All they want to do is eat your brains

February 14th, 2010 at 1:32 am by under Entertainment

At the outset of this review, I feel like I have an admission to make. Anyone who’s reading this Left 4 Dead 2 review right now, probably should have read it a month ago. Sometimes, I have an abundance of things in front of me that need to be reviewed, and this fell behind in the order of things.

Left 4 Dead 2 is a fantastic game. It’s a game that you should run out and buy. (Oh heck, who am I kidding, it’s one you should sit at your computer and buy, through Steam and download it right now).  Left 4 Dead 2 has a tremendous mix of play types for you to try out. Big props to Valve for taking what they had in Left 4 Dead and transforming it. They refined, polished, added content and created a superior game worthy of the 2 that hangs around its namesake.

Read the full review here.

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4 Responses to “All they want to do is eat your brains”

  1. LightningWatcher says:

    Sorry, playing Star Trek Online. =P

  2. Matt Schuler says:

    I can’t get into another MMO. I gave to much time to World of Warcraft.

    How’s STO though? Super fun?

  3. LightningWatcher says:

    Its pretty nice, and won’t suck your time up like World of Warcraft. Fairly casual friendly MMO in my opinion. Only had two days of down time since launch, today included unfortunately. Some of the missions are still bugged but Cryptic is making a good response of it. Of all the MMO’s I’ve played from launch, this has been one of the smoothest. There are a number of ways to level quickly in the game, depending on your prefered play style. If your the competitive type, I suggest taking a Federation Captain to level 6 and making a Klingon. The Klingon leveling system is almost exclusively PvP oriented.

  4. Cort S. says:

    My brother and I would like to give STO a try this summer once we’re done with school. Please keep the game alive for us in the meantime.

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