Gas Prices going up

September 11th, 2010 at 10:46 pm by under Bill's Blog, News, Weather

Pipeline ruptures, Chicago spot price jumps 24 cents.  The latest from Ed: Gasoline blendstock  futures in Chicago posted massive one-day gains Friday afternoon, as traders, marketers and refiners scrambled to cover short positions and pending supply requirements on news that the crude oil supply from Canada to the United States was cut dramatically by a rupture in an Enbridge pipeline that feeds several Midwest refineries near Romeoville, IL.  Canada is the largest oil exporter to the U.S. and Enbridge’s pipeline system is the main transit route for those exports. A second Enbridge line has been shut near Marshall, Michigan since a rupture was discovered in late July, and the pipeline carrier is waiting for approval to restart that line.  The shutdown of the 670,000 bpd Enbridge pipeline is expected to impact deliveries into Citgo’s 167,000 bpd refinery in Lemont, Illinois, BP’s 435,000 bpd Whiting, Indiana plant and ExxonMobil’s 238,600 bpd Joliet, Illinois refinery.  We could see a big jump in prices over the weekend or early next week.  All spike lines are $2.90-$3.00. Expect most to stop at the magical $2.99.  Time to fill up before the price moves.

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  1. Keith Haley says:

    The prices are really jumping now from over night jumping at least 15 cents … All of this is a big con job to stick it to us again.

    1. jeff says:

      what a joke the poor man has to change his life or commit
      suicide cuse of these greedy s.o.b.s , they should be ashamed of
      them selves , they dont have to worry cuse they make enuff money to
      pay these un educated prices , there not american there moslems who
      should be kicked out of america as we take there oil.. I hope all
      there kids get heckeld and ran out of school for this and have a
      awfull xmas and a shitty new year , gas needs to be 99 cents again
      so people can get ther lives back…….this is so un

    2. John Anderson says:

      I think its time for our president to get off his ass and take the bull by the horns i.e oil companies. We have pleny of oil in USA and don’t buy inport or sell any of our oil out side the USA.
      When we had a oil crunch in the past our President open the reserves up and
      Oil dropped. I still believe that the USA can shut of the the imports and
      use our own Oil like ALASKA oil should stay here. Let USA be a nation that
      can be INDEPENDANT


      1. Marianne says:

        I agree, it’s time for Obama to think of the poor man that helped put him in office. He’s not worried because we pay for his everything. Use our own and stop depending totally on imports. I’m born USA citizen and very proud but this president does not have our best interest in his heart and mind.I knew we were in trouble with this man when he painted over USA on Aie one and replaced it with his name. That shows who he thinks of.

    3. brian merrick says:

      how much is it there its 4.19 here so stop complaining

  2. Kevin Foley says:

    A business that can still claim profits during the gulf crises and now they want to claim the lost profits It will cost all of us

  3. Jennifer Perkins says:

    I’m glad they think everyone’s made of money. They need to stop getting gas from other country’s and start getting it from our own country. States need to start becoming more independent. Start using our own gas its not like we don’t have enough to go around. If God made it he isn’t going to stop making it. God made tree he isn’t going stop that either.

  4. Eric says:

    sounds like the people at Enbridge are playing it fast and loose with safety guidelines and regulations, this is the second pipeline issue in a few months. “waiting to restart that line” indeed, their pipe breaks, and they put a quick patch on it, and get ready to start the flow of money…. I mean, oil…. again.

  5. Mary says:

    This after hearing gas prices would go down after Labor Day!

    1. shannon says:

      hell the station in nunica jumped from 251 to 289 in just 12 hours



  7. Shane says:

    Funny how we the customers get to pay for Enbridge’s negligence. Any non-oil market, a company pays for the mistakes. An oil company loses millions of barrels of crude, and they get to jump the price of gas to make up for their losses. Oil companies never lose. Of course, they have users backed into a corner, because no matter how expensive gas prices get, we all need it.

  8. Joe says:

    It’s all controlled by Speedway in the Midwest!

