Monday Evening

March 5th, 2012 at 3:37 am by under Bill's Blog, Weather

  High of 31 in G.R. today, 29 in Muskegon, Kalamazoo and Battle Creek – maybe the last time that this winter that the high temperature stays below freezing.  A little band of snow (mostly aloft, but not all aloft) is moving over Lake Michigan and may put down a dusting (1″ tops) of snow mainly north of G.R. tonight.  It’s not impossible that there could be an icy spot on the roads thru about 9 or 10 AM (until it melts) mainly north of G.R.  It’ll be windy and warmer tomorrow with highs in the low 50s south of G.R.  Let’s start off with some good news.  Now some bad news…it may be Friday before power has been restored to everyone in the wake of Friday’s snowstorm.  Hundreds of trees were toppled by the weight of up to 20″ of heavy wet snow.  If you count all the different power companies, it looks like about 200,000 customers lost power at some point.  Crews had to remove many trees and branches from roads.  Hardest hit were Leelanau, Benzie and Grand Traverse Counties.  Many schools remain closed up north.  It’ll probably be gone when you read this but there was a really nice meso-low visible on the Marquette radar coming off Lake Superior at 3:30 AM.  Where skies have cleared and there is snow on the ground, it’s cold… +3 at Big Rapids at 3 AM and -10 in Grayling.  Weather for the week:  cool today (Mon.), low 30s.  Breezy and warmer Tuesday, upper 40s to maybe 50.  Wednesday up to 52-60 with rain Weds. night.  Thurs. PM and Fri. look dry and low-mid 40s.  Saturday it’s back in the 50s…well into the 50s on Sunday with scattered showers.  (picture of Traverse City snow from ReportIt).

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  1. TomKap (Michigan St. & Fuller) Grand Rapids says:

    It’s -13 just south of Gaylord – not sure what city, my map doesn’t say.

    Mighty cold out there.

    1. DF (SE Mich) says:

      Looks like Pellston, MI. Crazy temp difference between there and by the Lake, 32° in Frankfort.

  2. Skot says:

    Off topic…anyone else notice the red wing black birds are back in the GR area? and a few song birds?

    1. Vincent(N.E.Kent CO) says:

      Have not seen any yet,but i noticed the female Juncos show up last Thurs and now all the Juncos are gone. My chip monks came out yesterday and are running all over this morning.

    2. TAZ (freeport) says:

      We noticed a few last week.

    3. Linda ((Rockford)) says:

      We have seen cranes, red-wing blackbirds and robins! Spring is just around the corner.

    4. fixxxer says:

      it’s because we didn’t have much of a winter this year. mother nature has no idea what to do.

      1. Lisa (Caledonia) says:

        This is the typical time when they come back… :)

    5. Bernie (Da Original) says:

      Some songbirds need bugs so they migrate with the hatching bugs.A few can survive on seeds but they need grit to digest the seeds. I keep a bare patch of ground where there was a mole mound.
      My sign of spring is shedding cats and dogs and the way mine are shedding now means hot weather is not very far away. :)

  3. INDY says:

    Getting ready for spring out at the YARDofBRICKS heat is off windows are open and grass is going to be cut this afternoon all snow toys are put awawy for the year grill is coming out fire pit is ready sprites are cold and INDY is in spring mowed!!! Have a great day u alll!!! INDYY

  4. scott (west olive) says:

    Bring on the 60′s!

    1. fixxxer says:

      bring on the 80′s!

  5. Matt (Spring Lake) says:

    We’ve been getting some nice snow showers here through the morning. We picked up about another inch of snow. We still have several inches on the ground.

  6. GunLakeDeb says:

    What an amazing story about the 7-yr old boy!!

    I’ve told about my brother/sis-in-law’s house being destroyed in the Plainfield, IL 1990 F-5 tornado (no tornado warning had been issued) – my SIL had run to the basement at the very last minute. Their neighbors across the street were not so lucky – they remained upstairs and were sucked into the tornado as the house was destroyed. The mom/dad/2 kids all found themselves about 100 yds from where their house had been – aside from some lacerations from debris while airborne – they were physically OK – but traumatized (understandably) by what had just happened….

