The Heat Wave of 1936

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The picture is people trying to sleep outside (instead of their non-air-conditioned homes on the lawn at the Nebraska State Capitol grounds in Lincoln in July 1936.  The hottest day that month in Lincoln had a high of 115° and a low of 91° (pic. courtesy of the Neb. Historical Society).   The most intense heat wave in the U.S. came in July 1936.  Over 5,000 people died because of heat that summer, and that figure is probably too low.  Grand Rapids reached 100 degrees 12 times in the 1930s and we’ve only hit 100 twice since 1964.  I’ve blogged before that the change in land use with the vast acres planted in corn and soybeans in the Midwest really limit our chance of seeing a heat wave like this today.  In 1936, Grand Rapids had high temperatures on July 8-14 of 101°, 101°, 102°, 99°, 106°, 108° and 102°.  Those seven high temperatures still stand as daily records 75 years later.  Other Michigan all time records that still stand today:   included 112° at Mio (all-time state record), 111° at Newaygo and Saginaw, 109° at Hastings and Kalamazoo, 108° at Alma, Greenville, Gull Lake, Vanderbilt and Flint, 107° at Three Rivers, Hillsdale, Houghton Lake and West Branch, 106° at Allegan, Charlotte, Higgins Lake, Lake City and Onaway, 105° at Traverse City, Jackson and Owosso, 104° at Battle Creek, Hart, Cadillac, Ironwood, Alpena and Pontiac, 103° at Big Rapids, Munising, Newberry and Stambaugh and 99° at Grand Marais.    The states of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Minnesota, Michigan, North Dakota, South Dakota, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Nebraska, Wisconsin, West Virginia, and New Jersey also experienced all-time state record highs temperatures in the heat wave of 1936. The provinces of Ontario and Manitoba also  set still-standing record highs.    Here’s more from the Detroit NWS, and the Detroit News.  This thread has been moved up, the first 15 comments are from 2010.

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  1. Brenda says:

    My parents were not born yet; as they were born in 1935 and 1937, but I am sure that my grandparents would have remembered it very well. Now, here in Marshall, I thought that it reached 100 degrees or higher a few times in the summer of 1995. Was that just the heat index that reached that high or did we actually have three digit temps that summer? (The winter of 1995 was frigid, by the way. I got married that year (in December) and remember it real well. In the summer, our employer sent us all home because he said it would be inhumane to make us work in the excessive heat. He had us come in that Friday instead, as a makeup day, because the temps that day were supposed to drop into the mid 80′s. Keep up the fine blogging; I enjoy it!

    1. Bill Steffen says:

      I don’t have the data for Marshall. Kalamazoo’s highest was 99, but the dew point was near 80, which made for a brutal heat index that approached 120. Chicago’s highest that month was 104.

      1. Irish coffee says:

        I remember a 104 in/near Kazoo reading back in that heatwave(’95) w/ an 82 dew and HX OF ~129… i’ll try and research it further( could have just been 590 KZO station reading & not official airport ob.– i’ll check

  2. slim jim (NW GR) says:

    One oddity between the Detroit News report and the NWS report is on the July 14. In the NWS story it was mentioned that the end came with no fanfare while the Detroit News reported a massive thunderstorm. While I do not have the paper any longer I remember reading a story in the Bay City Times that the 1936 heat wave ended with thunderstorms as well. So Bill (or anyone else) did some (if not all) areas of Michigan receive thunderstorms on July 14, 1936?

  3. Mike says:

    Ahh. It likes like that had a little global warming goin’ on back then, too!

  4. Mark (N.E. Gratiot County) says:

    Breckenridge 100 / close days from our station/s

    102.4 June 19, 2005
    100.0 July 7, 1988
    100.0 Aug 2, 1988

    99.7 June 20, 1995

  5. Larry Kooistra says:

    My father was born on July 16 that year. The stories ive heard are of how crazy hot it was that year. My grandparents lived in Hudsonville and grandma gave birth at home.

  6. hurricane hunter says:

    My mom was 6 during this heatwave, she said they slept in the root cellar because even at night it was hot.
    I remember the summer of 1988 it was hot. Our factory closed early on some of the days because people were passing out and others were getting sick.
    I also remember in 1995 for about a week or 2 it was so hot we had a lot of our neighbors sleeping on our floor because we had air conditioning.

  7. Andy in Gowen says:


    That reminds me, Bill, you said that they’ve changed the landscape [in so many words] with farming from then ’till now.

    You wouldn’t happen to know if there was an extremely active solar cycle or La-nina or La-nino – did anyone keep records of results like this, dating back to then?


  8. Mike (Mattawan) says:


    1. Paul says:

      It might feel like it Sunday and Monday!

  9. fixxxer says:

    Bill ill admit so far your were right about the heat…good job! NOW lets keep it up through august, i don’t need a cold month!

  10. fixxxer says:


    1. Chuck R. in Paw Paw says:

      Gee, and I thought he was gonna tell how he and the “little fixxers” survived that heat wave with nothing but paper fans and a big block of ice, darn.

      1. Randy (SW Walker) says:

        beautiful. Well played, sir. Well played.

  11. RUSS IN GR says:

    I remember the day in 1964 it got to 100. I (along with my younger brother)was down at the athletic field running miles (several, in fact). We were practicing for the upcoming HS cross-country season. I don’t recall being fazed all that much by the heat. The summer of 1988 was something else, though. Brutally hot. I was flying single-engine airplanes then – airplanes don’t fly all that well in hot, humid conditiions. Almost no rain either, until about mid-August. Just hot, humid weather day after day after day. To the best of my recollection, we haven’t had anything like it since. The current summer may seem hot after the last two summers, but it’s really nothing out of the ordinary (so far).

    1. Brad says:

      Was the heat really accompanied by significant humidity? We were in a significant drought that summer, with desiccated vegetation over much of the midwestern United States. Evapotranspiration was very low.

  12. Paul says:

    Here is a very good story about the brutal “Heat Wave Of 1936″ as reported on in the Detroit area. Pretty incredible:

  13. newmangr says:

    just a test to see if it works

    1. Tom in Alger Heights says:

      OK…looking at that graph…it seems to me that the jet stream is flowing across the Upper Miss Valley. We get a wave of nice warm, humid air, which is followed by a wave of cooler air. Then repeats again. Thoughts anyone?

  14. bruiseviolet (rockford) says:

    I’m so glad we decided to go tent camping next week- better than having severe weather and rain the whole time I guess. LOL

    1. bruiseviolet (rockford) says:

      Ooops, forgot to hit the reply button- laker my comment above was in response to the link you posted =)

  15. HUMMER12 GR says:

    we will experience heat waves in the next few years before we get the next ice age. yes my friends, its comin! long range zws models lining up from extreme hot to extreme cold!!! we will have to eat bugs and hunt to survive!!!! R U READY FIXXY!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. INDY says:

    YEAAAAAA now thats hot and that would be a lot of sprites!!! INDYYY

    1. Paul says:

      INDY, is it true that fixxxer left the blog?

      1. INDY says:


  17. bnoppe(Albion) says:

    NWS Grand Rapids


    1. Tim (Spring Lake/Fruitport) says:

      Eh, might be a bit off on that. Getting a light mist of sprinkles here currently, and it looks like a little larger mass of precip. is moving onshore around Holland. Looks like a little car rinsing weather this evening.

