Monday PM – The Week Ahead

February 13th, 2012 at 3:41 am by under Bill's Blog, Weather

  Picture is the moon setting by the Big Red Lighthouse in Holland – from Beach Bum Joe on ReportIt.  Clouds have pushed in and we’ll pick up a little light snow tonight and tomorrow…maybe 1-2″.   A stronger storm heads for Michigan Weds. night into Thursday.  The GFS is pretty wet and warm enough that much of the precipitation (up to an inch) would be a cold rain with snow at the end, a half inch to 2″ maybe.  The FIM would have a mix with more rain SSE and more snow NNW from that system, then flurries on the 19th and some snow on the 21st.  The European would be about an inch of snow Monday night/Tues. AM with 0.48″ precipitation from the Weds. Night/Thurs. storm system with more rain than snow.  Several inches of snow may fall mainly NNW of G.R.  A slight change in the path of the storm could bring more snow or more rain.  Rush hours Tues. AM and Thurs. AM could be wet to slippery.  We’re getting precipitation, but more of it is rain and less is snow.  The Thursday storm would be in a good spot to give us a good 6″+ dump of snow if it would be cold enough.  Enjoy the sun early today, we won’t see a lot of sun the rest of the work week.    Finally, check out the new NASA videos.  The third one down has a nice shot of Michigan.

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  1. Dan says:

    Snow and more Snow! Yes, Winter is making its presence felt in February!
    Will the Thursday evening event be rain, mix or all snow? I’m hoping for all snow!

    1. SlimJim NW GR (1) says:

      Thursday could very well be almost all rain.

  2. SlimJim NW GR (1) says:

    Burr, its a cold (for this winter) 15° here. This week could be our cold week for February. At this time I am still sticking with a total snow fall of between 40 and 50 Inches for the GR area, but as we are now at 38.5″ I may have to up that amount depending on how this weeks snow fall turns out and we still have half of February and all of March yet to go. When you consider that most locations at our latitude only receive around 40 to 50 inches (on average) in a year you can not really say this has been a snow less year and we could very well still end up with over 50″ of snow and even 60″ is not out of the question.

  3. Hardy Tom says:

    Bring on the SNOW!

  4. Matt (Spring Lake) says:

    Just can’t win…they either go far enough south that we get a little dusting…or just far enough north that we get rain, while it is snowing in Hart. The same thing over and over and over…urgh.

    1. bruiseviolet (rockford) says:

      There is always next winter! ;)

      1. Swatz_Zoo(Cedar Springs) says:

        I to think we’ll make up for this winter next season, but who knows as I said before, truly Mother Nature has the last word or laugh no matter what people predict or what models say.

  5. DF (SE Mich) says:

    I am ready for some snow… I hope it happens.

    1. Travis (Oxford, MI) says:

      DF, did you guys miss the snow this weekend? Got around 4″ here.

      1. DF (SE Mich) says:

        2.3″ was my official measurement. I was really blowing around though.

  6. Travis (Oxford, MI) says:

    Couple days of cold then long stretches of above average temps… and repeat.

    Perfect winter.

    As usual, the NWS a few days ago was referencing the possibility of an arctic blast later this week, but it looks to be moderating already. Surprise…

    From here on out, the average temps really start to get cranking. Every week now we gain a couple degrees.

  7. INDY says:

    yeaa wow looks feels and bloggs like a pattern change !!! Now if only some would man up and agree …. Storm track is on 3-6 inches starts this afternooon we will call this this storm the fixx maybe he will get in the mixx that winter is going strong with the rest of Bill’s best!! INDYYY

  8. michael g (SE GR) says:

    Anyone see how cold the end of the 00Z GFS was looking last night? Is our coldest air of the whole winter still ahead of us?

    1. DF (SE Mich) says:

      Even I fell for that earlier in the year… a bad habit of the GFS.

      1. Matt (Spring Lake) says:

        Seriously, the GFS is annoying. It changes more in one day than Obama does…

    2. Travis (Oxford, MI) says:

      At least the NWS offices have pretty much given up on the GFS this winter. I urge you to do the same.

  9. INDY says:

    I would say if the NWS want’s to keep on a roll with good thoughts for West Michigan they will get out a adv. out nice band of snow coming should start snowing around 3pm today !!!!! The Fixx is coming …INDYY

    1. Jennifer K (NE GR) says:

      Everyone is calling for it to start snowing after the evening commute. So that would be after 5PM and I have only seen forecasts for 1-2 inches. Not a storm at all.

