Incredible flooding around Dubuque, Iowa

July 28th, 2011 at 11:58 am by under Bill's Blog, Weather

While it’s still up, check out storm total rainfall from the Quad Cities Radar, showing a significant area with rainfall estimates of over 10″.  I’ve added a view of the storm total rainfall from 1:15 PM here.   Picture on the right is a house fire that fire fighters cannot reach in Dubuque because of moving floodwaters (from KWWL).   This Mississippi River at Dubuque rose 4 feet in 2 hours.  That’s an incredible rise, considering very little of the water in the river there is “local water”.   Major highways remain blocked at this hour, including US 20, US 151 and US 52.  Galena IL had the most rain, with a 24-hour total of 13.45″.    The Dubuque Airport set a rainfall record of 7.47″ before midnight on 7/27.  By Noon, the airport was up to 10.92″ for a 24-hour total.  More flood stories here.

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