  9. Thor says:

    I filled up for 2.70 a gallon at a BP station Friday morning, after seeing most other places up to 2.89. I’m especially glad I did now, given this news.

  10. Skot says:

    So we get all our oil from Enbridge now? 2.57 in Spring Lake friday. Back in the day prices never fluctuated like this. Crazy. I quit.

    1. jeff says:

      congress should pass a law that gas cant go ver 99
      cents..just take the oil from the moslems , they killed our peopl
      they owe us..

  11. MaryLou says:

    So why do all the prices at every station go up?

    1. Don says:

      It is called supply and demand.

      1. Bob says:

        Supply and Demand my ass

    2. Marianne says:

      Because it all about making the most money they (GAS COMPANIES) can. If they pocket billions each year they could surly manage with a couple of million less to help out the economy.

  12. Soccer6713 says:

    Now they are reporting the price could jump as high as $3.15? Guess we quit driving to malls, movies, restaurants etc. like we did the last time it jumped up over $3.00. Good night will this put Michigan deeper into recession? I’m thinking we will be close to a depression if prices keep going up and wages keep going down (for those lucky enough to be making wages at all) Can’t help stimulate the economy if I’m putting all my extra money in the gas tank!

  13. dale says:

    This must be the place where “not one dime will be charged to the taxpayer for the gulf oil spill” . It’s not so much the fact that they are a bunch of liars, it’s the fact that they think I’m too stupid to know the truth!

  14. Aaron says:

    This is all a sham, and we are all unlucky to be participating….

  15. chester musiala says:

    Here in Du page county just west of Chicago a the prices jumped during the day on Friday.Like you said $2.99 seems to be the magic number.However on Saturday did see some stations still at $2.72/$2.77. Those seemed to be the cheapest I’ve seen in the county.guess they didn’t get the e-mail to jack up the prices.All this because of a crack in the pipeline

  16. wakeupamerica says:

    President Obama installed a moratorium on drilling; but all industrial initiatives are dangerous, and sometimes boomerang. Accidents occur in mines and factories, but we don’t close them down. Happily, though, courageous and heroic New Orleans Federal Judge Martin Feldman soon after lifted this ban.
    What is Obama’s solution? It would appear to be yet more bashing of what is left of our once great and glorious free enterprise system, a call for more stringent government regulation, and a change in name from MMS to Bureau of Ocean Energy. Thus, more of the same of what got us into the mess in the first place, plus a band-aid name change.
    The federal plan is simple to understand, close down all pipelines that spring leaks and leave them closed until the price of gas goes above $3 a gallon. Oops! It’s there already……..!

  17. John says:

    Oh well, keep voting in those that help big oil and see what happens!

  18. slimjim (NW GR) says:

    Its greed by big corporations, be it tomatoes, eggs, oil, etc. If there is something that gives the illusion that it may cut into the supply. Be it a spill, a virus, bad weather, etc if there is a excuse to raise prices or cut people or cut wages corporations will do it. Also note if there is an illusion of a shortage it can also create a demand as no one wants to go without so they will but before it (whatever) is all gone.

    1. Ned S. near Leonard & 14th says:

      Like big labor hasn’t helped drive the economy into the toilet?

      1. Skot says:

        By Big Labor…you are refering to what?

        1. Skot says:

          If your pointing toward Unions. then your an idiot….if not I appologize.

        2. Me says:

          If you think that Labor unions have not hurt our economy at all, you are an idiot… if not, I apologize.

          Not saying they are to blame, but they’re not guilt free in this mess, then again, no organization seems to be.

        3. Me says:

          By “this mess” I am in no way referring to this article, labor unions have nothing to do with oil spills, they helped ensure safe conditions/regulations, regulations that this company (embridge) doesn’t follow…

          I was more referring to our economy overall in michigan, and going way off topic…

      2. jeff says:

        thats part of it but oil is the most of it

    2. Bernie says:

      You are right Jim

      There not only is an oil glut, you will never see price spikes in Texas or Oklahoma when an oil pipeline breaks there.