      1. INDY says:

        yeaaa and that was said LAST time and I got over 6 inches out at the YARDofBRICKS,…Never no with a warm lk whats coming!! INDYY

        1. JoAnne says:

          INDY, I thought 1 plus 1 equalled 2, because Bill said so. You dolt. Only took you three days to admit I was right Taco Boy. This next system is going to break up slightly over the lake. No to light enhancement south of GR. Maybe a slight increase north. Bill’s prediction of 1 to 2 is going to be close on this one. Although when he says one to two, we end up with a dusting or 4 plus. We shall see.

        2. INDY says:

          Again u don’t understand your own thought if u can read go back and do it slow u don’t forcast a breeze or 4+ inches of snow and hope for 4 plus again pull the STUPID hat over the face just a little farther so we can’t see u!!!!! INDYY

        3. JoAnne says:

          Man are you a dunce INDY. The comment that I made was that when Bill forecasts 1 to 2 inches, we will either get a dusting or over 4. (NOT THE 1 TO 2 THAT IS FORECASTED) I was hoping for over 4. WTF can’t you understand about that? I can’t believe that someone who doesn’t know how to type a sentence is telling me that I can’t read! I thought that you had fun on here playing the handicapped card, but I now I believe that you are pretty damn impaired or drunk most of the time. Either way, your a jacka$$.

        4. Allendale says:

          lol i hear ya indy… that lake can do strange things, let it SNOW. And JoAnne, go get worked up on some other blog. 1+1=2 lol

        5. scott (west olive) says:

          Jokeanne’s post proves he lives with BC. Lol

        6. INDY says:

          Wow I hate be husband BIG daddy …..WE all see who wears the pants in that loveship Joannee!!!! INDYY

        7. Dan says:

          Ah the power of influence! Indy you must be getting to Jo/BC ANNE’s Daddy! Look at her posts. She doesn’t really have a clue about the weather. BRING on the synoptic, synoposis of a synoptic snow event!

        8. KSEA Caledonia-Cutlerville says:

          Too funny, were with you Indy. JoAnne, a debate is never bad to have but a debate should never include taking jabs at other people. Not that there is really a rule on it here that I see but not every poster/reader is an adult, the foul language really is not necessarily something truly needed on a weather blog.

        9. Dan says:

          The Voice of Reason? Is that possible here?

        10. INDY says:

          Give Bill a break from the Joannee! She can come after me anytime it must make BIG daddy mad ….Yeaa what a way to show off on a public blog I hope kids skip right over the dip and put some chips in it!!! INDYY

        11. JoAnne says:

          Wow Indy, look at all the special Taco Boy support. Are those all you too? LMAO Crack open the sprites fundyfudgetard. Instead of drinking them, use them to clean the crap off of your nose. Oh sorry KSEA, I said crap. I sure hope kids aren’t reading.
          Look who else is chiming in, hoping like hell that I will respond to him. LOL The lonely guy!

        12. INDY says:

          Lights out Joanneee it’s past your bed time take theee STUPID hat off and go night night rub big daddy’s back and hit the sack ….INDYY

        13. Pink says:

          I thought JoAnnee had a wife, is big daddy really her wife?

        14. JoAnne says:

          INDY is really my girl on the side. Don’t let her fool ya. We both have really short hair and wear chains on our wallets. Absolutely no purses. ;)

        15. Hummer13 says:

          JoAnne……back off on Indy, and I better never see your sorry butt at Taco Boy, you are not allowed to hang out at the same places we do…you are more like a Denny’s type of person at 3:00 because nobody wants to see you while they are sober!!! Big ‘L”….I hope you and Big Daddy Butt Crack have a Happy Valentines Day….you two belong together!!!

          Nice little dusting of snow for all of my other Valentine friends and you are not on that list JoAnne!!!

        16. JoAnne says:

          OMG, we are comparing Taco Boy people to Denny’s people. LMFAO. Your jacka$$ brother, if that is what INDY really is, is the yahoo that is confronting me. Read the comments next time. btw, love your name. Is that your profession or just what you want to drive?

  10. librarylil (Wyoming) says:

    It has seemed often this winter that when we are “prepared ” for 3-5 or 4-8 we’ve wound up with 1-2 and when everyone ( not just Bill) said 1-2 this past weekend we wound up with lots more ( had at least five inches on my deck). Took my son 2 hours to get here from Grand Haven Friday night ( they had an early morning flight out of GRR) When he called to say they were on the way, I told him to be careful roads were bad and he said they only had just a little snow on the ground No biggie. He knows that I’m the biggest scardy cat for winter driving but he had to admit- outloud even- when he got here that the road were really really bad. Sometime Mom is right. So will just assume we are getting snow this week and see how much falls. Hopefully not more of the icing. Would like the $$ I spent on plowing to be less per plow than they are now

  11. INDY says:

    Storm track still going strong on 3-6 inches of snow coming with some lk strong around 3pm makes a sound!!! INDYYY

    1. Barry in Zeeland says:

      Want to put money on that? I could use some extra cash. Inch today, all rain Thursday. Perfect.