  18. Skot says:

    Fixxx-ation has said many times she aint going anywhere. She is the voice of reason.

    1. Tom in Alger Heights says:

      I’m sitting on the fence with that one Skot. Time will tell.

    1. Tom in Alger Heights says:

      Dude…that is cold…

    2. Dan says:

      SKOT: This fits the Fixxer! “All work in an no play make Jack, or this case, Fixxer a dull girl!” Classic Movie!

    3. Mike M. says:

      Hmmm, where have I seen that before?

  19. kalamazooguy says:

    Does anyone know (or think they know) what may have happened in Tunnel Park yesterday??

    1. scott (west olive) says:

      Would be nice if they would say what they are looking for. Maybe someone blew up the beach and shot out the tunnel to the parking lot. lol

      1. kalamazooguy says:

        haha…well, we may never find out :( …they have removed it from the NWS site.

        1. Cort S. (Holland) says:

          I was curious too. Looks like there was a big drawback of water out to the swim buoy, associated with the seiche:

  20. big Daddy BC says:

    So I wonder how that compares to the heat wave of June 2011. In Texas, the last week of June saw more than 150 reports of record hot high temperatures across the state. Several other states also had temperatures much above normal. Both Louisiana and Oklahoma (tied) had their second warmest June; Georgia tied for its third warmest. It was the sixth warmest for Arkansas, Delaware (tied), Florida, Mississippi, and New Mexico.

    Along with the heat, parts of the Southwest through much of the Southern Plains and Gulf Coast experienced a continuation of intense drought. New Mexico had its driest June on record while Arizona and Oklahoma had their fourth driest. June was the fifth driest in Texas and the ninth driest in Florida. According to the U.S. Drought Monitor, 63 percent of the Southeast was in moderate to exceptional drought at the end of June. In the South, the percent area in the worst category of drought—called exceptional drought—rose from 28 percent to 47 percent.

    “The April-June 2011 Climate Extremes Index was 42 percent, which is twice the mid-range value. Contributing factors to this elevated extent of extremes were a record high combined value of wet and dry extremes and a record value of 1-day precipitation events.” -NOAA

    The average U.S. temperature in June was 70.7 degrees F, which is 1.4 degrees F above the long-term average.

    Now, as I recall, Bill Steffen called for a .2 degree decrease in average for July, 2011…a cool summer. By my calculations, we’d have to have a couple days of frost now to achieve that. Go ahead and keep posting about snow in the mountains, maybe if we see pictures, we’ll think it’s cold. ;)

    1. Paul says:

      Here we go again…

    2. Bill Steffen says:

      The 1934 and 1936 heat waves were FAR worse than what’s happening today in terms of both temperature and rainfall. Read what I wrote! We had temperatures as high as 112 in Michigan and 108 in Grand Rapids. Seven record high temperatures were set in Grand Rapids from July 8 to July 14 and all seven of those records still stand today, 75 years later! Fourteen of the 31 record high temperatures for July for Grand Rapids are from the 1930s and NOT ONE since 1995 (and that was a tie, not an outright record). Only 2 of the record lows in July are before 1939, while only 3 of the record highs are after 1939!! Sure can’t see any CO2 catastrophe there, big D – quite the opposite. If you look at the state all-time maximum temperatures 23 of 48 (Hawaii and Alaska had very sparse data in the 1930s) are from the 1930s, about half. Compare the Palmer Index from 1934:–5K/Palmer-Index-US-Dust-Bowl-Map.htm&usg=__5L6UH6eM_vr1UPkJEMmlqtuk0qM=&h=534&w=650&sz=73&hl=en&start=77&zoom=1&tbnid=Row4AFHfV295PM:&tbnh=154&tbnw=187&ei=KggdTqG_JOWqsQLP7JCdCA&prev=/search%3Fq%3Ddrought%2B1930s%26hl%3Den%26gbv%3D2%26biw%3D1152%26bih%3D672%26tbm%3Disch&itbs=1&iact=rc&dur=407&page=6&ndsp=13&ved=1t:429,r:3,s:77&tx=95&ty=25 to the index today: The 1930s were much worse for temperature and drought. Dallas has had 16 consecutive days at or above 100 degrees, but the record is 42 days, so they have a long way to go to come close to that. I’ll bet they don’t make it if you want to take the bet. I’ll even give you 2 to 1 odds. And…0.2 degrees from normal is an average summer/July….we were more than 4 degrees cooler than average in July 2009…that was a cool summer.

      1. big Daddy BC says:

        “Take your hair dryer, turn it on high, turn it on hot and turn it into your face. That is what Wichita is like right now.”
        -ROSS VINER, in a city where the temperature has reached 100 more than 20 times since May.

        Summer is young, Bill, and I wasn’t posting about Michigan. The bottom third of the US is in one of the most severe droughts in history. Read what I wrote. 48% of the south is in the most severe category of drought possible. Farmers can’t feed their cattle. Crops are gone.

        “May 2011 resulted in the third lowest sea ice extent on record – as compared to the ’79-00 average, and in the Antarctic, the 14th lowest. The drought in Mexico resulted in vast wildfires. 1,300,000 acres burned between January and May. In Europe, the UK had the warmest spring in history. …so did New Zealand.” -NOAA

        The freaky thing is that snow cover was above normal across the US at the end of April…a result of La Nina, but even La Nina couldn’t stop the effects of global warming and look where we are now, comparing the state of our climate to the biggest drought in US history. Wow. So instead of debating global cooling, as was your position all winter long, now you’re challenging me to bets about whether or not we’ll be breaking all time heat records. Tough to be a climate change denier in the middle of a record heat wave. I just wish you had been right. :(

        1. Dan says:

          Here we go again! Big Daddy is the most knowledgeable person on this blog….NOT! He claims this yet, he will not agree to a debate with Bill. Clearly, Big Daddy has Big Issues with Bill. The next question would be, why not debate him?
          Just kepping it REAL here, Big Daddy. By the way, do you live on planet earth? I only ask because your logic reeks of an alien life form. You heard it here, first!

        2. Dan says:

          Oops, I misssssspelled a word, Big Daddy.
          By the way, what rock do you live under? IS that you in those GEICO commercials?

        3. Mike M. says:

          Tough to be a lunatic global warming Alarmist and realize that with all of your pissing and moaning about the world coming to an end no one will believe you.

        4. Bill Steffen says:

          Here’s a graph of Antarctic ice: As you can see, there’s been a steady INCREASE in ice cover since the 1970s. The thick ice is increasing in the Arctic: Many wildfires in the U.S. and Mexico are started directly (arson) or indirectly (discarded cigarettes, unattended campfires) by humans and not related to CO2. The drought and heat of the 1930s was far worse than what is going on today. I’ve showed you links that you cannot refute. Here’s global sea-surface temperature from the AMSR-E satellite data: Not a very “alarmist” graph, is it?

        5. OOOoo, they’re having a drought in a semi-arid desert area! Got any more Earth shattering news for us? Like a blizzard in Greenland, a cold snap in Antartica, or a heat wave in the Sahara?
          It may surprise you to learn that I am all for ending our dependence on fossil fuels, but making up an unsupportable theory is going to lead to the environmental movement being accused of crying wolf. There are plenty of good reasons to wean ourselves from oil, and the even more environmentally damaging coal without a bunch of alarmism over nothing.

