87 Weds. in G.R. – warmest ever for March

March 21st, 2012 at 4:02 am by under Bill's Blog, Weather

  1:30 AM – I was on WOOD radio (AM 1300 and 106.9 FM) at 7:06 AM Thurs. AM to talk about the heat and what’s ahead for the summer.   At 7 AM we had a shower up in NW Oceana Co.    87 deg. Weds.  in G.R. – warmest EVER in March and 40 degrees above the average high of 47 for March 21!  As far as I can tell, we’ve never had a day in G.R. with a high temperature 40 degrees warmer than average.  Prior to today, the earliest it had ever reached 87 in G.R. was April 26, 1915!  So this was more than a month ahead of that.   It was 88 in downtown Kalamazoo and in Midland.  Here’s a list of regional high temperatures from SW Michigan, E Michigan, N. Michigan and the central and western U.P.   It was 84 today in Munising (warmer than any place in Hawaii) and 81 in Marquette.  It was even 80 in Timmons, Ontario.   The month is now 17.2 degrees warmer than average (warmer than an average April!)  One more warm day today (low-mid 80s, cooler near Lake Michigan), then rain moves in.  We do have a chance of a shower today, but a better chance of rain tonight.   Temperatures will be back to a high of 70 on Friday and low-mid 60s over the weekend, still well above normal. Picture 1 is the Holland Pier (look at all the people, boats, jet skis!) by Tom DeVette, then tulips in bloom from Cort Scholten (thanks for all the comments on the blog) and finally daffodils by Sue DeVos – pictures from my facebook page.  The 83-degree reading in G.R. on Tuesday made March 20, 2012 the warmest day EVER in March in G.R. (eclipsed on Weds.)  Kalamazoo reached 84, and the Michigan Regional Airport in Holland peaked at 85.   Traverse City soared to 86 (they get a couple degrees of downslope warning with a south wind) and they were 10 degrees warmer than Brownsville TX.  Traverse City was 34 degrees warmer than Chihuahua, Mexico, where the high was only 52 (average for them is 79).  On the warm side:  80 Burlington VT, 81 Concord NH.  It was 79 way up at Kapuskasing and Timmons, Ontario. Tucson AZ held in the 50s for the 2nd day in a row.  Marfa TX reached a high of only 50.  10″ of snow fell in the mountains around Taos and Santa Fe NM.  Rainfall:  6.17 Waco TX, 5.43″ Fort Hood, 4.49″ Dallas, 4.04″ Fort Worth, 3.13″ Tyler, 3.66 Joplin MO, 2.84 Fort Smith AR.  Here’s SPC’s severe weather outlooks.  The Canadian NAEFS model keeps us warmer than average into early April.   Here’s CPC’s 8-14 day outlook shifting the core of the warmth west into the Plains – I’d agree with that.  For anyone who gets Weatherbell Premium, check out Joe D’Aleo’s article on the recent Coronal Mass Ejection, warming in the upper atmosphere and the build-up of the heat ridge over North America.  He ties in the recent strong earthquakes in Japan and Mexico and shows the past (coincidence or not) solar activity with earthquakes and heat ridges.  There was a major solar storm before the 2004 Indonesia e-quake and Indian Ocean Tsunami.  This is speculation and not fact, but interesting nonetheless.     Here’s a surface map (temperature in the upper left of each station plot).

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  1. Vincent(N.E.Kent CO) says:

    Still nice and toasty at 64.2° and a clear night out. Perfect.

    1. Kevin says:

      And no bugs!! That makes it perfectly perfect! ;D A skygazer’s dream…

  2. Lisa (Caledonia) says:

    Last year at this time we were “enjoying” cold rain and sleet…

  3. Swatz_Zoo(Cedar Springs) says:

    I wonder when the severe weather is coming with this warm weather we’ve been having and then to have to change to cool/cold, should be interesting but I’m loving this weather for sure! I could live these temps year round.

  4. SlimJim NW GR (1) says:

    I know if we lived out west we would be talking a different story but there has been some indications that when we are in the sun spot maximum the temps run higher and when we are in the minimum the temps run cooler. Anyway yesterday at this time I was in the low 60′s today its a little cooler here at my place and is now 58°

  5. Brad (Lawrence) says:

    Were breaking records here that could stand for a very long time Bill.

  6. Barry in Zeeland says:

    Good grief, are we going to need a ozone action day today as well? I’m thinking it will hit 90 here today.

    1. Travis (Oxford, MI) says:

      Ozone action day in March? Now that would be something! We sure have to be close today.

    2. fixxxer says:

      Low-mid 80s at best.

    3. Laker says:

      Not humid enough.

  7. Paul says:

    This weather is crazy…I had my four boys at Grand Haven State Park and they were playing in the water and had a great time.