      I can’t help to wonder if someone built a brand new gasoline refinery in Michigan if the Globalist oil companies will refuse to sell them oil to refine?

  19. Rae says:

    We always pay for someone else’s mistakes! I work at a fuel center and our gas prices dropped and raised in the same day!! It went from $2.71 to $2.85 in less then 10 hours.. Crazy.. and there’s nothing we can do..

    1. jeff says:

      yes there is we can take over the oil …

  20. trucker says:

    Ill say unions do have a part as everyone ive seen that works for one doesn’t do a thing. I’m a truckdriver and i’ve been to many places that are union. They are the slowest unmotivated people i’ve seen and want to make big money. i’ve been to auto makers and currently go to rail yards where you are parked 50 feet from the guy in his crane to have your box lifted off waiting there for over an hour while the talk on there phone or text then to have them drive by you cuz its shift change and wait over an hour again. To me union people want more and not to do anything. I’m not saying everyone who works for a union is bad its just most i’ve seen are.

    1. old man says:

      I agree completly.
      So are you a teamster?

  21. Mando says:

    I watched the pump price jump from 2.65 this morning to 3.05 this afternoon!

  22. Allegan Joe says:

    I paid $2.89 per gallon….I “thot….what in the world….I was paying $2.67 a day-or-so earlier…what gives :(

  23. Bernie says:

    What happened to the Sherman Anti-Trust Act?

    There is no competition in the oil pipeline business.

    And why isn’t Mike Cox doing his job? The weekend price spikes ARE the result of price fixing and speculation. Amazing the Michigan Attorney General allows organized crime to rob us all the way to the poorhouse!!!

    Oviously a lack of competition has happened in the oil industry since Ronald Reagan encouraged the oil producers to consolidate and go “global” as an end around the anti-trust laws.

    Thats ok…

    It isn’t my business that will suffer when I spend my money for gasoline instead of buying consumer goods!

    If there is a Chamber of Commerence sticker on the door I will be taking my business somewhere else.

    If anyone has noticed, the stock market has been going up and down with oil prices and that means someone with lots of oil profits is “playing” the market with their profits.

    Having said that,

    I wonder when we will get to know the names of all the folks who sold their United Airline stock the day before 9-11-01 and I wonder WHY it is still a secret?

    I won’t be voting for any candidates from the political party that has been keeping it secret and is propped up by maximum political contributions from Globalist oil corporations!

    Oh well…when they lose America wins.

  24. GunLakeDeb says:

    OK – all you conspiracy folks can think whatever you want. My brother is a high-level engineer with one of those large oil companies who supply this area with gasoline – and he’s not being dramatic (more like stunned) that the refineries *could* run out of oil in a 10 day to 30 day period (depending on their reserves on hand). He’s talking a shutdown. SHUTDOWN. That NEVER happens.

    I have to believe that Enbridge will be allowed to open the line that was recently repaired – because having NO gas is simply not acceptable. Of course, that’s scary, because I’ve read that pipeline has a “dent” under the St Clair River – if that lets loose, we’ll have ANOTHER catastrophe :-(

    Enbridge needs to replace the supply source pipelines – THAT’s the bottom line. Of course, THAT involves years of construction/dealing with the EPA/and of course nobody wants a pipeline in their backyard now. The current line is old/corroded. Until they do replace it, we’re going to risk these ruptures – because God knows we can’t give up our gasoline.

    If the refineries run out of oil to process – you’ll be THRILLED to pay $3 per gallon….

    1. Jobless says:

      Broken piplines are sooooooooo profitable . Let the little people skwirm like worms . 6 dollar gas Yes Yes . Now did that piss you off ? Well that is how they are . And the depression we are in is the result of the 4 dollar gas . How many billion dollars of our money would have been spent out on our streets but instead fed Fat Cats and big oil . We don’t have a government , WE Have a marrionette and a bunch of puppets……..

