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July 16th, 2009 at 9:57 pm by under Bill's Blog, Inside WOOD TV8, Weather

<–This is current radar.  Sunday Night – skies are clearing.  I sat outside after sunset sipping some limeaid while I chatted with my mother on the phone.  You could still see some “build-ups” where a few sprinkles were occurring up near Big Rapids.   The warming trend starts Monday with temps. recovering to near normal.   GRR is now more than 5 deg. cooler than average for July.   Upper 40s ‘Saturday AM in Lansing, Ionia, Belding, Hart, White Cloud, Big Rapids, Baldwin and Clarksville…44 in Bloomingdale, 38 at Leota – the normally cold spot north of Mt. Pleasant  Here’s the current visible satellite loop (day), infrared satellite loop (night) and current Michigan surface observations.    GRR had a high temperature of 67° on Friday making Friday the coolest July 17 ever (crushing the previous record low maximum temperature of 71° set in 1937).   This is traditionally the hottest week of the summer, and the weather map for the Great Lakes looks like mid-late September.  Churchill up on the still frozen Hudson Bay has been nearly 6° cooler than average in the past week.  Average high temperatures there are in the low 60s.  The high on 7/10 at Churchill was only 39° and the high on the 15th was 42°.  Here’s GRR looping radar, Northern Indiana radar, Lightning Loop, and the U.S. surface map.    At 10 PM Sat. Night the eastern Lake Superior buoy shows an air temp. of 44.2°- and a water temp. of 39.6°.   Those are cold numbers for mid-July.  Side note:  Check out the smashed cars after torrential rains/mudslide near Busan, Korea.  Friday it was hot around the W-S-SE perimeter of the U.S.  It was 89° in Seattle, 95° in Portland, 126° at Death Valley, CA, Palm Springs made 118°…Phoenix had a high of 114° and a low of 93°.  Laredo, TX reached 108° (it’s been a hot summer in south Texas) and 101° in Brighton, FL.  Fairbanks, Alaska was 77°, ten degrees warmer than Grand Rapids.  Barrow, AK had a relatively mild 50°, and that was only 4° cooler than Grand Marais, MI.

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  1. Christine says:

    Hi Bill,

    My husband and I are having a debate about lightning safety. My 5 year old daughter was suppose to have a bath tonight but there was some lightning over the lake heading into Allegan County. I always check the radar before bath/shower time. I told him that she would have to wait until the storm passed or dies out. He said I was overracting about lightning and the bath. He said because we have PVC drainage, we cannot be affected by lightning. Since I am mom, I over rule the no bath during storms, but could you please settle this bet? He should be extra aware since we lost our computer and two tvs during those severe storms a month or so ago due to lightning. Thanks!

    1. Rob Dale says:

      Water conducts electricity, so a strike outside the house with water running and it can enter… If the bath is poured and the water is off, and you have no metal pipes, you should be okay.

      But that’s splitting hairs. Our teaching to kids says “Thunderstorm = excuse to skip bath night!”

  2. BILL glad your back maybe now a bloger or to will understand your the man!

  3. SS (Pwell area) says:

    Roll of thunder & nice downpour for a few mins. Still raining, not so hard though.

  4. Nice to see some cumulus clouds accenting the sky tonight!

    1. tim eno says:

      yes. love it when those clouds start ‘culmulatin. the weather-graphic had me expecting a lousy day with a high of only 69 and clouds mostly covering the sun and a chance of showers but actually its a beautiful, if fall-like day! a glorious sky.

  5. LightningWatcher says:

    Nice heavy rain and the occassional flash of cloud to cloud lightning. If I had been asleep right now, I’d probably wake tommorrow and find more trees and stuff down around the area. Keep getting those isolated severe events around here, that I sleep through or miss.

  6. wyoming says:

    Bill whats your estamate on the snowfall this year??

    1. Let’s just get 300″ this year! :D

  7. Slim Jim(nw GR) says:

    Yes nice sun shine here I guess we should enjoy it as it will not last. Also there is some light rain off to our NW.
    I see Marquette tied a record low high for yesterday at 63° There might be some more record low highs set over the next two days.
    While I would like to see it a little warmer then it has been, I do like to see records broken and I think we have a good shot of breaking the record for the coldest July so why NOT go for it.
    Now if we can get a record warm January I would also be for that as well. Just not record cold (January) LOL

  8. Dan says:

    Is it really supposed to rain today? It looks absolutely gorgeous with plenty of sun!!! Yes it feels a little bit like fall but it sure is nice out!! Any chance we miss out on the rain? If we do get the rain when is it forecast to happen, this afternoon (3pm or so)?
    Anybody know how I can track the wind speeds on the Lake from the computer?I love this kind of weather, is it supposed to stay like this through Fall? Other than a brief few days here and there with temps in 80s.

    1. Slight Chance of Scattered Showers

  9. Still sunny here. Clouds seem to be caving in off to the north, east, west and south.

  10. Diane says:

    so much for global warming. Maybe we should start a new thing called “Global Cooling”:)

    1. fixxxer says:

      agreed, it’s mighty cold out right now. funny how bill is always wrong about the storms and heat but he’s dead on with the cold weather and snow…etc!

      1. He’s not wrong about heat…Maybe storms sometimes, but so is the Storm Prediciton Center.

        1. fixxxer says:

          really? is that why he can’t stick to one forecast for more than a half a day! they just lowered the temps for next week too. god almighty, i hate this state and COLD WEATHER!

  11. So uhh.. I see a patch of blue sky what do I win?


  12. Take a vacation in Death Valley, California, fixxer. :)

    1. fixxxer says:

      naw, florida is sounding nice right now. dam chilly out this morning, glad ill be in detroit today where it will at least be in the 70′s!

      1. gina (yankee springs) says:

        bye… aren’t you gone yet,
        maybe a whole afternoon without his constant whining.
        What a beautiful day, now!

  13. Bob P. :o) St.Johns says:

    not looking like this big bad boy is moving too fast away!


  14. JohnG says:

    Welcome back. We are heading out to Alaska this week and we are packing for cool weather and rain. This has to be the longest spring I can remember.

  15. fixxxer says:

    i was in detroit yesterday, very rainy off and on but overall much warmer than when we left gr. i took some awesum cloud photos yesterday, a few even looked like low hanging wall clouds. where can i post these photos at?

    1114 AM EDT SUN JUL 19 2009




  17. I’m further inland and I’m contemplating whether to head out to the lake.

  18. fixxxer says:

    SO….where the 73 degree reading today? it’s 3pm and only 66 in wyoming. another fail at forecasting!

  19. Bob P. :o) St.Johns says:

    you PDB, you are fixxxed on one thing…whinning

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