        6. big Daddy BC says:

          What’s especially funny to read about this string is that this was written in 2011. The following year marked another consecutive year of that drought and the hottest month ever recorded. I’m so glad you reposted this, Bill.

          BTW, we’re still in that drought and it’s December, 2012!!! You guys were SOOOOOOO wrong!

        7. Bill Steffen says:

          High temperatures this past July are COOLER than they were in the 1930s (

          Here’s the drought map from 1934: Much worse than today and a much larger area affected in the mid 1930s.

          …The current drought can’t come close to matching droughts of 75 years ago (“”In terms of percent area of country affected by drought (as measured by the Palmer Drought Index), the 1930′s Dust Bowl decade is the worst drought on record by spatial area,” says Richard Heim, a meteorologist and drought expert with NOAA’s National Climactic Data Center.”) …’s time to ignore the ranting of a small minority of climate profiteers.

  21. thadeous says:

    Maybe because less crops got planted or got planted late, the heat is on this year????

    1. Bernie (Da Original) says:

      I don’t think there could be any corn in Texas or Oaklahoma this year unless it is irrigated.

      And a lot of places along the Mississippi river didn’t get planted because of the flooding.

      I won’t forget 1988. I was welding for a living that year which was a cool job compared to working in a foundry then.

  22. Stacsh says:

    I wonder what the lake michigan temps were back then (did they keep records?). Hoping it will be in the mid to upper 70′s in Pentwater the next few weeks.

  23. Travis (Lake Odessa) says:

    Do i feel one of Bill’s Corn stories coming on??? AWESOME!!! :)

  24. Saxon09 (Hastings) says:

    Your post made me smile, you mentioned Stambaugh, MI. My family is from the Iron River/Stambaugh area. I did not know that anyone besides us knew Stambaugh even exsisted! They usually don’t even put it on the map anymore, just include it with Iron River.

  25. Bernie (Da Original) says:


    There is nothing better after a heat wave than the fresh clean and cool air that comes behind the cold fronts.

    The best fresh air in the world comes from Canada,

    Thank you Canadians!

    1. Beth says:

      My thoughts exactly! When I see our windmill facing into a N or NW wind, I know we’re getting a gift from Canada. Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!

  26. Dan says:

    Bring on the heat! I’ll take all I can get! As somebody posted earlier, the F and the W are quickly approaching!
    Keep up the great work, Bill! You are always, right on! I don’t think there is another meterologist that works as hard as you do!!

    1. big Daddy BC says:

      Have you seen the movie, The Human Centipede?

      1. Dan says:

        No but I did see the “Human Caterpillar!” That was a great movie!! I’ll check with the NETFLIX library and see if they have the movie the Human Centipede. If they do, I’ll watch it and give you a complete review of that movie. Sound good, Big Daddy ?

  27. Mike M. says:

    Here’s a collection of newspaper accounts of the horrendous weather of the 1930′s…

    The most severe floods, droughts, cold spells, hot spells, storms, forest fires, and hurricanes we ever faced were well before man made co2 emissions ever took hold. The modern technique of blaming every modern weather event on global warming is a desperation move and will only work on the intellectually feeble.

  28. Irish coffee says:

    Just imagine if the extensive co-op network/automated sites were available in ’36…someone in sw Mi likely would have recorded a 110+

    1. Bill Steffen says:

      Newaygo got to 111.

      1. Irish coffee says:

        oops, i missed that ob., Bill!…yeah, pretty intense- perhaps there could have been a 113 to topple Mio record given expansive network of obs today- especially in lieu of fact that often some stations(in sw Mi) do register 2+ higher than Newaygo location…

  29. Scott (Hartford Van Buren Co.) says:

    Got our power back on at my shop late yesterday, still out at my house. I have been told Friday, but looking at the damage of the lines it might be a little longer. Looks like another lake bath tonight.

  30. Bill Steffen says:

    The three strongest December-April La Ninas since 1950 occurred in 1971, 1974, and 2011.
    Since 1960, 1974 and 2011 have been the two worst years for tornadoes in the US. 1971 was also in the top ten. Since 1960, the worst floods in Queensland were in 1974 and 2011. NSW had severe floods in 1971. Ocean currents do matter bigD!

  31. ALGORE says:

    What was I thinking?

    Oh, now I remember. I needed to be relevant regardless of the harm it did to our national discussion.

    Big Al

    1. Randy (SW Walker) says:

      ….There you go, Al. Now get back into bed with Big daddy BC- She is ovulating and we are all praying for her maternity leave from this blog.

  32. big Daddy BC says:

    Jerry, if that’s all you got from the NOAA data, you’re just plain stupid and there’s nothing I can do about that. How about I call you Dan Jr.? Sometimes it feels like I’m trying to teach a bunch of baboons brain surgery. Jeeesh!
    The Sonoran desert is in Arizona/California/Mexico. It certainly doesn’t stretch across the bottom third of the US.
    So, Bill, the drought and wildfires are a coincidence? My goodness.

    Thanks also for the Ice interpretation, and the random uncited graph, but NOAA disagrees, so does the National Snow and Ice Data Center.

    Here’s another good one from nsidc. When looking at this one, keep in mind that younger ice is much, much thinner.

    BTW, I find it interesting that both you and Mike M linked to the same tired Goddard website. Things that make you go hmmmmm?

    Your La Nina record, btw, has been fabricated. No one even knew what these currents were in the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s. They certainly weren’t being measured. You can’t work backward on something like that and then call it fact. A better way to have written that would be to say weather might indicated we had the three strongest Dec-April La Ninas in ’71… Amateur mistake. ;)

    1. Dan says:

      WOW! Big Daddy is the only one who knows this stuff. Uh-ok, its just NOT TRUE!
      What about that going agreeing to live Debate with Bill, Big D?
      This way you can speak your regurgitated BS, live and see what happens? hmmm..crickets.
      That is what I thought! Brainwashed Baboons? That is colorful, even for you Big Daddy “BS” (emphasis, MINE)

    2. Mike M. says:

      Of all the stupid things you’ve posted, big daddy, your ignorance of La Niña is the worst. La Niña conditions exist when the temperature of a specific area of the Pacific Ocean exceeds -.05°C for a period of three straight months or longer. It’s not a “current.” Here is a chart from NOAA showing the history of this specific area, Nino 3.4, all the way back to 1950…

      You, sir, are an idiot.

  33. michael g (SE GR) says:

    One pain in the arse leaves, and another steps right in to fill the void. Big Daddy actually makes fixxxer seem mildly less annoying.

  34. Bill Steffen says:

    If the wildfires are set by human beings…and WOULDN’T HAVE OCCURRED if the humans were not there. CO2 didn’t cause the wildfires!! Land use is also a factor. The country looks a little different than it did 50 much less a thousand years ago. While Arctic ice decreased from a MAXIMUM in 1979 after 3 very cold winters, the Arctic ice has increased both in areal coverage and volume since 2007. Antarctic ice has increased steadily since the 1970s: There is a LOT more ice in Antarctica than in the Arctic. The Arctic ice could (it won’t) all melt (sans Greenland) and it wouldn’t even be a speed bump in sea level, because the Arctic ice sits in an ocean. When ice cubes melt in a glass of water, the water does not overflow the glass. Sure they knew ocean currents…we measured sea surface temperatures in the 1970s with buoys, coastal and ship based data reports. And..your last sentence needs work, bigDaddy

    1. big Daddy BC says:

      Two things, Einstein. El Nino is short for El Nino/La Nina-Southern Oscillation, or ENSO. El Ninos are caused by winds blowing from east to west. Warm surface water is pulled west. upwelling occurs on the west coast of S.A. as cool water is brought up in its absence, but the wind weakens and the warm water eventually falls back on itself. These currents are both surface and deep-water and are caused by wind and convection, but make no mistake, Slick, these are currents. Walker Cells form above creating air currents as well. AND, my understanding is that 7 months is the standard, not three. So back at you, Fudgetard.

