9 tornadoes and 100 mph winds

June 24th, 2010 at 7:45 pm by under Bill's Blog, Weather

width:200 and height: 150 and picwidth: 200 and  pciheight: 150 The storms that slammed far northern Indiana and northwest Ohio produced four tornadoes and winds of 100 mphHere’s the details100 mph winds hit Edgerton, OhioSyracuse, Indiana… and 90 mph in La Porte, Indiana.     Tornadoes hit near Goshen, Wakarusa (11- mile path), Benton and Syracuse, IN.  Also in Kosciusko Co. Indiana and near Van Wert, Ohio.  Add the tornadoes in Matteson IL, and two in SE Michigan and I think we come to nine for the evening.  Also 90 mph winds in Oak Brook, Illinois and 80 mph at Union Michigan (Cass Co.).   The area south of I-94 has now had 3 significant wind damage episodes this year.

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    1. fixxxer says:

      agreed and it’s getting old too. if the hype keeps up and we keep missing out on the action, people will ignore the watches.

      1. Brad says:

        Fixxxer, the weather warnings are akin to flipping a coin. Each individual event is independent. In other words, if you flip a coin nine times and end up with nine heads, the 10th flip is still equally likely to come up tails. I do not have any evidence that the models and forecasts are erring in a similar way each time to suggest something structural is “off,” but Bill would be the one to answer that question.

        1. Rob Dale says:

          Nothing is off. The models forecast a significant weather event for the southern half of Michigan. The focus instead was the southern 1/4th of Michigan and the northern 1/4th of Indiana / Ohio. An error of 50 miles or so at 24+ hours. That’s pretty stinking good.

          If anything thinks that’s bad — I’d suggest making a 24 hour forecast for severe weather WITHOUT any models or reading any NWS/SPC/WOOD/etc forecasts and see which does better.

        2. fixxxer says:

          all i know is it’s been like this for almost 2 seasons soo far.

        3. Brad says:

          I agree Rob. I am not sure what fixxxer is noticing that I am not.

  1. kentwood chicken says:

    Well, I didn’t miss any of it- I was right there! Myself and my son went to Shipshewanna and then to Middlebury to stay the night. We were on the lower floor of the Dawdy Haus (part of the Essenhaus complex) and we hid in the bathroom as the storm came in! Seriously. It was intense. Before it hit the air was just wringing wet with humidity. And yes, this time birds and other wildlife were nowhere to be seen. A tornado touched down not far away.
    You can check station WNDU’s website for more info and pics/video of storm damage. Truly, this chicken is totally saying enough tornadoes!

    1. Rob Dale says:

      I was just a few miles to your east when that hit!

      1. You know Rob I agree with your above comment on the severe weather forecasting… I have tried making forecasts without looking at anything.. never turns out well. One time I got lucky.. but the rest of the time technology was a vital tool for me, as it is others.

    2. Allegan Joe says:

      You stayed at the Dawdy House..??..cool.!! That was once a place that Amish people resided. My wife and I enjoy eating at Essenhaus and hope to stay at the Dawdy House someday!! I AGREE…Enough Tornado’s!!!!!

      1. Irish coffee says:

        “Enough tornadoes”….well said; and though i would personally enjoy seeing/witnessing one someday, i realize it is a ‘twisted’ desire!That said, i’m all in for snow-chase and can actually see/experience the relevance of it as i enjoy ‘using’ it for multiple winter sporting events….severe, otoh provides little entertainment/useful value other than experiencing special wx-dynamics + rush— but how anyone can root for severe to hit their own yard taking out power for days potentially(losing use of A/C..fridge..water etc)not to mention property damage/expense and time + energy for clean-up seems a bit extreme…but hey, that’s(thrill drive/adrenaline) what gets people to climb Mt Everest & take major risks, and in my case to once have moved family to Tug Hill NY(just for SNOW ‘worship’) for which my wife still thanks me, NOT!!

  2. Cort S. (Holland) says:

    And to add insult to injury, IWX’s radar was hit by lightning as the line went through.

  3. Kentwoodchicken says:

    Rob, where were you? Were you close to the one that touched down?
    Cort-yeah it was funny-the meteorologist on NDU kept repeating that the radar had been hit-at which point he seemed to freak out a bit with lines like “I’ve never seen so many tornado warnings and I’ve been on the air since 1984!”

    1. Rob Dale says:

      I was at the Holiday Inn Express in Howe – right off the Toll Road just to your east. About 5 minutes of 60 to 70mph continuous winds.

      1. Irish coffee says:

        A meteorologist AND stayed @ a “Holiday Inn Express” eh?….<there's gotta be a joke/punchline in there somewhere!! ;) but seriously enjoy the reality checks and non-hype you bring here— happy chasing to you!

  4. Kentwoodchicken says:

    Joe- Dawdy Haus is very cool. Better than the Inn, I think. The history of the house is very interesting. And it provides fab lower level protection during hellacious wind blasts.

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