    1. Matt (Spring Lake) says:

      Unreal! I can’t imagine what it would feel like to be lifted by a tornado and….. thrown? tossed? carried? by one!!!

      1. GunLakeDeb says:

        My SIL said they used the phrase “when they *came to*”. I’m assuming that since nobody had suffered a concussion – that being sucked into a tornado either takes your breath away – literally; the spinning makes you pass out; or the event scares you almost to death? I’m guessing it’s ALL of the above….

    2. Bernie (Da Original) says:

      It makes me wonder if L. Frank Baum experienced that sometime in his life then used the experience to create his novel. ;)

  7. DanielG says:

    That would be the ULTIMATE…naaa I ain’t gonna say it.

  8. fixxxer says:

    march and april are still iffy months so im taking these 50′s & 60′s with a grain of salt.

  9. Bernie (Da Original) says:

    Finally the sun shines and I stopped hurting :)
    7 inches of snow on the ground at my location.

  10. Bernie (Da Original) says:

    X 1.1 class solar flare in the news and a chance for Northern lights from a M2 flare yesterday if it gets clear tonight. :)

  11. INDY says:

    Light snow out at the YARDofBRICKS! INDYY

  12. Tyler says:

    It is 29 here and sunny today. I had quite an ice buildup on the bottom of my car. Up in Marquette yesterday I noticed tons of ice on top of roofs hanging off and here in Escanaba as well. I noticed the snow off the pavement is melting despite temps below freezing.

  13. Mr. Negative says:

    The wind today feels worse than it has most of this winter -

  14. Jim S. (Saugatuck Twp) says:

    0.5″ of snow this morning. Season total is 49″.

  15. fixxxer says:

    Almost all of the snow is gone in wyoming. Just hope we get some sunny days soon.

  16. RJ (Rockford) says:

    I just got back from snowmobiling up in the Hungerford Lake Recreation area. This is up near Big Rapids and even though this is only about 50 miles North of GR they still have 8 to 10 inches of snow on the ground and a lot of snow still on the trees. It was a fantastic winter afternoon! Heaven on Earth! There is batch of SNOW heading right at us from Wisconsin. The 18Z RDB model shows .5 inches of snow for for GR and more to the North!!

  17. Cort S. (Plymouth, NH) says:

    It’s a great time to love warm weather! Here is the temperature outlook for the next 6-10 days:

    80% chance of above-normal temperatures.

    Same deal for 8-14 days:

    The last two times I remember seeing 80% chance above-normal in Michigan was for the July 2011 heat wave (it was actually 90% then) and the early April 2010 record-breaking high temperatures (80 degrees).

    1. Cort S. (Plymouth, NH) says:

      Clarification: These are for 6-10 and 8-14 days from now. Not including the next 5 days, which will also be above-normal.

    2. RJ (Rockford) says:

      You mean winter might actually be over?

      1. Cort S. (Plymouth, NH) says:

        Temporarily at least. But there’s nothing to stop the atmosphere from giving us a few-inch snowfall in late March or April if it really wants to draw down some cold air and spin up a storm system. But a late-season snowfall is fairly common; we’re used to those. At the very least, March is the month when we gain daylight minutes the most rapidly, as we are approaching the Vernal Equinox. The increasing sun angle will help to quickly melt snow if and when it does happen.

        And a disclaimer: The foreseeable future will not always have highs well above normal. There will still be occasional cool downs as the jet stream moves and meanders over us.

        1. RJ (Rockford) says:

          Very nice Cort. I like your level headed, rational thinking and no doubt we still have a good chance for more SNOW!!

        2. Matt (Spring Lake) says:

          That’s for sure about the March sun! There was a very heavy covering of lake effect snow here this morning and the minute the sun came out this morning, the snow literally melted and evaporated off the blacktop areas within 10 minutes. I felt like I looked out the window and saw snow on the parking lot and then blinked and it was gone!

          The ground is still completely covered in my area. Most areas look to have about 4 or so inches on the ground. Less in the “constantly sunny” areas.

          Do you still have snow in New Hampshire, Cort?

