The Economy and Depression

March 12th, 2009 at 10:20 pm by under Your Money

Here are few thoughts and comments about the economy and how it relates too our emotional and mental health:

A recent Gallop poll states: as the economy gets worse, so does our mental health, with
levels of anxiety and depression significantly increasing. American moods seem to be extra sensitive to economic news, especially the negative. Dow losses and Job cuts particularly show stress.

We have many cases in our practice at Pine Rest that we deal with daily where people are losing insurance, going into foreclosure, have unpaid bills, and are being or have been laid off.

The challenge is: How do we Respond?

Usually: We eat more, sleep more, spend less time with other people, exercise less, worry more, focus on the negative more, and in general make very poor coping choices.

We put a lot of faith in money for security, when that is taken away, a lot of people are not sure what to do or how to respond. This is a great time to ask those deeper questions about where your life is going and what is really important.

Concrete/Practical Coping Steps:

Talk to someone – rely on those close to you
Don’t suffer alone
Reframe and Redirect your thinking patterns
Stay away from constant negative thinking
Find hope, develop a plan
Focus on the choices you can make, not on what’s out of your control
Seek out a therapist

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