Running Bet with Jack

April 30th, 2010 at 7:16 pm by under Uncategorized

I have a “running” bet with Jack Doles who, as you may know, is doing his first 25K River Run.  Jack tells me he really doesn’t like running and that when this nuisance race is over, he’s quitting.  My money is down he’ll do otherwise.

Why?  Because Jack has yet to experience true running nurvana.  I’m not talking the “second wind” you get when you’re running, when you feel so energetic and powerful, you feel like you can run a marathon and back.  That never happens,by the way.   It is a rare good day when you feel good while running.

I’m talking the nurvana you notice when you’re not running.  Ask anyone who has had an injury, what it feels like when they’re benched for a week or more.  Their injury is gets better but their mind is a mess.  All of a sudden, they feel more stress.  They’re cranky.  They feel fat and unworthy.   And this, I bet is what’s going to happen to Jack and why he will find it impossible to give up running.

Running’s biggest benefit, at least for me, is the endorphin fix you get after you run.  Every time I complete a good, long run, something happens to my head.  The world is a little easier to conquer.  My teenage daughters  become reasonable and selfless.  Road construction’s not so much a bother and the bills become manageable, even fun.    Yes, Jack’s going to miss running.  Check in with him late May or June.   I look forward to his 25K next year.

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  1. Bill Steffen says:

    I’m going all out and doing the 5K walk. I’ve been in serious training walking from the green screen to the temperature wall to the Storm Tracker radar, then out to my car in the parking lot. My daughter Julie, her boyfriend and at least one more friend are coming up from Chicago to do the big race – same as last year. Daughter #3 is doing the 10K and daughter #2 was thinking about the 5K last I heard. I ran one 5K once and also did a “how far can you run in an hour”, after which I about collapsed, but I did beat Warren Reynolds that day (we were the two celebrities in the race).

  2. Brandon says:

    If Jack can finish the Riverbank Run, then its only a little longer and he can finish the Grand Rapids Marathon. If I can run the riverbank run he should have no problem. The support of those runners around him the day of the race will provide a ton of energy. Just running with the 50 or so runners from the Grand Rapids Runners club today pushed me to limits I severely doubted I would ever be able to overcome. Best of luck to Jack! Can’t wait to see you at the finish line.

  3. Anne Schieber says:

    I’m also betting I’ll see Jack near the finish mile 15, you’ll know everyone who’s running your pace…and give our age, and what he’s told me about run times, I have a feeling we’ll be coming in around the same time. This is my 11th race. I go for longevity not records. I don’t want to injure myself but being a warrior out there and having to sit on the sidelines. This is the biggest mistake novice runners make and why they give up the sport so early.

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