‘Genesis Code’ sets Grand Rapids premiere

April 6th, 2010 at 12:30 pm by under Entertainment

“The Genesis Code” will premiere in Grand Rapids “soon” and open ahead of national release

UPDATE 4/6/09:  Producers say still working on final edits and post production… premiere still being delayed.

UPDATE 12/28/09:  Producers say the Grand Rapids premiere is planned for Tuesday, February 2nd and will open to the general public on Friday, February 5th – scheduled for Celebration North and Celebration Rivertown.

WOODTV Sports Director Jack Doles and Kevin Matthews from WLAV were in the sound studio last week recording audio as announcers for two hockey games and a football game.

Originally posted 11/17/09:

Producers of the movie “The Genesis Code” that filmed around the Grand Rapids area this summer have their movie finished and are now planning the premiere.

The movie is said to be on track for a December/January release and Producer Mark VanderWal says “We are working with Loeks (Celebration! Cinema) to confirm the dates for the premiere.  We will likely be doing a two week run of engagement here in West Michigan prior to releasing TGC nationwide.”

"Genesis Code" photo courtesy http://www.facebook.com/thegenesiscodemovie"Genesis Code" photo courtesy http://www.facebook.com/thegenesiscodemovie

 ”The Genesis Code” is about a college hockey player and a female journalism student trying to find common ground between their spiritual faith and scientific studies.  

Logan Bartholomew and Kelsey Sanders play the lead characters “Blake” and “Kerry”.   The cast also includes Louise Fletcher, Ernest Borgnine, Fred Thompson, Rich Franklin, Lance Henriksen, Rance Howard, Catherine Hicks, C.R. Lewis, Susan Blakely, Adam Chambers, Ben Murphy, Jerry Zandstra, Roger Garcia, and Armon York Williams.

"Genesis Code" photo courtesy http://www.facebook.com/thegenesiscodemovie"Genesis Code" photo courtesy http://www.facebook.com/thegenesiscodemovie

The movie is directed by C. Thomas Howell.

The movie shot for five weeks in August on the campus of Calvin College (at the Chapel, in classrooms, in the cafeteria, at the President’s House, at the Nursing School), at the former Lear Plant in Walker, in Lowell, the Patterson Ice Center, the Grand Rapids Public Museum, and at the Silver Bullet shooting range on Division in Wyoming.

 "Genesis Code" photo courtesy http://www.facebook.com/thegenesiscodemovie

Armon York Williams, Logan Bartholomew, C.R. Lewis, Kelsey Sanders on the set of "Genesis Code" at Calvin College 8-10-09Previous posts on “The Genesis Code”:









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