      Bill, your elementary understanding of glacial melting brought a smile to my face. The sea ice holds the land ice in place. What do you think happens when the sea ice buffer melts away? Why did you post the same exact uncited graph again. I think my NOAA posts hold a little more water. Sorry about the last sentence. Even I stumble once in a while.

      Dan, as I’ve said repeatedly, I’ll debate Bill live any time and place. Just rent the hall and call the press. We’ll charge money and give it all to Greenpeace.

      BTW, it’s priceless that WOOD is posting news stories about the negative effects of climate change when their chief meteorologist continually preaches denier science on his blog. Kind of shows how much value they see in your ‘expert’ opinion on the subject. Ouch. ;)

      1. Bill Steffen says:

        bigDaddy, you really need to go to a university and actually get a degree. El Nino (“the boy” in Spanish”) refers to the Christ Child (my apologies to those who oppose selected religious free speech on a public blog). ENSO is the broader “El-Nino/La Nina Southern Oscillation, not just El Nino. Winds in the tropical Pacific ALWAYS blow from east to west. Sometimes, they are stronger and the stronger wind stirs up colder water from below the surface. When the wind is weaker, the sun can warm the surface layer more. We see that at the mid-lake Michigan buoy. After several days of sunny, calm weather, the surface water temperature goes up. Then, you get a windy day that stirs the water and the temperature drops five degrees. Look at this table: See the negative readings from 1973-1976. What followed were three BRUTAL winters from 1976-1979. We had the big tornado year in 1974, then two years later, the coldest winter of the century in North America. We look at the depth of the warm layer and not just the surface temperature. “Sea ice holds the land in place”…well, it’s no wonder the tropics are floating all over the place…they need some ice!!! Maybe St. Croix will float up toward Manhattan. If the sea ice goes away, then all the ice on Greenland slides into the north Atlantic? Huh? Glaciers push a lot of dirt and rock around. The graph I cited was from the University of Illinois Cryosphere and no one that I know from NOAA or anywhere else disagrees with it.

        1. big Daddy BC says:

          My credentials are being challenged by a guy who hasn’t been to college since Coke actually had Coke in it? lol. You’re splitting hairs so go back to google and try again. We all know what direction the trade winds blow, but it’s entertaining watching you try to look smart. El Nino and La Nina are actually phases of the same phenomenon, and the entirety describes not only what happens in the water but in the atmosphere as well. BTW, look into the change in frequency of warm to cold. The change in oscillation is yet another indicator of global warming.
          AND, you might want to read my post again. What I wrote was that ‘sea ice keeps the land-ICE in place.’ Get your glasses out, Grand Dad. The sea ice acts as a buffer. What we’ve been seeing in Antarctica and Greenland is the rapid deterioration of land ice as the floating bergs disappear.
          BTW (again) please refrain from using your own opinion or affiliations as evidence. I think, by now, we all know of your limited expertise and connections, unless you’d like to about your extensive continuing education – outside of FOXNEWS and Exxon-Spencer.

        2. Bill Steffen says:

          Yes, a do challenge your credentials. To me you are just an anonymous unprogressive. You have no credentials. You’re a freedom-hating party-hack. I see you made another age slur. I don’t know how you got so prejudiced against the “elderly” and minorities (the African-American Emergency Managers that Granholm appointed – you’re against every single one of them). There is no general rapid deterioration of ice in Antarctica. I just checked the temperature in Vostok and it was -89F. The South Pole hasn’t EVER been warmer than +8F in history! Even though snowfall is meager over Antarctica, ice is still slowly accumulating over much of the continent and you can see by the link that the ice has been INCREASING, not decreasing:

          It used to be that you had all the media…now there is the Internet and when someone tries to foist misinformation on the public (good example was Dan Rather’s phony National Guard memos), they are quickly and easily found out and sometimes it’s the Dan Rather’s of the world who than lose their job. As the Climategate emails circulated the Internet, we saw the attempt to force data to fit a preconceived conclusion (“use Mike’s TRICK to HIDE the decline”)…we saw a coordinated effort to break the law and circumnavigate Freedom of Information laws…we saw a coordinated effort to force publications to limit the free speech rights of those who challenged their views.

        3. Dan says:

          OMG! I almost can’t believe it. Big Daddy is actually going to challenge Bill on this kind of stuff?
          Big Daddy you really do not have any idea, do you?
          Your blatant disregard for somebody else’s knowledge and your lack of respect for somebody who is definitely more qualified than you are, is, WELL, mind boggling! You are about the equivalent of a boll weevil or perhaps, a better description would be an electric Fan. All you do, Big Daddy is blow air filled with insults and put downs. Where is the substance?
          Oh, that is right, YOU HAVE NO SUBSTANCE. DUH!

        4. big Daddy BC says:

          I’m wondering what the ethnicity of EMs has to do with disagreeing on the bill? So your hate for Obama must make you a racist. Oh and because he’s younger than you, you must hate youth! lol, again. :)

        5. Bill Steffen says:

          I don’t “hate” Obama. The huge deficits are the fault of Congress. With a huge majority in the House and 60 votes in the Senate, the Democrats never even proposed a budget last year, much less approved one, as they are required to do. Congress passes laws and Congress does the spending. Obama’s not down there writing the bills. Your local Congressman and Senator doesn’t do that either. They are written by people below them, who are greased by lobbyists who generally favorable to those in power. Remember this telling comment from Nancy Pelosi: No transparency…the public had no idea what was in the bill, and she probably got only the talking points and not the minutia. The bill is 2,000 pages long and few in Congress couldn’t hope to read a significant part of it in the couple days before it was passed. There are hundreds of exemptions for friends of the party in power. The unions don’t want Obamacare when they have their “Cadillac” plans. It’s a very bad way to do business. And once more, it’s a far cry from when we actually had several balanced budgets under Bill Clinton. It shows how the Democrats have changed. Congress has been much more fiscally reckless under Harry Reid. The public voted the Republicans into power in the House to slow down the madness and Obama can blame Reid and Pelosi for the shellacking of 2010 and the problem he has with the debt ceiling today.

        6. big Daddy BC says:

          How accepting of you. I guess you’re an Obama fan then. Good. That makes two of us.

        7. Bill Steffen says:

          You’re a fan of Obama, eh? Maybe it’s because of his golf game. He’s played around 80 times since he became President, already nearly 9 times as much as Bush did in 8 years. Maybe you’re a fan of his vacation time: In 2009, he took four vacations over 58 days. source: It can’t be because of the record:

      2. Mike M. says:

        Big daddy, you ate too much paste as a kid. Here’s Wikipedia on La Niña…

        Let me quote NOAA again, “La Niña events are operationally defined using the Oceanic Niño Index (ONI), which is the three-month running-mean values of sea surface temperature departures from average in the Niño 3.4 region of the central Pacific (bounded by 5N-5S, 120-170W). NOAA defines La Niña as the condition whereby the ONI is less than or equal to -0.5 degrees C. This definition was adopted by the U.S. and 25 other countries in North and Central America and the Caribbean in April 2005.”