      1. GunLakeDeb says:

        As long as I live where there’s no public transport – yeah, I’m their pawn. I WILL pay $6/gallon if that’s what the price reaches – because I don’t own my own oil well and refinery. The only true recourse I have is to write my elected officials and ask them to exert pressure on Enbridge to replace the leaky old supply lines ASAP.

  25. Futureburns says:

    I will just save my receipts and turn them in so that they can reimburse me for the increase because of their ineptitudeness. (SIC)

  26. mark says:

    Why can,t the most powerful person in the world help our country by getting gas prices down. Obama is the weakest, dumbest and the most incompetent son of an asshole there has been. He only cares for the rich like him and he should do somethingto help Americans instead of ass hole arabs.

  27. Jeri says:

    Obama has given Brazil a $2B loan to start exploration in the gulf…what is up with that? On the other hand…Salazar announced today that they want to plug all wells not being used in the gulf….I guess that would include the ones Obama put a moratorium on….& yeah the moratorium also included wells in Alaska??? The Governor is suing the government for that…

  28. steve says:

    its all a bullshit game we the people need to take this country back from big oil and big gov .a trined monkey could do a better job job whats that

  29. snoman says:

    Come on people dont you thinkk it’s more than a coincedence that the day the democrats tooks office gas prices went down almost a dollar? Now republicans take the houseand gas prices jump? Before you know we will be right back to four dollars a gallon thanks to everyone who voted republican.You are not a republicam unless you are a billionare.

  30. Shelly says:

    Why are we getting “screwed” over by higher gas prices when these mega billion dollar gas companies are raking in such high profits? How can a country that has such a high rate of unemployment afford higher gas prices? Our “fine” president needs to to start taking more action on getting our jobs back from overseas before they start raising gas prices!!!!! How can someone that is unemployed that does not have an income afford to look for a job when the gas prices are so high? Thanks to our government and their so called way of running it, we are loosing more and more jobs and having to pay more and more for them to send the money we do make, overseas to countries that despise us. JUST DESPICABLE!!!!

  31. jeff says:

    Take over the oil refineris and lowerthe price of gas , get
    rid of all moslems that are in control and make the price of gas
    back to 99 or even 50 cents a gallon you fkn crooks , see

  32. Tom says:

    I am so tired of our governent not doing anything to lower our gas. Obama has spent more money in the short time he has been in office then bush did the whole time he was in office.
    So what does this tell you about Obama.
    This just goes to show he don’t even have a clue what he is even doing.
    Yes he is our president to me he is a wanna be president.
    He is as worthless as a two pecker billygoat.
    This gas goes higher I will go back to horse and buggy. Screw these gas prices.
    Let see what the city does if we turn our garages in to horse stalls.
    I’ll go Amish, governent can take it’s dive
    Rather feed a horse then pay these gas prices.

  33. curtis osborne says:

    well kind of bull the gas going up beause when it goes up everything goes up

  34. Stephanie says:

    I live in maryland and gas is $3.47 a gallon absolutely absurb; this is ridiculous and something has got to be done about this I think these companies are trying to get as much as possible out of the consumers and this is crazy

    1. Marianne says:

      I agree and everyone getting a new small car is not an option for some. The government has to realize that the more we pay for gas the less food we can buy our families. We don’t have their expense accounts.

  35. Jeff Lallance says:

    Let’s think about this. Diesel costs less to refine but costs more than reg. gas. Ethenol made from corn grown right here in America is a NASCAR high octane fuel, lower the octane level and guess what, Fuel for every vehicle on the American road. Gee, seems to me the word American is getting lost. And I saw on the CBS evening news that jet fuel is nearing $4 a gallon and it is super-refined, micro filtered more than once and it costs not much more than low grade gasoline. Being prior service USCG while serving aboard the CGC Bear WMEC 901 I maintained the highest quality JP-5 helo fuel in the CG, as per testing, so I know how much purification there is in Aviation fuel and it can’t be done at the same cost as gasoline.

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