      1. INDY says:

        Zeeland to far to bet sorry!! pefect. INDY

        1. haanstar says:

          3:20 and nothing yet

        2. INDY says:

          NOPE NOT YET!!

        3. Steelie says:

          Good Day,

          Almost 4 p.m. and no snow in Kentwood… ;-)


        4. INDY says:

          GETTING windy outside! Thats a sighn!!! indyuy

        5. Steelie says:

          Good Day,

          Almost 6:30 and still no snow in Kentwood! ;-) I am just razzing you Indy, no malicious intent… I admire your excitement.


  12. Swatz_Zoo(Cedar Springs) says:

    I’m not sure that I am feeling it with this system, my back/shoulders aren’t aching and when they do it’s been dead on. Just before this weekends snow my body was aching so badly all week, not flu like aches but joint pain, my shoulders/back and I told a fellow blogger I had a feeling this wasn’t going to be a dusting or a 1-2in event but more, and sure enough. But this time I”m very comfortable, so maybe nothing will happen or just a light amount. I know I could be wrong. Curious, what makes ones body ache before a system moves through, what causes that?

    1. INDY says:


      1. Swatz_Zoo(Cedar Springs) says:

        Well, I did have a little nerve pain in my arss this morning maybe that will count but it went away. I’m not feeling it yet my friend. Or maybe my human barometer was working over time for this weekends event that it’s busted ;-)

  13. SlimJim NW GR (1) says:

    I am still thinking that March could be the wild card this winter. I will not be satisfied that winter is over until the 15 of April (heck make it the 17 of April)
    35° and cloudy here now.

    1. Jacob G (Kent City) says:

      I agree with you SlimJim. The snowiest March in GRR was 36″ (1965), April 15.6″ (1961) and 5.5″ (1902/1922) in May.


      1. Todd In Nunica says:

        ill agree as well….not many years i have plowed in march but when it comes in march its usually bad…

        1. JoAnne says:

          My nephew owns one of the larger landscape companies in Grand Rapids. They have around 30 or 40 trucks I believe. They have been out doing spring cleanings. At least they are keeping busy

        2. bruiseviolet (Rockford) says:

          JoAnne, I hope your nephew doesn’t mind your poor attitude on here- because you aren’t doing him any favors by mentioning that you are two are related on here…

        3. JoAnne says:

          Oh geez, shut the hell up.

        4. JoAnne says:

          BTW, he hates wood tv and doesn’t trust any of them. Trusting the hype has cost him and his operation more money than you can imagine.
          You think that I have a poor attitude because I point out when Bill lies or is wrong. He does the same thing over and over about democrats or climatologists that don’t fall for the Republican lies. Go hypocrite to someone else bruiseviolet, whatever the heck that means. At least I don’t hide behind a stupid made up name.

        5. JoAnne says:

          Bill, that’s your cue to point out that you don’t have my email. Next post my email for all to see. Did you realize that your blogs states that you won’t do that? Hmmm, can you say lawsuit?????

        6. Bill Steffen says:

          Classy response there, Joanne. Brilliant. I didn’t publish your email address. I don’t even know your email address and I don’t care. You do hide behind a phony email address. Only about 1% of the blog commentators do that. I’d rather we engage political discussion privately, but you’re kind generally doesn’t do that (not enough attention that way). You generally look down on people and that’s why you have no reservation about cutting into the conversation. You feel that your enlightened wisdom is so important that it takes precedence over the general conversation. I wonder if your nephew knows you’re speaking for him on the blog.

          While I’m here:

        7. JoAnne says:

          “Although I am not a climate scientist”

          That’s where I stopped reading your post. come on Bill, you try again and again and keep striking out..

          As far as my nephew goes, our relationship is non of your business. I can tell you that he and many of the companies that he knows are fed up with the weather forecasts. Just an example of how you actually can cost people money with your bad forecasts. He loves that I set you straight on here.

          Now to my email; How are we to know that only 1 percent of people don’t give you their email? You lie so much and I’m sure that is another mistruth. Your blog states that the email given won’t be shared. That is a lie. You shared mine publicly and nowhere does Wood’s blog state that you will share emails if you think that they are fake!

          Oh ya, BS that you want to discuss politics privately. You slip in a political slant on every blog. I tell ya what, you stay neutral on the blog as far as a political stance and I won’t be back. Deal?