        Wiki and NOAA disagree about the length of time, 5 months vs. 3 months. La Niña is indeed a sea surface/atmospheric coupling. During a La Niña differences in atmospheric pressure cause trade winds to pick up which in turn clears the skies of clouds and allows more downward radiation to warm the seas. In other words, the warmth given up by the ocean during an El Niño is replaced during a La Niña.

        It’s not a “current” nor could you show any link that describes it as such. So…you’re still an idiot! :)

        1. big Daddy BC says:

          So that cut-and-paste was meant to refute the fact that ocean water is moving? Did you even read what you posted? Index? What does the index have to do with moving ocean water? lol DUH!!! DER!!!

        2. Bill Steffen says:

          Here’s more on La Nina: There is always a current running from east to west along the Equator. Sometimes it’s a little stronger than at other times. Water piles up at the west end of the Pacific Ocean. Sea level is about 12-20″ higher at the west end of the equatorial Pacific than off Peru:
          You can see how this affects climate. We had a strong La Nina this year…so there was heavy rain and flooding in NE Australia. When we have El Nino, the prevailing wind means dry conditions for that area.

      3. Dan says:

        No, BIG D! All you ever said in your posts was that Bill would lose the debate. You then proceeded to further discredit him. Why not commit to the debate instead playing all the games, tough guy?
        Do you think I’m making this up? Go back and read your posts!
        You are either a complete moron or you have some ADHD issues.
        This could go with your delusional characteristics, don’t you think?
        By the way, to list the people that will be debating, what are your credentials, Big Daddy? You do have some, right?

        1. Randy (SW Walker) says:

          Can someone please take a Big Daddy, with a dose of Fixer and flush. Thank you

        2. Paul says:

          That is darn funny Randy!

  35. Dan says:

    Great Day today! The weather is AWESOME! The Heat is on the way for the weekend!
    Bring on the HEAT! Thanks, Bill!

  36. Paul says:

    Did I hear Brian Sterling call the police motorcycles “motorized motorcycles” during the motorcade for Betty Ford from the Ford Airport?

    1. Skot says:


  37. phlrnnr says:

    Bill, I’m on your side. I’m interested in what you think about this article that was just posted on WoodTV tonight:

    1. big Daddy BC says:


      1. Randy (SW Walker) says:

        You sir, are a jackass.

    2. Bill Steffen says:

      My first thought was…You’re tax dollars at work…lobbying to try and make you give away more tax dollars was my first thought…kind of like the office at George Mason University that was set up to “engage” television meteorologists, who need to be “educated” about the topic of global warming…er, I mean “climate change”…nope, now it’s the all purpose “CLIMATE DISRUPTION”. That phrase covers everything that isn’t “average”. I tried to find a bio. on “Stephen Saunders”, but only links to the article come up and I don’t have a lot of time to dig into him. If you look at the groups “partners”, it’s almost all government agencies: The Natural Resources Defense Council they cite is a very left-wing political group. We are always “feeling the effects of climate change” because climate is always changing. There is no such thing as climate stasis. We have had both palm trees and glaciers in Grand Rapids, and somehow a diverse life survived both. Notice how they choose the year 1979, the bottom of the coldest decade of the century. If you want to make a graph to fit what you want people to believe, you pick a starting point that will make your graph look the scariest. Remember, when I showed you this: Note the part about Gainesville, Florida being as hot as the Indiana Dunes. That’s a clever way to get you to think there’s going to be a HUGE difference. In reality, the average high temperature in July at the Indiana Dunes is only 7 degrees different from Gainesville, Florida. I’m sorry I won’t be here to collect, but I don’t think there’s a Cubs winning the World Series each of the next 10 years chance of that coming true and I’d be more than willing to take a bet on their “Indiana Dunes could be as hot as present-day Gainesvile, Fl by the year 2099.” Winter ice on the Great Lakes has declined 15% since the 1970s, but it increased 15% from the 1930s to the 1970s. Isle Royale DIDN’T EVEN HAVE WOLVES UNTIL THE LATE 1940s, so I could say the population has greatly increased (from nothing) since 1947. The moose arrived in the early 1900s. The article will be duly printed by newspapers and TV stations. They know how to play the game and get their money. Rather than throw more money in the general funds of these dollar-sucking governments, how about working to stop the Asian Carp.

      1. big Daddy BC says:

        Broadcast meteorologists DO need to be educated. Most of you know only enough to be dangerous, as is evidenced by your weak grasp of statistics, physical meteorology, and climatology. A couple courses at good old George Mason University might help you better understand the scale of time your referring to in your generalization above about glaciers and palm trees.
        I love that you’d categorize an organization that’s been set up to protect our natural resources as left-wing. What might be a better way to describe the NRDC is an organization that protects our natural resources from corporate rapists. Of course they’re leftists. That’s because the right will sacrifice any and everything for money.
        BTW, wolves and moose were REintroduced to the wilds of Michigan. By using 1940 as the start date, you’re engaging in the same form of deception that you accuse the author of.

        Perhaps WOOD should have given you the opportunity to write a rebuttal and post it alongside the original story. lol. I still can’t believe they ran this story over the objection of their chief meteorologist. Hey, you’re kind of like the Rodney Dangerfield of WOOD…no respect.

        1. Bill Steffen says:

          Broadcast meteorologists know the limitations of computer modeling. We’ve read comments from people like Dr. Joanne Simpson, who was a climatologist for NASA for decades. She wrote about the inability of climate modeling to handle the air/ocean interface and how that made their models suspect. You still can get you’re opinions published without fact-checking in much of the mainstream media, but now they are challenged. The monopoly of the old media is no more. In the last 24-hours, Drudge ( has had over 30 million page-views…and the audience skews younger than mainstream newspapers. Look at the latest cable ratings ( FOXNEWS has more viewers 25-54 than CNN and MSNBC combined. Even with millions from George Soros, David Brock and Media Matters really don’t matter. I urge readers to check out (voted best science blog) or to get a second opinion on “climate disruption”.

        2. Paul says:

          Blah, blah, blah…stupid big daddy.

        3. big Daddy BC says:

          This might be the first hint of truth I’ve seen you post in a year. Yes, the extreme right now owns the media. FOXNEWS is now misleading more people than ever. People like you are now empowered to lie without consequences. When Reagan did away with fairness in broadcasting, the rich bought up broadcast media. They’re programming an entire generation of misinformed drones. I bet you’re proud to be a part of it.

 is a joke, btw. Watt at least attempts to sound credible. And just who awarded him best science blog? …Rush Limbaugh?

        4. Bill Steffen says:

          HA!!! So, let’s see a little criticism from you of the New York Times, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, NPR if you think their so “extreme right”. That comment just shows how FAR to the left you are. How about a little fairness when it comes to college speakers or commencement speakers? Ah…so we have “an entire generation of misinformed drones”. Hopefully, those “drones” know something about balancing a budget. Watts got a “Bloggie” for Best Science Blog. It’s like the Oscars for movies and the Emmys for Television. Blog readers can check out his blog at Check it out, he’s got some fascinating science to share.