  8. Travis (Oxford, MI) says:

    Global Temp Anomaly map. Have never seen it that warm in the south pole before. Other than that, the warmest air in the world (relative to average) is smack dab on top of us.


  9. INDY says:

    Going for a high 0f hot 92* out at the YARDofBRICKS today.. Summer just keeps rolling and rolling maybe we had our severe weather for the season no storms coming around West Michigan … Enojoy the heat wave in March u all….INDYY

    1. Stephen says:

      Going for 84 in Muskegon today Indy!

      1. Tam says:

        What are the record highs for lows these days?

        1. KCEGR says:

          I like Intellicast.com…move your arrow over Local on the home page, and down at the bottom of that menu is Historic Averages. Best one I have been able to find.

  10. JB says:

    i am really getting worried about all of my plants in my yard.
    grapes,wisteria,plum,hell even my onions and shallots are going whole hog.
    everything is budding and leafing out and i know we are going to get hit when this heat wave ends.

    all of the fruit and berry farmers are going to get wiped out that is almost certain.

    1. JB says:

      one good thing, if we get the rain this weekend the morels are going to be in the pan! ;)

      1. GunLakeDeb says:

        Yeah – I was thinking about that, too!!! YUMMMM!!!

        And they’ll be long gone by the time the Mesick mushroom festival rolls around – just like Holland will be sponsoring the “Stem Parade” this May :-(

  11. Aaron says:


    Another question for you. At what point are the fruit buds safe from a frost? Is it possible if the weather stays good long enough that a frost in April wouldn’t be disastrous?

    1. Bernie (Da Original) says:

      If the fruit trees flower, get pollenated, and have the blossoms set the fruit could survive a later frost. Set fruit is less suspectible to frost damage than blossoms.
      The blossom stage is most critical.
      As tempting as it is I am not planting anything frost sensitive until Mothers Day.

      1. Aaron says:


        Thanks for the reply. I like you am worried that this is just a little too much warmth for too soon as far as plants are concerned. Here’s hoping that everything goes along as planned. :)

  12. fixxxer says:

    How “cool” are we suppose to get? Even 60 will be cold compared to what we have had.

    1. Stephen says:

      For sure 60′s fix maybe even 50′s but another warm up after that.

      1. fixxxer says:

        yeah, this is why i wish it were may not march still.

  13. bob says:

    I would be cold. It has been nice outside.

  14. Cort S. (Holland) says:

    I am going to miss Tulip Time again this year, but oddly I will not miss a few of the tulips. There are a few tulip beds downtown which have a few tulips blooming already. Red ones, orange ones, yellow ones. They are on the north side of 8th St, where they get more sun. Sorry about they upcoming stem fest.

    1. Travis (Oxford, MI) says:

      I was in Holland once during Tulip Festival. It was nice, but I never saw so many old people in my life! haha

      1. Imthemom (just n holland) says:

        Travis, I used to call exacerbation of congestive heart failure “Tulip Time Disease” because seniors coming into town wouldn’t want to take their water pills while on a trip. After about 3 days of that they would end up in Holland Hospital. Bottom line take your water pills regardless.

        1. GunLakeDeb says:

          I’m sorry – but that was (darkly) hilarious!!!

        2. cathy venne says:

          LAUGH OUT LOUD! you are all so funny!!!… let’s all get off our high horses and try to name a few other things that bring some decent money into this state. paddling around does not come to mind…

    2. Brad says:

      Tulips in flower? This is just crazy. A decade ago, this would have been considered a once in a lifetime (really, a once in several lifetimes) event. With our current understanding of climate change, we know we’re operating on a new baseline. I feel sorry for people worldwide who are dealing with “100-year” or “500-year” or even “biblical” floods over the past few crazy years. They’re only going to become more frequent and greater in extent.

    3. Imthemom (just n holland) says:

      Cort, welcome back to Holland (?). Just curious why you spend time in NH. I saw tulips out on River between 9th and 10th. Also saw one of those small white ” butterfies” out today.

  15. Laker says:

    Has anyone been out for morel mushrooms yet? I’m tempted to go this weekend once we get some rain – they could really take off in some sunny areas.

    1. GunLakeDeb says:

      Ironically, I’m headed to my favorite mushroom spot this weekend – I post if I find any. Of course I’m not telling WHERE :-)

  16. INDY says:

    Getting hot out 83* out at the YARDofBRICKS.. On our way to 90* NO PROBLEM!! INDYY…

  17. fixxxer says:

    I cannot believe im seeing ladybugs out already!

    1. Matt says:

      Ive been seeing ladybugs off and on most of the winter here in Battle Creek…my house is surrounded by woods and Ive never seen so many ladybugs congregate in one area as they do around my house!

