Much needed rain Saturday AM.

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Saturday midday -   We needed the rain!  It was quite variable.  GRR had 1.35″ and Battle Creek had 0.01″.  Holland got 0.43″, Muskegon 0.22”, Ionia had a little over an inch, Kalamazoo only 0.11″.  Now we get mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies for Sat. afternoon thru Tuesday.     We’ve had two straight days with a south wind and STILL couldn’t get the high temperature above average (81 on Friday – average is 82).     The overall pattern (the theme of the summer) is for a little cooler than average and drier (notwithstanding June 19) than average weather.  Officially in G.R. up until this morning, we’ve had only a trace of rain since 7/1 and only 0.15″ in the last 11 days.  Here’s GRR NWS radar, Great Lakes radar, latest surface observations, lightning dataGRR NWS discussion, Visible Satellite loop (daytime), Infrared Satellite Loop (night), Lake Michigan webcam at Holland.  Enjoy the weekend and the week ahead.

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  1. storm has formed west of lacross wisscon. start of a line?

  2. eeeeeee says:

    i blame the jet stream and fixxer for no storms


    1. eeeeeee says:

      whoohoooo maybe we will get a storm yet this year in GR
      fixxer where are u/>>????

  4. Cindy Murphy says:

    I wonder if there something’s wrong w/ online radar if pouring in Holland.

  5. Brenda Nowack says:

    I have woke to the best thunder storm and hour ago. It did go through our area ( Mecosta ) very fast tho. It is still raining a very nice steady rain. Which is wonderful cause we need it. I didn’t think any of the thunder storms were going to come up this way. I am so glad they did..
    OH wait I hear thunder in the distance !!!! LOL LOL Hopefuly more storm??? I love thunder storms….

  6. Patti (Zeeland) says:

    The storm woke me up! Love it, we’re getting the much needed rain! Still raining steady even though the lightning and thunder are in the distance now!

  7. Larry of Hastings/Barry Co. says:

    We are getting a good thunderstorm here in Hastings.

  8. Angela (Hopkins) says:

    We’ve never seen rain this hard nor had wind this bad. Started around 6am and no power by 6:13AM. Still without power. We’ve been in the area since 95. Storm damage in our area with tons of trees down, debrie everywhere and no power. Liked being woken up by the rain but we could have done without the storm damage.

  9. Red in Allegan co. says:

    Started at 6 am here as well and I’m only 6 miles south of Hopkins. Rain, thunder, lightning and that’s about it. We have our power.

  10. Amazingly, only a trace of rain just south of Marshall. The ground is still quite dusty here.

  11. Slim Jim(nw GR) says:

    Had rain here (.40″) if there was much thunder I slept thru it. My wife heard the rain but also did not hear any thunder.

  12. Larry of Hastings/Barry Co. says:

    I had a nice size tree limb come down during the storm this A.M. It did get real windy here in Hastings.

  13. Mary says:

    I think the storm that went through was a little more than just a storm! The damage that was left should be investigated more. My uncle had trees twisted and uprooted. Micro-burst was what we were told. Come on, did the weather forecasters miss something again? Seems like Allegan County gets passed by for storm alerts unless it will effect Kent County.

    1. Rob Dale says:

      Microburst was what the investigation showed too… Did you have anything that indicated otherwise?

  14. Teresa says:

    Southeast of Marshall – not even enough rain on Saturday to wet the roadway. We sure could of used it, too. One thing about farming, it keeps you “looking up” to heaven! I sure hope we don’t miss the next chance of rain on Wednesday.

  15. Nathan Thurm says:

    Hey Bill – I was going to Trout a rama last weekend but was spooked by the weather. How do you figure this doggone summer weather we are having is impacted by the Obama health care bill?

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