        5. big Daddy BC says:

          So Watts won the equivalent of an Oscar? Cool. Was there a red carpet and everything? Who did he wear? lol.
          In terms of networks, some are worse than others, but I rarely watch network television. The news is a joke anymore, no offense. I mean WOOD does a good job of covering local stuff, although they completely ignored the biggest labor rally to hit Lansing in a decade. Bias? Why would a corporate owned TV station want to give credence to the plight of the working man? They wouldn’t. It hurts them…so words are chosen carefully. Camera’s pick up only certain things. Stories are scrutinized. But when Betty Ford dies, we get round the clock coverage, even picture in a picture of her memorial book. Not that she wasn’t a good person, but where’s the balance? On a national level, it’s no different. We don’t get news anymore, we get carefully constructed sound bites…mostly about trials, or celebrity screw-ups, or weather, but not stuff that matters, like the wars we’re in or the condition of the twenty mile oil slick that’s still floating in the Gulf. We live in an age where people have to seek it out, and that’s sad because most people are too lazy to look. But I’ll get off my soapbox now.

        6. Bill Steffen says:

          I thought we spent quite a bit of time covering the labor rallies in Lansing. Labor should have done a better job of distinguishing themselves from the 20 or so anarchists who got arrested. They weren’t part of the labor group, but they got more publicity than they deserved. The “working man” is not just the MEA and UAW. It’s the local hair stylist, roofer, nurse, the waitress at your favorite restaurant…the many people in the private sector who have to pay the pensions of public sector employees who get more money when they retire than many working people make when they are working. Sure, TV stations are corporate-owned. The alternative is government controlled and I can’t imagine 2% of the public would want the government controlling all TV. We are lucky in the U.S. to have so many TV options. And we don’t cover much “celebrity screw-ups”…we do less of that than just about any other station in the country. Regarding the Gulf Oil Spill…we’re a local station. We don’t cover much out of our viewing area…you can take that up with the big networks.

        7. big Daddy BC says:

          More than a million gallons of oil dumped into the Kalamazoo River last year. That’s pretty close to home. Haven’t heard boo about that since it happened, except a slanted story about how much employment the spill was generating. I cried a little.
          …AND no, the labor rallies were not well covered, and believe it or not, nurses WERE there, as were pipe fitters, prison guards, cops, firemen, carpenters, profs… But you wouldn’t know that because you weren’t informed. Thanks for making my point.

          Now as far as options go, you think the two options are corporate control or government control? That shows a lot about your thinking, your us against them attitude. There are other options, how about public tv? Of course the republicans tried to take them off the air. Why would we possibly want to have a form of media that’s controlled by the people who watch?

        8. Bill Steffen says:

          BigDaddy… Here’s how to use the internet. Go to There’s a search box in the upper right. Type in “Enbridge” and hit “enter”. Here’s what you’ll see: You get 118 related stories that WOOD-TV has done. Now, put “lansing rally” into the search box. You get 62 responses: That’s a lot considering it was a relatively brief (few days) event that technically isn’t in our viewing area. Take a little time off from commenting and read through the stories. Republicans don’t want to close down Channel 35. Many Republicans donate money to Public Television and Radio. I would guess that in this area more money comes from Republicans than Democrats. I have donated in the past. I occasionally listen to Blue Lake Public Radio (Hi Foley, Hi Buck) Some people (not just Republicans) would prefer that Public Television was self-sufficient and not dependent on Federal funding. There’s no need for the public to pay for Garrison Keillor’s mansion: They could make a better licensing deal for Sesame Street merchandise on the TV side of things.

        9. big Daddy BC says:

          Earlier this year Republicans took aim at PBS and NPR. Their intent was to push public tv and radio into the market so they could be bought. Maybe Mr. Murdoch would buy them, maybe Gore. The point is, they’re uncompromised as they stand and republicans would love to undo that.

          “‘Reverting to only free-market, consumer-driven broadcasting would be like treating the Library of Congress as an amusement park rather than as a seat of knowledge.”
          - Rep. Paul Tonko of New York.”

        10. Bill Steffen says:

          The intent is to make PBS raise the money from other sources, or live within their means. The audience for PBS/NPR is wealthier than the general public. We have 200 other stations (by contrast, the Glorious People’s Democratic Paradise of North Korea has four stations…run by bureaucrats spewing propaganda) that can support themselves without sucking the money out of taxpayers without their permission…the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, National Geographic Channel, etc, all seem to run fine without millions from the IRS. Why should only one channel get millions from the government? With a 14.3 TRILLION DOLLAR DEBT, we have to focus on jobs. The last thing 90% of the people of this country want is the government dictating programming on a very limited number of stations.

        11. big Daddy BC says:

          On the other hand, the market is a corruptor. I think it’s nice to have a news source that doesn’t worry about upsetting its parent company. You speak of biased Korean TV. American’s have more channels, but they’re all owned by billionaires with agendas. In my opinion, it’s not much different.

        12. Bill Steffen says:

          More nonsense. You don’t know the owners of all the media or their motives. They certainly aren’t all billionaires. Government is a corruptor! Markets are good for consumers. They give the consumer more choice and it’s THEIR choice. They don’t have BIG BROTHER telling them what light bulb to use and what TV show to watch. If you don’t like something, don’t buy it, don’t watch it.

        13. big Daddy BC says:

          Big brother in America is Dick DeVos, the Koch Bros., and Exxon.

        14. Bill Steffen says:

          …and the boogie man in the closet and the sky is falling…yeah, yeah. Heard it all before. Now go back to your Little Red Book. I’d still like to sell you some ad time for that Snyder recall. Here’s some lines for you: “We’re all going to fry, we’re all going to die…but you can relax, when we pass a BIG TAX. You’ll have no apprehension if you increase my pension. You’ll have a light to screw in, with a carcinogen. You’re utility bills skyrocket and I’ll get money in my pocket. But you’ll have no need to sweat, ’caused we’ve saved the planet”. You could get Rosanne Baar to sing it and you could do a Lip Dub to it….very catchy…call me..banner ads on Bill’s Blog!

      2. Paul says:

        Good capitalism Bill, he probably wants it for free though…

  38. Bnoppe(Albion) says:

    Bill NWS is speaking of having to issue excessive heat warnings what is critera for thar and is it a common occurrence in mi

    1. Bill Steffen says:

      Heat index of 105 for an advisory (3 hours). So, it’s a combination of temperature and dew point. There are different criteria for different parts of the country…otherwise we’d have heat advisories every day of the summer in Houston.

  39. bobcat says:

    I GOTTA go to bed, but I just have to say that the funniest thing I read all night was big D saying,
    “You can’t work backward on something like that and then call it fact.”

    1. big Daddy BC says:

      Thanks, Sweetheart. I agree. What’s this guy doing?

      1. Bill Steffen says:

        I think that Dave (the biologist) speaks for a lot of scientists now:
        Dave | February 26, 2011 at 11:37 am | Reply

        “I also have to agree with Jim West. My firm ‘belief’ in AGW had already been undermined by some extremely bad papers about mosquitoes, arthropod borne disease, and the effect a warmer Earth on wildlife (I am a biologist). But, I assumed these were just opportunists jumping on the gravy train and that the problem was with the journal review process, not AGW.