    2. Brad says:

      It’s pretty much summer. I see the 50-degree readings that were in the eight-day forecast are now replaced by 60s and 70s…this is unparalleled!

      1. DF (SE Mich) says:

        You are going to run out of synonyms soon.

        1. Brad says:

          Mike just deflated my game with the inimitable Wallace Shawn!

        1. Brad says:

          Damn- I’m kicking myself for not thinking of that :-) .

      2. Barry in Zeeland says:

        Yeah, I noticed that to. I was kind of looking forward to the 50′s so I can split some wood for next winter, but man, it’s just way to hot to being working with that now. Even Thurs they now have in the mid 80′s which 2 days ago I thought they had 60′s. Taking the seadoo out on the big lake today for the SECOND time in March already, just nuts. But really, it almost seems like it should be later in the year because the past 3 months of winter has pretty much felt like spring, so now we are having summer. That would mean fall will start around mid June, about the time we go on vacation up north.

        1. DF (SE Mich) says:

          Some 50′s highs still forecasted on Detroit NWS page.

        2. Brad says:

          This weather affects my work big-time. If this ridge builds in July or August my productivity will be inconceivably low!

        3. Mike M. says:

          I just want to see April.


          That’s why I’m so cranky. :)

        4. Brad says:

          That looks unpleasant…but I imagine the alternative is even less pleasant, so hang in there!

    3. SS (Pwell Area) says:

      Did they ever go away?!?!?

  18. Mike M. says:

    Tornado warning in New Orleans.

    1. GunLakeDeb says:

      I’ll assume that no extra posts means nothing came of it?? That my daughter is still flying home tonight….LOL!! Bet she never goes back to N.O. after 3 straight days of torrential rain/storms/etc

      1. Linda ((Rockford)) says:

        Hope she makes it home OK

  19. INDY says:

    Up 2 87* out thee YARDofBRICKS IT’S HOT OUT!!! INDYY

  20. Ryan (Plainfield Twp.) says:

    I have 90.1 degrees on my thermometer! The high occurred moments ago at 90.3, and I can’t rule out adding a few degrees to that. Again, I think my thermometer has been running 2-4 degrees high because of its proximity to the heat from inside my place, but to even be talking about 90 degrees on March 21st is remarkable.

  21. Mike (Mattawan) says:

    WOW… I HAVE A READING of 90.8 RIGHT NOW ON ONE OF MY THERMOMETERS.. that has GOT to be a new record… another thermometer says 90.6 and one just says “90″.

    1. Mike (Mattawan) says:

      wait… jumped to 91

      1. Ryan (Plainfield Twp.) says:

        91.9 about 10 minutes ago!

  22. fixxxer says:

    You can see the rain out west just hitting a wall right now. Just unbelievable how hot it is for march. Our maintenance guy was even tempted to shut our heat off already but decided fo wait until may just in case. Wheres your spring outlook bill?

    1. Stephen (North Muskegon) says:

      I thought he only did a Summer and a Winter outlook Fixxer.

  23. Paul says:

    Wound’t be funny this time next week we have a snowstorm!

    1. LM (GH twp) says:

      Nope. Not funny at all! lol!

    2. fixxxer says:

      It “could” happen but i doubt it.

      Soo…bill…is this the warmest we will get this year including summer? My dad at 67 says he cannot even remember a march this warm.

  24. SS (Pwell Area) says:

    Car said 88 – 89!!!

  25. Jordan (Twin Lake) says:

    90.5 here in Twin Lake WOW!

    1. Stephen (North Muskegon) says:

      86 here in North Muskegon. A tad cooler being closer to the lake.

  26. Marshall (morrison lake) says:

    My car was sitting in the sun in my drive way before i left for work in Eaton Rapids, and my car tempature when i turned it on said 93, it dropped to 88 on my hour drive in.

    1. bruiseviolet (rockford) says:

      Mine was at 95 and then while driving it went down to a whopping 90. LOL

  27. SlimJim NW GR (1) says:

    A warm and sunny 88° here at my house. Of course that along with the ones who are reporting 90+ are all unofficial. So far the official new record for March at GR is the 86° being reported at the airport. But everyone enjoy its not too often one can live a historical event of this magnitude!!

  28. Stephen (North Muskegon) says:

    Stupid question but I am going to ask it anyways:
    Why don’t we measure Temperatures in the sun for our measurements? It would make more sense because when people are outside they are most likely out in the sun and not under the shade.

  29. Barry in Zeeland says:

    Not suggesting anything here, but kind of funny:


    Hit 90 here about a half hour ago. Yes, it’s not official, but with this many people reporting 90 I’m thinking the weather stations may be the ones that are off by a few degrees? Or someone poured a cool mcfrappe over the thermometer? Man it’s hot. Not prepared to work in this where it gets over 100 indoors by us.