        3. Bill Steffen says:

          We have only had 7 Aprils without a single snowflake and 15 others with trace amounts. We have also had 7 Aprils that brought over 10″ of snow, the last being 2007. We’ve had a dozen Mays that have brought measurable snow to G.R.

        4. Matt (Spring Lake) says:

          I bet fixxxer loves those statistics, Bill!!! :P

        5. Cort S. (Plymouth, NH) says:

          Matt: I still have a few inches of snowpack here. We have had a couple of systems in the last week freshen things up. I have your 50-degree weather heading my way for Weds & Thurs. Hopefully that helps partially melt this stuff.

  18. Matt (Spring Lake) says:

    I wonder if Muskegon could get a bit of lake enhancement with the southerly winds coming in with this band of snow.

    1. JoAnne says:

      Today should be mostly to variably cloudy with a chance of flurries/snow showers. Monday will be dry and cool. Tuesday gets breezy with temperatures rising from the 20s early to near 50 late.

      That’s from Bill. Nothing about snow. Where did this come from? I saw Wood mention that it would be i96 and north on the 6:15PM forecast, but it sure looks like it has moved much further south than they are thinking. Oh well, one last blunder before it ends. Keep those blunders coming Wood. West Michigan loves the snow.

      1. INDY says:

        Wow Joanne 810 pm is today’s weather!!! Don’t give up your day job!! INDYY

        1. JoAnne says:

          Go cuddle up with your sister INDY.

        2. Bill Steffen says:

          BIG increase in Arctic ice this past week:

          Antarctic icecap bigger than average and MUCH bigger than one year ago:

        3. JoAnne says:

          Give it up denier.

        4. Bill Steffen says:

          Global temperature has gone down since Jan. 2010 (not surprising with an extended La Nina) now well BELOW AVERAGE:

        5. INDY says:


      2. Matt (Spring Lake) says:

        The southern end of the band is virga. So that may be where Wood is coming from? I didn’t see the evening forecast. Did Bill explain anything about dry air?

        1. Bill Steffen says:

          The vast majority of weather stations in Wisconsin had NOTHING from this band (all aloft). Milwaukee County got 1/5th inch and the rest of the stations around Milwaukee had a trace. I thought that it might do a little more than that here in Michigan, so I did mention a chance of an icy spot on the roads with temps. below freezing. But as of 9 PM – no ground reports in Michigan yet. It’s really for all practical purposes a non-event for most.

      3. Mike Geukes says:

        JoAnne here are some links to lots of forecast models,
        lets see you make your own forecasts. Once you start
        making your own forecasts, you realize how difficult
        it is to make accurate forecasts.

  19. UNCLE SPARKEE says:

    your ol uncle sparks is gettin ready to grow the outdoor crop. hope its a early spring. mean and green. plus your ol aunty edna is grettin tired of haulin wood. my back is still out.

  20. Swatz_Zoo(Cedar Springs) says:

    Anyone who went to the Muskegon Skywarn Class receive their Skywarn Certificates by email or mail yet??? I got mine from Kent County already today Vi-Email, but have not received anything from Muskegon yet like they said they would. So I just wondered if any of you that attended did yet?

  21. JoAnne says:

    No word on dry air. He said mainly I96 and north for a slick spot. I guess that means anything could happen anywhere. lol I really don’t think that the area from i96 south will be all virga. The entire system has moved slightly south. Time will tell I guess. I hope we get something out of it. One last little surprise before 50′s tomorrow maybe.

    1. JoAnne says:

      That was intended for Matt above. Don’t know what happened with it.

  22. Kevin (Marshall) says:

    Just checked the forecast posted by the National Weather Service for the Battle Creek area…SUNNY THEN BECOMING PARTLY CLOUDY THEN BECOMING  

    1. Matt (Spring Lake) says:

      ….lows in the lower 20s, rising to the upper 20s, falling to the mid 20, then down to the lower 20s again, before rising to the lower 30s, then hovering around freezing between 1 a.m. and 2:15 a.m., then jumping to 45 before falling to 44 by 7 a.m…….

  23. INDY says:

    yeaaa Joanne says system snow moving south WHAT SNOW MAY I ASK?? INDYY!!

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