        But the Climategate emails made it all too clear that there was no science at all in ALL these famous papers in Nature and other ‘prestige’ journals. Rather, all the sound and fury appeared to be generated by an unscrupulous cabal eager for grant money, fame, and lots of CO2 generating trips to warm and pleasant spots where they could regurgitate their story to a corrupted press and conniving politicians.

        As far as I can tell now, many of the assumptions of AGW appear to be false, nothing that one reads on climate change from Nature to Drudge is reliable.”

  40. Irish coffee says:

    Poverty rate was 13.2% in ’08….now is 15.7%.Gas was ~$1.80 back in ’09 when Obama entered office…now is ~ $3.80 – this (nearly $2) difference costs my family approx. $300/mo. spending, and has caused the majority of working poor/middle class see a drastic reduction in their standard of living…not to mention the significant increase in UN/UNDERemployment (unemployment 9.2%:(
    This is/was “HOPE AND CHANGE!!!”?? Methinks he forgot to “add” the side dishes “DESPAIR & hopeLESSNESS” to his disastrous recipe for America…..NO WONDER he plans on spending $1,000,000,000(1 billion) for re-election campaign!!

    1. Dan says:

      Yes, Irish! BO will spend that much on his re election campaign! All of his policies have failed. He is only looking to raise the debt ceiling so that he can spend more money and raise taxes! Every economist knows that you do not raise taxes in an economy that is weak. Mark my words, The President has a spending problem. He cloaks this in everything else including, previous administration, fear mongering, etc, etc. Has he put together anything that even closely resembles a plan? Yup, he ran on “CHANGE”. He also ran on cutting deficit spending. WOW! He pitched the biggest lies on the American people. Also, his ties to the weather underground and ACORN are questionable at best! This is change?

    2. Paul says:

      And who knows where the money is coming from, they hide their donors by keeping the amounts under the reporting stage. And big daddy, they are not poor people donating their dollars and pennies, they are foreign interests trying to influence our elections. Kind of like the communists like you with no education or credentials trying to influence the system to get a free buck for nothing. Where did you get your degree big daddy???

      1. Bill Steffen says:

        He won’t tell us about himself. I’m guessing reality would be a letdown from the image he’s tried to create here (and probably elsewhere). I wonder if he ever uses a government computer to do his commenting.

        1. big Daddy BC says:

          I’ve never given anyone any reason to think I’m anything more than a concerned citizen. Unlike Bill, I don’t brag about myself. I don’t have the ego need. I only post here out of a sense of duty. When I first learned that a local weatherman was using his celebrity to push a right-wing agenda, I felt compelled. In the year or so that I’ve posted here, I’ve seen scores of people abused by this crowd. You righties with Bill as the ring leader simply don’t allow opposing viewpoints. You brow beat, insult, and ridicule anyone who disagrees. Take phrlnnr’s comment above. This person had to qualify his/her question with ‘I’m on your side’ so as not to feel the wrath of Steffen. Sad.
          To be perfectly honest, I wouldn’t feel safe giving any personal information to you, Bill.

        2. Bill Steffen says:

          LOL – So, how did you learn that “a local weatherman” (would that be local to you or not?…hmmm). “A sense of duty”…duty to what? a government funded group? “We don’t allow opposing views”? You post here many times daily at various hours. It’s like your job is to try (in vain) to put a brake on the inevitable collapse of this national spending binge. You feel threatened? But reality is that leftists are much more likely to be violent…Stalin, Hitler (a socialist), Pol Pot, Mao…the anarchists who terrorized the elderly and minorities of the East Hills Area. LOL.

        3. Dan says:

          BS, Big Daddy! Your tone in your posts is arrogant and extremely closed minded! You do the insulting with your “higher than mighty attitude” Its really sad that posting on this blog seems to be your only importance in life! Furthermore, you go on and on about Global Warming, CO2, and Shrinking Ice as if these have the utmost importance. You also have a very narrow view how many come across on this blog. You post in such a way as you are the only one who is right. How can that be, especially, with issues that have no DIRECT PROOF? Your continual use of the word “DUH” in your posts and your frequent attempts to link people only further illustrate your BAD ATTITUDE. It is true what my good friend says, “PIGS DON’T KNOW PIGS STINK”
          So, “in your sense of duty”, how many people have been influenced by you? Oh yeah, have you figured out what La Nina and El Nino mean yet? Still trying to research that out, huh?
          You are a sad and very wimpy man! You need to use the computer and/or this blog to put other people down. However, you don’t use the computer and/or this blog to educate but, rather, you slam others and call them stupid. When challenged, you regurgitate left wing talking points, thinking you are somehow fulfilling some high and mighty purpose. Do you visit reality much?
          I have a few good friends that can help you. Would you like me to contact to get the help you need?
          What makes you the EXPERT, CONCERNED CITIZEN, BIG DADDY?

        4. big Daddy BC says:

          So you imagine it was a gang of bleeding heart liberals that terrorized the East Hills area? You’d categorize every violent dictator in history as liberals? Now you just sound stupid.

        5. Bill Steffen says:

          It was anarchists who terrorize the East Hills area. They are far to the left of your typical “bleeding heart liberal”. Your comment about how the mainstream media is “extreme right” shows how FAR – WAY FAR to the left you really are.

        6. big Daddy BC says:

          I’ve said many times that I would consider myself a moderate, even voting republican at times. I would not consider FOXNEWS as moderate. Nor would I consider your boy, RUSH LIMBAUGH. Your party’s been hijacked by the religious right…the same people that think they own Jesus. What the country wants is moderation, period. They want politicians that actually cross the isle, despite conflicting ideologies. People like you are obstructionists. You’d take the whole country down to further your own political agenda. This global warming thing is a prime example. You admit that CO2 is a factor, that man is a driving force, that urbanization is a factor. You brag about how much better democratic countries are at environmental stewardship, and how you yourself own a solar panel and clean up trash around your own neighborhood, yet you vote in every corporate puppet, environmental rapist on the ballet and fight tooth and nail to get every viewer that comes to this blog to believe the opposite. Why? …because the logic center of your brain’s at odds with the emotional one. Unfortunately for viewers, the emotional side is winning. You’d knowingly sacrifice our children’s world to support your party. That, to me, is as extremist as it gets.

        7. Bill Steffen says:

          LOL again! You? A Moderate? Yup, all the moderates are obsessed with the EM in Benton Harbor. Tell me some of the Republicans you voted for. No one’s talking about social issues now…certainly not the Tea Party. It’s about out-of-control spending and the country headed toward bankruptcy. A Congress that plans on racking up +1.5 TRILLION dollar debts every year as far as the eye can see is not moderate and if you’re a moderate, you’ll vote for someone who wants to put a brake on that. Corporate puppet? Can you say Jeffrey Immelt? Global warming is at the bottom of every poll on important issues facing our country. #1 is getting people back to work and the economy. #2 is getting people back to work and the economy and #3 is getting people back to work and the economy. Again, our children are in much greater danger from a $14.3 TRILLION dollar debt than from a very debatable two-degree rise in the temperature.

