First 70-degree day

April 8th, 2011 at 12:01 am by under Bill's Blog, Weather

I’ll move this thread back to the top.   The Bill’s Blog Climate Wing at Celebration Cinema North reports that looking through the last 118 years in Grand Rapids, we failed to get 70 at this point only 37% of the time.  The LATEST we have gone before seeing our first 70-degree day was May 3, 1950.      Here’s the first 70-degree days over the past 10 years:  3/31/10, 3/17/09, 4/11/08, 3/13/07, 3/31/06, 3/30/05, 3/28/04, 3/24/03, 4/11/02, 4/7/01.   The 10-year average would be March 30th.    Quick Forecast note at 2 AM Friday:   Rain will push up this morning at least as far as northern Kent Co.   The heaviest rain will be down toward the Indiana border with only light amounts if any north of Newaygo.  The rain will end by around early afternoon and hopefully push out of Detroit so they can start the Tigers Opener at 3 PM.  Most of Saturday should be dry and mild.   The warm front will be approaching with temps. near 70 probably up close to the Indiana border by Sat. evening.  Temperatures may actually go up a few degrees Sat. night and there may be some t-storms getting into the area Sat. night, esp. to the  NW of G.R. .  Sunday we’ll be in the warm air with temperatures in the mid to even upper 70s (cooler along the lakeshore, esp. north of Grand Haven).  The 00Z computer runs give G.R. anywhere from 74 to 79 for a high Sunday afternoon and I’ll guess on the high side of that range.  The best time for storms will be Sunday night around and shortly after midnight.  We are in the SPC Severe Weather Outlook for Sunday PM/Night, though a primary concern is going to be heavy rain.  The ground is wet and a high percentage of the rainfall will go to runoff.  The European would give us at least 7/10ths inch Sunday night/Monday AM.  The rain continues into Monday as temperatures fall into the 40s by Monday evening.  Tuesday looks OK, and Wednesday should be a nice day and a little warmer than Tuesday.  The overall pattern remains what I would call volatile, with a lot of day-to-day changes and a general above average amount of precipitation.  The overall pattern is hot and unseasonably dry across the southern Plains, with the main severe t-storm area shifted east – from MO/AR into IL/IN/ON/KY/TN.  There’s a separate thread below for severe storms.

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  1. sis says:

    hey is it stormy out there it is starting to in schoolcraft/vicksburg/portage hopfully we get a tornato watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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