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Ryan Devlin "Weather Girl" courtesy Sundance Film Festival 

(“Weather Girl” to play one-night only on Lifetime network, Wednesday 9/23 at 9:00pm – stars Michigan native Ryan Devlin, who went to High School in Grand Rapids area)




(“Weather Girl” made its Midwest Premiere June 12/14, 2009 at Waterfront Film Festival and was in limited release in West Michigan starting September 4th for one-week only)

“Weather Girl” is cute and funny, but not great, if you really want to see it you should… but you could wait to rent it and be happier with your decision at home.

Waterfront Film Festival doesn’t have awards, but even if it did, I don’t think “Weather Girl” was good enough to beat out a solid crop of movies.  “Weather Girl” did win at two other film festivals: it won Best Film at Vail Film Festival and Best Feature in Oklahoma City.

“Weather Girl” is more of a 16 and older kind of movie, its not raunchy, but it does have some colorful language and sexual references.

"Weather Girl" poster courtesy Secret Identity Productions 

( My spoiler-free review )

Going into it, this movie had several things going for it: the story is set in Seattle (the TV market where I attended college) and its about TV news… the profession I started in before graduating from college.  But there’s something a little bit off… not quite making this movie great… its nice, but not all the characters have depth, and there’s some things about the story that were problematic.

The story of Sylvia (Tricia O’Kelley), a weather forecaster on a Seattle morning show, is cute, funny, and feisty… O’Kelley is the strength of this movie, if she didn’t pull it off, the entire movie would have crumbled.  Unfortunately, as good as she was in this role, this movie still failed to wow the audience.

“Weather Girl” features some well developed characters: brother Walt and his friend Byron… and some shallow characters: Dale, Sherry, and Sylvia’s friends. 

Patrick J. Adams, Michigan native Ryan Devlin, and Tricia O'Kelley in "Weather Girl" courtesy Secret Identity Productions

Patrick J. Adams, Michigan native Ryan Devlin, and Tricia O'Kelley in "Weather Girl" courtesy Secret Identity Productions

 The brother of main character Sylvia is Walt, played by Michigan native Ryan Devlin.  Devlin was (according to IMDB) born in Lansing, graduated from Forest Hills Central High School in 1998, and graduated from Michigan State University.

Patrick J. Adams is good as Walt’s friend… and the now-popular comedic actress Jane Lynch (“Role Models”, “The Rocker”, “The 40 Year Old Virgin”, etc.) is good as expected.

But then the performances start to tank… despite names like Mark Harmon, Jon Cryer, and Blair Underwood… luckily the other characters take up a lot less screen time.

Harmon plays Sylvia’s ex-boyfriend Dale, the self-centered prototypical anchorman of the group.  Dale’s co-anchor Sherry (Kaitlin Olson) is also Hollywood’s version of what TV news people must be like… right? 
Wrong… well, maybe right for this story but it was bothersome how dumb (considering Seattle’s market size) and how shallow the characters were and how average the acting behind the other characters was… I never felt like they were real characters… or working at a real TV station… or really living in the real world for that matter. 


The writing is pretty good, there are some quality acting performances, but the result on screen is a little less than believable movie that’s a little slow and in the end, a tad predictable…. I give it 7.5 out of 10.


"Weather Girl" photo courtesy Secret Identity Productions  “Weather Girl”

(2009) (rated: R for language and sexual content)
(1 hr, 33 min)

Starring: Tricia O’Kelley, Patrick J. Adams, Ryan Devlin, Mark Harmon, Kaitlin Olson, Alex Kapp Horner, Marin Hinkle, Jon Cryer, Jane Lynch, Blair Underwood

Director/Writer: Blayne Weaver

Genre: Comedy/Romance

The Plot: A Seattle weather girl freaks out on-air over her cheating boyfriend, the morning show anchor, and moves in with her little brother.


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“Weather Girl” poster courtesy Secret Identity Productions



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