        8. Brian(Grandville) says:

          Big D, so you think FOX NEWS is the devil. I love how NBC runs their format for the Today Show. Matt and Ann love to glorify the kids that steal cars and balloon boy’s. Yea, that’s news.That’s what we care about. Not really. Not to mention those bimbos that have a show after the Today Show. I don’t know how many times I have heard them talking about sex and alcohol indirectly. We need more of that right?

        9. big Daddy BC says:

          As I said above, Brian, corporations own most of the media. NBC sucks. I agree, but so does CBS and ABC. Now, Murdoch’s FOXNEWS is an entirely different animal. It’s a network that’s been designed to push a corporate agenda. They follow the Limbaugh formula to the letter. It works.

          Bill, there you go again quoting from some imaginary poll. No, my friend, it’s not true that the public doesn’t care about the environment. What is true is that corporate America has marginalized it. People like you put money above all else. You worship the dollar as if it were the goddess Athena, and pretend that anyone who cares about anything else in this world really just wants to take your share. Environmentalists don’t want your money. They want clean air and clean water. It’s untrue that we must weigh a clean environment against jobs and high taxes. Every time you pretend that it’s the debt or a clean world, you lie.

        10. Bill Steffen says:

          Sure, corporations own most of the media. It’s nice to have a FREE PRESS. You’d prefer the government owned all the media? Competition (and believe me, it’s fierce) brings greater variety of programming. I can’t imagine government TV. We’d probably have a handful of stations and they’d be broadcasting the government-funded Cowboy Poetry Festival. With competition, when one news station presents false information (Dan Rather – CBS – phony National Guard memos), another media outlet ( exposes the fraud. Eventually, Rather and his madly-partisan producer, Mary Mapes – are fired. CBS’s ratings dip as people learn they can’t trust CBS. Rupert Murdoch personally gave money to Hillary Clinton: Not only is global warming last when it comes to issues of importance to voters…it’s last among environmental concerns: And we don’t need a 14.3 TRILLION DOLLAR DEBT to have clean water. I have Plainfield Township water at my house. It’s very good water and Plainfield Township does not have a staggering debt. The air in the U.S. is demonstrably cleaner than it was 50 years ago.

        11. big Daddy BC says:

          Public TV and Radio are the alternative. I’d also like to see the return of ‘fairness in broadcasting.’ I’m not interested in government television either.

          I am not surprised by the poll you cited. People do not understand climate change. The misinformation that floods printed and broadcast media has fooled the public into thinking there’s controversy, when there isn’t. It’s counterintuitive to think that a change by 1-5 degrees on average could devastate an ecosystem (as you’ve proven with many of your posts.)
          The average person isn’t aware of the organic changes that occur in the soil and water as temperature and pH change. Plants are selected for or against as they lose the ability to absorb trace elements. Microbes are selected for or against…and on up the food web. Weakening the food web selects for invasive species and against natives. It creates timing issues for species that rely on each other for pollination or food. It broadens the range of r-selected species…parasites and pests. I could go on, but I know it’s wasted, sadly.

          People are concerned with people first, understandably, and so the poll shows concern for pollution first…not a big surprise. But what you don’t get is that this is all tied together. Pollution is causing global warming, contamination of our lakes/soil, and extinction.

        12. Bill Steffen says:

          I’d like to see a “fairness in education”. Whenever “An Inconvenient Truth” is shown, there should be an opportunity to point out where the “movie” is misleading or downright incorrect: and As I’ve pointed out, climate is not static…we’ve had both palm trees and glaciers in West Michigan and somehow a diverse and marvelous life adapted and flourished. Man is responsible for many invasive species (zebra mussels, alewives, the Asian Carp for instance), but CO2 is not.

        13. big Daddy BC says:

          The span of time required to produce both glaciers and palms is vast. Yes life adapts, and the timeline is rife with mass extinctions. Are you saying that’s what’s best for us now? …because the two mechanisms that create dynamic ecological systems…niche packing and competitive replacement…require thousands of generations. At some point in the future, purple loosestrife will be an integral member of a thriving ecosystem, but right now it’s invasive and without the natural checks that keep its population under control in its native habitat.
          Your statement about man introducing invaders is true, but you missed my earlier point, so I’ll say it more simply. Many of the agents man has introduced – acid rain, increase in temperature extremes, herbicides, etc. – will select against Michigan natives and for foreign invaders. A good example is the zebra mussel. Its body concentrates the toxins it ingests. When another invader, the round goby, eats ten mussels, it becomes ten times more toxic than the mussels. So along comes an unknowing lake trout. She eats ten gobies and now has one hundred times the toxicity of the mussel. Imagine you fish a couple trout out now and feed them to your family.
          As far as An Inconvenient Truth goes, many films have been made to dispute it. Exxon went right to work. Actually, I read at one point about a coal scientist who’d produced something. It tanked.

        14. Bill Steffen says:

          First, there have always been extinctions…before man did anything to the environment. There will be natural extinctions in the future. It’s part of nature. Actually, I kind of glad for a few of them. Don’t think I’d like a herd of hungry T-Rex dinosaurs hanging at the bus stop. Second, invasive species are not caused by CO2. CO2 doesn’t cause zebra mussels to hitch a ride on boats. And we’ve debated the temperatures extremes issue. The extremes today aren’t any more spectacular than in the 1930s. By the way, refuting global warming is easy, even a 4th grader can do it…and win an AWARD for doing it:

        15. big Daddy BC says:

          As I suspected, wasted. I realize it’s been fifty years since you had a bio course, but the concept I’m describing isn’t beyond you. Read my entry again…please.

          AND, If T-Rex was still around, humanity would not be…or do you subscribe to the hilarious notion that people use to ride dinosaurs in the Garden of Eden? If so, do you have the courage to admit it?

        16. Bill Steffen says:

          This coming from a guy who thinks a very questionable 1-2 degree temperature rise is so much more damaging than a 14.3 trillion dollar deficit. You’re the one who looks foolish.

        17. Bill Steffen says:

          And a year later, the national debt is up to 16.3 TRILLION!

  41. Dan says:

    Such awesome weather! Did Fixxer really leave the blog? I hope not!
    Anyway, we have some excellent weather and I hear, to quote Glen Frey, “The Heat Is On” for this weekend!

    1. Irish coffee says:

      Weekend and beyond,Dan……I expect GR to have 5 90+ days between week of July 16 – 23 (Sat – Sat)

    2. Randy (SW Walker) says:

      I disagree. Now let’s work on the fat A** in Battle creek.

    3. Brian(Grandville) says:

      I’ll be staying out of the kitchen.

  42. Skot says:

    I could really care less about BS Daddy and BILLs political retoric. BS is a typical guy who doesnt complain to Washington, and BILL directs his thoughts to the blog that does.

  43. scott (west olive) says:

    The good news is, Big D BC has less than 4 years before the state stops paying for his comp and elec.

  44. scott (west olive) says:

    Hellloooo Fixx, come in from outside and say hi, It’s gonna be hot all next week. :)

  45. Tyler says:

    The hottest summer I remember was 1988. That got hot in Late May and continute hot till Mid August. I remember both 2001 and 2002 being hot. Then we had three years in a row from 05 to 07 that were very warm as well here in the U.P. This year isn’t all that bad. The first week of June was hot but the other 3 weeks of June were very cool and wet. I think July has been a gorgerous month so far and warm. This year has easily been just as warm as last summer.

  46. Tyler says:

    In 1988 Iron Mountain had a day that hit 102 degrees.

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