friends and relatives. When I retired, we moved back to GR where we mentored Amerasians from Vietnam. When we moved to Holland, we were fortunate to become involved with three families who had fled from Kosovo. On another subject — wonder if your ancestry is Basque. Aguirre appears to be a Basque name. Our only two grandchildren are half-Basque and live in Pasai Donibane (Pasajes de San Juan in Spanish). It’s near San Sebastian (Donostia in Basque) where our daughter teaches English at a branch of Navarre University. The Basque Country is a beautiful place to visit. We’ve been there 16 times, but not since 1998 because we’re getting a bit old for traveling that far.

  3. Janie D says:

    My husband and I will continue to tithe to our church. We consider it a joy to give into the Kingdom and we know that Lord will multiply it according to His promise. Regardless whether the law changes in regards to claiming charitable giving on our income tax we will continue to consider it a joyful priviledge.

  4. I started this to help West Michigan families out this holiday and bring awareness to Breast Cancer. There are needs everywhere and not every need involves money some people will be forgotten about this holiday, some people are ill , for some it is about money. Donate a-Pink new unwrapped items can be anything from mittens,paper,toothbrushes.hairbows,clothing, name it! Get creative.. I would love to have a few baskets for teenagers… toiletry type pink items would be great for them…Florentines in Kentwood and Arenas Pizza in Rockford are the drop-off locations…Donate a pink gift in honor of someone you know with breast cancer or has had breast cancer!

  5. nienkeklaar says:

    hello everybody

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  6. Ann says:

    Prayers are needed for bone cancer patient and Pastor’s wife, Bonnie, of Emmanual Baptist Church who is struggling through chemotherapy sessions. Bonnie is weak, but still attends church in with a special chair for service. Bonnie is in her fifties with her youngest children still in high school. The Pastor’s family is paying their own prescription bills (without medical insurance coverage) and continues to serve the community. We have all seen the blue and white busses rolling on every Sunday and Wednesday bringing children to classes and services. Other community services provided by this Pastor’s hard working church include an active rehabilitation ministry, correctional facility outreach and missionary support. They would never ask for help for themselves but there is a need to support this Pastor and his family at this trying time in their service to our community. Support the “Pray for Bonnie” movement of the Parishioners:

    “Pray for Bonnie”
    Emmanual Baptist Church
    155 Seven Mile Road NW
    Alpine Township
    Comstock Park, MI 49321

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