        8. JoAnne says:

          Another deal for you. You stop the personal attacks and I will too. Can you do it Bill? That doesn’t mean that you need to log on with fake names like Mike M or Dan so that you can call me names either. Be straight and clean it up across the board and I’ll do the same. Deal???

        9. Bill Steffen says:

          And you’re credentials are….what? why should anyone listen to your rants?

          For the last time…I did NOT share your email address. The email address you gave is a phony. It goes to a car dealership in Tilbury, Ontario and you have no connection to the car dealership in Tilbury, Ontario. It is NOT your email address. I don’t know your email address.

          The only comments I have made on this blog have been under my name. Dan and Mike are separate individuals.

          The vast majority of my blog entries have nothing to do with politics. A couple of you flaming, far-leftists come on here and interrupt the conversation to spew you’re “wisdom”. It’s sooooo important that we all listen to you. You’re frustrated because a) I respond and b) you’re not getting the love esteem of the other commentators that you think you deserve. We’re all soooo beneath you’re level of wisdom…we just can’t comprehend you’re level of intelligence. That’s it.

          Here’s a climate scientist:

          Here’s a climate scientist: (former state climatologist of the state of Virginia)

          Here’s a climate scientist:

          Here’s a climate scientist:

          And this from Dr. Judith Curry: “To my thinking, the climate establishment has been seriously misled into thinking that their biggest impediment is the fossil fuel industry and the libertarian think tanks. Bad politics, bad policy, overconfidence in the science and dismissal of skeptical perspectives, Climategate, and misreading of economic and technical realities seem to be more likely explanations; its not an issue of the lack of public understanding of the science. In terms of overall effectiveness, I would say the academic skeptics such as Lindzen plus McIntyre and McKitrick have been more effective than the libertarian think tanks in terms of putting forth a skeptical view point.”

        10. JoAnne says:

          So I take it that we don’t have a deal then? lol
          It doesn’t matter if you think the email is accurate or not. This blog states that information given will not be shared. You lied when you shared the information that I gave. Pretty simple Bill.
          What do my credentials have to do with anything? You’re no climatologist, so we all know that your credentials aren’t worth a bucket of spit Weatherman. You are desperately trying to prove something that isn’t true. I’m not.
          Next, you call me flaming! Another homosexual slander out of you. It’s too bad that you go down that road.
          Finally, you think that I’m looking for love out the other commentators on here? LMAO, you have a lousy way of interpreting reality pal. This blog is nothing but a right wing site with the far majority of it’s bloggers being right wing, just like you. The problem is the people that are skimming over your filth for weather information are being spoon fed the corporate elitists side of things only. You hate it that people like me correct your lies and bash me with homosexual comments. you’re a sad little man Bill

        11. JoAnne says:

          BTW, how’s that 1 to 2 working out for you again? Looks like a dusting to me. Oh, did I say that when you call for 1 to 2 we either get a dusting or 4 plus inches? Gosh, I did. This system has nothing to do with the lake so don’t start with how hard it is to predict the weather in Michigan.
          You need to stop surfing Rush’s sites and start looking more weather sites.

        12. Bill Steffen says:

          When I was at the Univ. of Wisconsin, I got into a discussion with a girl of about 19 who was defending the economic policies of Fidel Castro, which were truly indefensible. He took the best economy in the Caribbean and made it the worst in Carteresque time. Anyway, she was clearly frustrated because I was getting the best of her and she finally blurted out “You’re racist, sexist and homophobic”. This girl didn’t know my name, much less anything else about me and our discussion had nothing to do with race, gender or sexuality. It was just an all-encompassing insult that she had picked up and given that she had nothing better to contribute, on reflex it just popped out.

          JoAnne did the same thing here. This is the definition of “flaming” from the standard dictionary: “3. intense or ardent; vehement; passionate”. The first two definitions had to do with a literal flame. It would in that context apply to BigDaddy and to this guy: (just a joke).

          Public support for global warming alarmism continues to drop:

          Even a socialist scientist finds he can’t cling to a discredited alarmist viewpoint:,1518,813814,00.html

          My microcast had anywhere from 1/2″ to 2″. Since you’re south of town, you were in the less than one inch area. You can go back and look at the tape. We’re also talking snowfall not necessarily snow accumulation. Snowfall is what is measured. ADD: Muskegon reported 1.7″ and Spring Lake had just shy of 2″.

        13. Hummer13 says:

          JoA** have your nephew pay attention to “ACCULESS” weather..I am sure his business will flourish paying attention to their forecast!!!!

