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     Have you ever felt you were placed somewhere in time for a specific purpose at a specific moment?    

     My husband Rick and I were on a late lunch winter walk today in the sunny 30+degree weather.  It was glorious.  We turned a corner and headed down a street and within moments of doing so, a young child was sledding down the hill on his front lawn and heading right for the road.  At the exact same time, a car was heading right toward him.  

    My husband screamed at the child to stop.  The little boy was still in motion.  Rick yelled again then again, “Stop, Stop” and the youngster finally rolled out of his sled and held onto it before it could hit the street.  At that very instant, the oncoming driver hit the brakes. 

     We were all stopped in time…my husband and me, the sledder and the driver…all frozen for a moment.

     I instructed the child to never again sled beyond the sidewalk. He was smiling, picked up his sled and headed back up the hill.  His mom appeared at the front door. “Thank you” she shouted out to us across the street.

     We looked at the driver of the vehicle.  She was starting to move again and I waved and nodded to her as she passed.  How relieved I was that she, too, had stopped when Rick yelled not knowing if she heard him with the windows up, the engine running, and the heater on.

     After we were all in motion again, going our separate ways, I started to shudder with a cold chill.  It wasn’t from the snow that surrounded me, it was from that moment in time when all of our lives converged in one spot and could have been changed forever.

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