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October 26th, 2010 at 12:58 pm by under Bill's Blog, Inside WOOD TV8, Weather

Afternoon all,

Due to extreme website traffic earlier today, we needed to re-direct traffic from Bill’s Blog to an instance of CoverItLive.

We’re investigating ways to boost the capacity for the blog, but until then, we may need to fall back on CoverItLive to handle all the traffic.

Thanks for your patience and participation.

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  1. GunLakeDeb says:

    I figured that’s why NOTHING was working right on WOOD-TV’s website?? Sheesh!

    Just when *some* of us in the “tornado’s” path needed a little advice….. at 11:19, I was ready to dive into the storm shelter as the winds went 180-degrees the other way and I could see soft rotation overhead!

  2. Bill Steffen says:

    It sure was frustrating to me. I was adding updates on the WOOD page that was created and trying to update my facebook and facebook “like” page:!/pages/Bill-Steffen/244277545622 If you have not signed up on my “like” page, please do so and I’ll try and keep that updated when the blog is down due to high traffic (isn’t that a good thing?).

  3. I did not like the cover it live at all. It can’t keep up – there are way too many people posting/chatting, you can’t read the responses, and while it would have been nice to hear all of the live coverage – it kept freezing and skipping.

    1. SS (Pwell Area) says:

      I don’t like that it doesn’t refresh the newest comments on top instead of trying to scroll down to see it!!!

    2. GunLakeDeb says:

      I glanced at the Cover It Live site – and it was just random comments. I’d rather be here, receiving feedback from the usual (and knowledgeable) sources. It’s good to have LOTS of information when there’s a tornado warning and you’re in the path of it.

      Two gripes: 1. really???? – Taylor Swift’s song on the Today show was more important than storm information, WOOD TV?
      2. Just as Matt was coming on the air to announce the latest tornado warning and show who would be impacted – the Gov’t barges in with THEIR completely-useless white-screen warning. Does that only happen on the Hi-Def channel? Maybe I should watch “regular” channel 8 to avoid that – you can’t even change the channel until the “alert” is done….grrrr….. All the “alert” says is “There is a tornado warning for Barry County”

      1. kalamazooguy says:

        The Emergency Alert system comes on with that screen and warning on every single channel during an emergency (such as a tornado warning). Either way, you would’ve been stuck watching that screen!

  4. Travis (Oxford, MI) says:

    You guys really need some new servers over there. It seems to go down when we need the blog the most!

    I was forced to watch the live stream from WZZM13 to see what was happening in West Michigan, although I was able to hear a funny phone conversation Matt had with his wife about their kids at school. haha

  5. Miku Inuzuka says:

    Well, Coveritlive wasnt even working for me, someone wanna tell me how to access it?

  6. CJDJ says:

    I too experienced the cover it live not working. So it isn’t just the blog. TV8 get with the program, people do use your site(yes, Bill a very good thing). For as many who complain TV8 is too weather oriented, there are probably more who use it just for the weather. TV8 you invested in that nice new weather center, so keep going and update your servers too.

  7. Len Radecki says:

    Hi Bill: Since daylight savings time changes on Sunday, November 7th and the sunrise on Saturday will be around 8:20, I wondered if that is the latest sunrise recorded since daylight savings time was instituted in 1918??? Thanx for checking for me Len

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