        14. JoAnne says:

          Nice back peddle Bill. It’s your story so I will let you write it, or adjust it however you like. I’m sure you have had a colorful history of being accused of many things. I could care less. I only care what you say to me on here. Many words have multiple connotations, but in the context that you use them, the meanings will come out. Think about it next time you call someone a flammer. If I was to call you a fag on here, I wouldn’t mean a cigarette and you know it. However, I would never do that. Maybe people like you think it’s acceptable, but I don’t.

        15. Bill Steffen says:

          It was used in the context I described. Are you always this negative around others?

          Read this:

        16. Michele L says:

          So angry JoAnneeeee….get off our blog! Nobody really likes dealing with you!!!! Move on!!! Don’t worry Uncle Sparkee is on his way back from his two day love quest with Aunty Edna… will be hearing from him tonight…he compared you to one of the varmints he hunted a few days ago!
          Look out JoAnneeeeee!

    2. Travis (Oxford, MI) says:

      Tomorrow marks the point in which GR is 75% done with the snow for the winter.

  14. haanstar says:

    If you want to see snow go to the UP, I was just there and 10 miles north of 28 is a different world with snow.

    1. Martin (Marquette) says:

      Oh yes haanstar we live up here now we moved a couple of weeks ago and here in Marquette we have about 20-25″ of snow on the ground and it is very cold up here!

    2. Vincent(N.E.Kent CO) says:

      Did you hit the Bear Trap INN by chance?

      1. Martin (Marquette) says:

        No why???

        1. Vincent(N.E.Kent CO) says:

          That was for haanstar on his Munising snowmobile trip on trail 8.

  15. RJ (Rockford) says:

    Here’s the scoop – the snow for tonight is almost a non event. Very weak with a dusting to an inch of snow. Now the event for late Wednesday night and Thursday is another story. There should be some rapid dynamic cooling causing mainly snow for GR and points North. I am looking for a Winter Weather Advisory with 4 to 6 inches of snow and maybe more if all factors come together! Bring it on COLD and SNOW!!

    1. Martin (Marquette) says:

      If I were living down there still I would call for a winter storm watch/warning that would be my guess

    2. INDY says:

      Comee on rJ heck with the Advisory winter storm watch will be out for West Michigan and some schools will be shut down Friday morning!! How’s that blogg ?? INDYYYYY

      1. RJ (Rockford) says:

        ROCK ON INDY. Bring it on, however I will not be making any school closing predictions this far in advance!

        1. INDY says:

          lololololo come on rJ lets get the blogg going no school for the kids Friday teachers NEED A 3 DAY WEEK’ND!!!! INDYY

        2. Nathan (GR) says:

          No school!!!!

        3. bruiseviolet (Rockford) says:

          all they’ve done this year are “two hour delays” anyways. Kids haven’t had one single snow day yet!

  16. Swatz_Zoo(Cedar Springs) says:

    I will see how I feel in the next day or two to say rather Thursday is a go or not, but I agree with RJ about the snow tonight, my body just isn’t feeling a major event taking place with anything over an inch, where as all last week, WOW even 1200mg of Motrin wasn’t helping, but as soon as this system past I was and still am feeling good.

    1. INDY says:

      Swatzee I am going to have to stop over and see u I hope your back/shoulders start hurting becouse Thrusday looks to be a 1500mg of Motrin when this storm starts!!! INDYY

      1. Swatz_Zoo(Cedar Springs) says:

        Yeah but this wasn’t just a 2-4 day pre-event aches this was a whole weeks worth. We shall see!

    2. bruiseviolet (Rockford) says:

      Aches and Pains and “weather related” changes are usually caused by the changes in the pressure in the atmosphere. This is also why animals- like horses get “crazy” (for lack a better term) before bad storms/tornadoes etc…

  17. RJ (Rockford) says:

    Get ready GR! I see a lot of COLD and SNOW in our future. Snow tonight and more snow on Thursday and I predict many, many more snow storms in the mid and long range. SNOW and COLD well into March. Gotta love WINTER weather. There is nothing better than COLD and SNOW in West MI. ROCK N ROLL BABY!!

  18. TomKap (Michigan St. & Fuller) Grand Rapids says:

    Good grief RJ, why not just move to the UP?

    I’m loving that this ‘snow event’ right now is a big fizzle.
    It’ll be mostly rain on Thursday, and then the home stretch into Spring begins.

    Bring on that SUNSHINE!

  19. fixxxerswrist says:

    cant we all just get along, its valentimes day and all this bickering makes me ache when all i want is to heal, oh and some 90s and 100s and severe tornados in wyoming.

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