Red Wings going home

June 9th, 2009 at 10:55 pm by under Sports


It’s always so exciting being in the newsroom when news is breaking, elections are ending, storms are brewing, or big games are being played.  Tonight, is one of those nights with the Red Wings trying to cinch the Stanley Cup Finals.

I of course want my hometown team to win.  And it would have been nice to see that happen this evening,  BUT…

If the truth be known, I love the suspense of taking it to the very end.  It’s no small matter that the game is playing out on our channel, WOOD-TV-8/NBC.  That certainly helps deliver a great audience to our newscast, thank you very much.  And now the Wings are taking it to game 7 and home to Detroit… we get another good night of television entertainment, another good night of ratings as viewers tune in to watch, and another suspenseful nail-biter.

It’s fun.  And I’ll be watching again Friday night while helping to write and edit the news, anchoring and getting the score fed through my earpiece while I’m on the air.

Go Wings… see you Friday night at 8pm doing what you do best…WINNING!

3 Responses to “Red Wings going home”

  1. Shelli says:

    I am glad the wings get to win at home!!!!!!!! Cause you all know they will! :)

  2. Zeelander says:

    Should be the same ref’s as games 1,3 and 5….. last night quite a few Pen interference/late hits….these will be called this time….look for a minor blow out for the Wings and a minor blow up for the Pens…

    This year the Pen’s have showed me they are pretty much cheap shot artist than can skate….no. 71 should be in the box every shift…game 5 he was scrumming in the corner, his stick was between a wings legs…his frustration took over and he made verticle wacks in the groin, he also has a tendency to check skater’s heads…he’s a pig …Sid the Kid gets into the same mind set too (sometimes)…It shocks me that the NHL promotes either one of these guys in their advertisments….. If Sid and company is the NHL’s savoir… the NHL is in trouble.

    It’s funny how the media questions the Wing’s will match Pig Pen’s Sid’s line….never how Pig Pen’s will match up to the Datsuk/Zetterburg line???????

  3. Hot Wings says:

    Will the Red Wings beat the Dicks tonight?

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