ArtPrize: “Every vote will count”

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ArtPrize organizers promise if you text in you’re vote — you can rest easy.
Last year some voters could not text in their choices.
“We’ve worked diligently this year to make sure that we won’t have hiccups,” ArtPrize executive director Catherine Creamer said.
Only AT&T and Sprint customers could text their votes in ArtPrize 2010.
“We have worked all year long on making sure that’s solid,” Creamer said. “The technology platform is a proven platform.”
ArtPrize officials said they found out about the issue the day last year’s competition started.
It’s unknown just how many votes were left uncounted.
“The integrity of the vote is the utmost importance to us at ArtPrize,” Creamer said.


Other voting options include online or smart phone apps.
New this year, ArtPrize has an Android app to go along with its iPhone app.
You can start voting when the competition starts next Wednesday, the 21st.

ArtPrize Registration

ArtPrize Voting Process

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