Connecting with Community Awards

January 27th, 2012 at 3:54 pm by under News

One of the great things about my job is that I am always hearing about so many great collaborations about people and organizations working together all over West Michigan. There are some very unique and creative efforts working to address real problems and needs in all our communities. Well, now is a great time to share with us those great partnerships that work. It’s time to nominate them for our Connecting with Community Awards. 

This is a great opportunity to tell us how YOU are Connecting with Community.

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  1. David Orvis says:

    Dear Eva Aguirre Cooper,

    My name is Dave and I am a WMU graduate student in Occupational Therapy. My previous career was teaching, primarily in the elementary grades. Since I worked only in inner-city schools I have been exposed to true need, and now my new career path has led me to spear-head a monumental event that will happen at the downtown WMU campus (200 Ionia) this coming May.

    WMU’s OT chair, the GR director of OT, myself and a GRPS administrator (and possibly admin from GRCC) have worked to plan a huge event for high school students, who desire to go to college.

    I’d like news coverage for this event and am now trying to find a local news program who would want to be involved. Please let me know if Wood TV 8 can/will do the honors. You can contact me at:
    (616) 551-2208 (h)
    (616) 648-0397 (c)

    Thank you!


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