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Saturday June 12, 2010 – 0327 PM  – 5.5″ diameter hail was reported by a storm chaser 6 miles south of Sunray, Texas in Moore County.  Hail came through the window of a vehicle and caused cuts to the driver.  The driver measured the hailstone as 5.5″ across!  I know this sounds exciting, but Bill says “no thanks”.  I look at the video.  That sounds dangerous, plus your vehicle is toast after a storm like that.


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  1. Jonathan Seelye says:

    O. M. F. G!!! That hail is HUGE. wow.

  2. Jake Thompson says:

    Haha awesome.

  3. Caroldee says:

    HOLY MOLY those are huge, damage to property with something like that could be very costly, not to mention dangerous to a person’s life. They do look like
    the smaller hail is all clumped into a large ball. Wondering now if any of those storms will get as far as the I-94 area tonight. Glad I don’t live any
    farther south. The humidity here is bad enough. : )

  4. WOW!! That is some great hail!! I bet you The Rhino could have core punched that sucker easy and came away UNSCATHED!! Verne is a genius in that sense :)

  5. Audrey says:

    Thank you for posting this. I guess I should rethink challanging Mother Nature to a hail storm fight. It appears as though I may loose. Glad to hear the driver walked away with only cuts.

  6. man oh man the same place’s are getting the storms I don’t like it!!!!!!! SPRITEDOG INDYDOG!!!!!!!! LATER!!!!!!!

  7. The original report was for 6 inch hail!

    2032 600 6 S SUNRAY MOORE TX 3594 10181 (AMA)

    Yes, you can pretty much forget about the car, yes, but I wonder about the road! How do buildings hold up in this without turning into swiss cheese?

    1. Andy in Gowen says:

      Didn’t Bill have a snapshot or two of the recent storm damage from the smaller pellet-type hail? Somewhere in S-Western – Schoolcraft or Kalamazoo down thataways? Happened back in May – I believe…

      That storm took the siding off the house!

      If hail that size went sideways – ULP! One big snowball/iceball/slushball fight I don’t want to be in! [We're talking major redecorating/remodel options here! No choice in color - basic white!]


  8. Bart Comstock took one through the windshield! Check out his footage:

  9. Watchman Tyler from Jenison/ Ottawa Co. says:

    is there any chance of that line holding as it moves our way?

  10. Andy in Gowen says:

    Gosh I hope not!

    Interesting how we complain about snow – we get 6 inches and thats bad.

    Texas got 5.5 inches – one lump at a time.

    I can’t – er, I won’t – try to think about what it would be like driving down the road hitting this stuff. [shudder] Looking like the stuff could easily weigh between 8 to 12 oz – possibly 1 lb – from 30,000 feet – let alone 10 feet – can hurt someone big time…

    At least it melts quick in the weather they’ve been having. [I can think of the marble and ball-bearing concept - ouch!]

  11. Allegan Joe says:

    That size hail would certainly cause damage to vehicles and homes. No doubt glass would be shattered/cracked. I would -NOT- want to be walking when that hail began to fall…I believe a person could be seriously injured-knocked out-or-worse if caught walking outside during that hail storm!! :(

  12. Irish coffee says:

    Some hail stats:

    March 29th 2000, in Lake Worth, TX. was the last/most recent (hail)fatality on record i could find….
    Largest hailstone on record was measured in June ’03,@ Aurora NE– 7″(180mm)

    Costliest was in St Louis,MO 2001, @ $2 billion

    1. Irish coffee says:

      *** Costliest U.S hail storm on record ^^

  13. Allegan Joe says:

    Around a couple of weeks ago…I saw some pics of hail that had piled-up like snowfall and snowplows were out plowing the roadways. I was “shocked” to see it was Hail that had been dumped by a powerful T-storms. It really surprised me, looked like 4-5+ inches of snow-but wasn’t-just hail :)

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