Final school closure recommendations presented — GRPS Notes 2/15

February 15th, 2010 at 6:32 pm by under Uncategorized

GRPS administrators will be presenting their final closure recommendations tonight.

Here’s what what some speakers had to say about the changes:

“Parents, in many respects, have not been addressed in an appropriate way.” — Manuel Lara

“You don’t break something’s that’s working.” — Chi Benedict, Stocking Elementary parent

“What is the cost of this change?” — Riverside Middle School teacher

“You’re going to have parents taking their kids out.” — Montessori middle school parent

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2 Responses to “Final school closure recommendations presented — GRPS Notes 2/15”

  1. Mary says:

    Tony, It is sad that there is no monty for the school system but every summer they can pay thousands of dollars to get seasonal workers for the parks department full physicals. I understand the drug sceens and physicals for full time permenant employees and drug screens for seasonal employees, but a full physicals for umpires and park workers seems like a waste of tax payers money that is so badly needed else where in a city that is struggling for every penny

  2. rvnvet says:

    Schools in MIchigan are not user friendly when it comes to families haveing to relocate because of work that is not the most secure thing right now. Namely Holton to Ravenna to Orchard View. Between the marking periods they cause havic with children already forced to leave friends and school activities and the sense of security that develops while in school. Some of these schools have semester marking periods and some have trimester marking periods. Why are the schools not on the same page in this criticle stage of MICHIGAN. This is whats wrong with MI. we have so many special rules that are not covering everyone under the same rule, we have too many irons in the fire and not uniformity with hardly anything. Anyone knows you spend more money on the rules in Detriot than you do on the ones in Muskegon and the kids are made to make up the difference by having to put in more time to get marks they need for graduation. I hope you can shed some light into an already dismal future being made by Michigan schools and there incompatibility for students marking periods.

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