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Local Heckuva stationary front just south of GRR.  81 in Marshall and 46 in Mt. Pleasant at 7 PM- and it’s snowing at Charlevoix!  Some showers and a few non-severe t-storms north of the front this PM.  Another round of showers and t-storms is likely late Monday into Monday night.  We’ll be dry Tuesday and Wednesday.  Here’s live local radar and regional radar.  Check out the satellite radar loop (tab to lightning loop), current Michigan weather observations, and the latest GRR discussion.  We have Flood Advisories up for much of West Michigan (Grand River, Thornapple, Portage, Flat, Maple, Looking Glass, Kalamazoo, Sycamore, Rabbit Rivers)…I drove past the Rogue River this morning…high but no significant flooding.  Check out storm total rainfall here.   From SPC (Storm Prediction Center) here’s the latest severe weather outlooks, storm reports (baseball-sized hail and gusts to 80 with the Plains storms) current watches, and meso-discussions. Here’s thunderstorm sounds to set the mood.   Showers and non-severe t-storms continue to move into W. Michigan this Sunday PM.  2-4″ of rain has fallen across much of Ottawa, Kent and western Ionia Counties (3.6″ at Comstock Park).  Here’s severe reports.   A swath of 50-70 mph winds did some damage from Vicksburg thru Calhoun County and east to the Ontario border Saturday PM.  Here’s storm reports from GRR, and storm reports for SE Michigan.

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  1. michael g (SE GR) says:

    Front came through here about an hour ago. Temp down from 61* to 55* in last hour. Nothing exciting here today though, just a lot of thunder and lightning and occasional heavy rain. Close to an inch so far, with more on the way. Could be some flooding problems if we see heavy rain on Monday.

  2. We had the same here Michael. Lots of rain, I see some ponding in fields and lawns already taking place. Every so often lightning flashes to my south too.

  3. direfloyd (SE Mich) says:

    Over in my home town of Dexter, MI we had pea sized hail earlier in the afternoon and with the last round of severe weather the tornado sirens went on! It was fun! No tornado warning though… Great storms over here today!

  4. Larry of Hastings/Barry Co. says:

    We sure had thunderstorms here in Hastings today and tonight.

  5. Heather says:

    How come you cant get more then a days weather correct?

  6. Howard says:

    This is the storm that never ends! It started developing here around 1:30pm…hasn’t stopped raining and thundering since!

  7. Mary Watkins says:

    I have a question for you. I was told as a child that if you see lightning then count 1 one hundred and so on until you hear the thunder, that would be the aprox. miles away the storm is. I do this with my granddaughter. Now she isn’t so afraid of storms.
    Thanks to all for everything you do.
    Have a wonderful day :o )


    1. Dave (BC) says:

      Thunder travels at the speed of sound, which is about 5 seconds per mile. So if you count to 10 (using the old “1 one thousand 2 one thousand 3 one thousand” I grew up with) before you hear the thunder, the lightning was about 2 miles away.

      It’s always interesting when you barely get to “2″ (or less) and you hear the thunder. You know it was close.


  8. Tyler says:

    They are saying 70′s downstate all week. I suppose the dandelions are out in everyone’s yard.

  9. Jevon Murphy (Dalton Township) says:

    Looks like some training of the rain from a Muskegon county line to a Mason County line!

  10. Patti (Zeeland) says:

    Down pouring here again and can hear not so distant thunder. Been storming here on and off since yesterday!
    Left here yesterday at 3:30 to drive over to just past Jerald Ford Air port. Took M-6 there, it was down poring all the way, could hardly see, traffic down to 45-55 mph all the way. Was still storming when I left at 9 pm. Drive home was the same as when I went there!
    Luckily we didn’t get the bad winds!

  11. Slim Jim(nw GR) says:

    Just took my AM rain measurement and I am now at 2.88″ of rain. It now has stopped raining and the temp is 46° with cloudy skies.

    1. michael g (SE GR) says:

      Wow Slim Jim, you got dumped on! Just over 1.5″ at the airport.

      Hoping the rain keeps shifting north so that we can make the Whitecaps game this afternoon.

      Have a good day everyone!

      1. Slim Jim(nw GR) says:

        Hey Michael g, I will (scheduled) to work today’s game not sure where I will be (might be one of the decks) and as of yet its still on and of course a double header is scheduled.

        1. michael g (SE GR) says:

          With this new batch of showers/storms developing, we’re going to pass on the games today. Sure to be delayed at the least.

          When we go we always hit the lawn seats. That way the little guy can roam around when he gets bored.

  12. Yesterday we had no radar here in NE Indiana, it said it was down for maintenance. It’s down again this morning and it says:


    Giving us the “surrounding” radars really wouldn’t be much good if there was actual severe weather happening (especially the Cleveland and Detroit radars!) Hopefully they get this fixed.

    66 degrees here this morning and 88% humidity and calm winds. Some breaks in the clouds.

  13. Roland says:

    Saturdays storms took me by surprise on how fast they were moving through the area. I missed the live weather report, so I checked online. The live Radars are very nice however, I especially would have liked to see the storm tracker; Is the Storm Tracker technology something that could be available to the online user in the near future?

  14. Appears another batch of numerous thunderstorms with imbedded heavy rain is heading towards Grand Rapids from the Chicago area.

  15. summertime guy says:

    so my question is bill, are we all done with cold weather and snow? i mean is it safe to put away the shovels and pull the plows off the trucks? i finally see the buds on the trees now.

  16. Christine says:

    Terrential downpour here in Allegan at 11:50 am. Loud clap of thunder then the downpour!

    Small hail here yesterday with a few storms.

    1. summertime guy says:

      ill take storms & rain over snow and cold anyday.

  17. Christine says:

    I like the snow, when it’s winter, not in spring months. I just had a Baltimore Oriole here at the hummingbird feeders about 10 minutes ago, the first time this season. Beautiful!

  18. Bob P. :o) St.Johns says:

    57* rain dropplets here, 83* in Ann Arbor and southward, thats a tight temp gradient

  19. 81 degrees here at 6 pm. The northern indiana radar is still not fixed (the message still says it will be fixed this morning/early afternoon … that was hours ago!).

    It has been partly cloudy/hazy most of the day. Lots of boats on the lake, and a lot of dandelions every where else!

  20. Tina-GR says:

    I hope the rain holds off so the new SONIC Drive In has a great grand opening.My husband said they already are lining up .

  21. cutletawswowl says:

    Hello, I want to say hi everyone.

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