    1. Mike M. says:

      Finally, the opposite of the Gore Effect…


    2. DF (SE Mich) says:

      An official weather station is much different a house thermometer. I know the lady who has the official Ann Arbor one in her back yard… not your average thermometer and is quite a structure. The NWS put it there based on official guidelines.

      1. SlimJim NW GR (1) says:

        Location, location and of course wind speed and direction a lot can effect the temperature readings on very hot and very cold days (or nights) there can be a several degree difference in a matter of a few feet. Right now I an down to 86° I may be getting a little bit of a wind from lake Michigan!!!

  30. Mr. Negative says:

    Such a nice March day. Love this whole global warming thing! We should have done this decades ago. Mowing the backyard in March…priceless!

    1. fixxxer says:


    2. Soccer6713 says:


  31. fixxxer says:

    The weather gurus have to be pulling their hair out over this lmao!

  32. Jordan (Twin Lake) says:

    Looks like after next tuesday we will be getting back into colder weather for a while get ready:(

    1. Stephen (North Muskegon) says:



    2. fixxxer says:

      Not super cold but sadly yes we know..tis march afterall!

  33. Check out the cut off low on the 1km visible satellite, awesome looking: http://on.fb.me/GIFOum

  34. Jeff B.(Gowen) says:

    What the heck, the sun is shinning and it’s raining.

  35. fixxxer says:

    Running fans and a/c now and probably turning the heat back on next week lol…crap!

  36. Swatz_Zoo(Cedar Springs) says:

    Just heard boom booms up here!! Nice little cell popped up http://www.wunderground.com/radar/mixedcomposite.asp?region=a4&size=2x&type=loop

    1. Swatz_Zoo(Cedar Springs) says:

      And of course Charles is probably having fun with this since he made a marvelous move to a place that gets storms. ;-)

  37. Jeff B.(Gowen) says:

    Heavy rain and vivid lightning. Not only that, but our temp. just dropped 11 degrees.

  38. fixxxer says:

    I can see the thunderhead just north of me.

  39. Thunderstorm, I was all over it. I have videos of lightning and images of clouds. Blog to come later I will link it all here.

    1. Jeff B.(Gowen) says:

      Look forward to it.

    2. Swatz_Zoo(Cedar Springs) says:

      Figured you would be! I took a shot with my camera but not real impressed like that thunderhead I took at Morley coming in. I’m jealous I’m going to have to come to Greenville Charles to track with you and watch it come in.

      1. You’re more than welcome to join me in the field. :)

        1. Swatz_Zoo(Cedar Springs) says:

          WOOOO HOOOOO, if it’s a day my boys are in school and you text me I’m all for it! I need to learn. Text me if you ever go up to the hill to view a storm coming in and I’ll meet you there if I’m able.

        2. fixxxer says:

          Well first we need storms to chase. ;)

  40. Jeff B.(Gowen) says:

    If you look to the northeast you can see a pretty nice rainbow.

  41. Jeff B.(Gowen) says:

    Hope you got good images of that rainbow Charles. It’s now fading away.

    1. Missed the rainbow unfortunately, came back to the laptop to save radar images and begin work on my blog entry and editing of footage.

  42. Swatz_Zoo(Cedar Springs) says:

    Getting little pop corn fart T-Storms popping up and heading north at the Indiana/Mi boarder, will they make it here…….that is the question and the answer probably is no, but you never can tell! It’s weird weather where anything is possible.

  43. Kevin (Marshall) says:

    Are we still supposed to potentially get up to 3″ of rain from the cutoff low?

    1. RJ (Rockford) says:

      No Chance!

  44. fixxxer says:

    #1 are we done with snow?

    #2 is this mini march heatwave warmer than we will get this summer?

    Im pondering both!

  45. Paul says:

    Just got back from Grand Haven State Park with 4 boys swimming in Lake Michigan.
    In my 42 years living in Michigan i can never remember swimming in March.

    1. fixxxer says:

      Well were about to get a dose of reality soon. The ice cream shops might regret opening up as early as they did lol…hope im wrong though!

      1. Stephen (North Muskegon) says:

        I think they made a good choice fixx. Made good money last weekend this week and this weekend. They can always shut down for a few weeks no big deal.

        1. Paul says:

          Low to mid 60 is just fine with me…
          Truly thinking mother nature saying it going to be a hot summer.

      2. Scott (west olive) says:

        I’ll help them out in these tough cold times. :)

        1. Scott (west olive) says:

          btw, best time to get a large twist cone dipped in chocolate when it’s cold, doesn’t make a mess all over. either do the kids, spongebob, spiderman and dora popsicles. lol

        2. fixxxer says:

          Well paul we shall see. Still waiting on bills spring/summer outlook.

      3. RJ (Rockford) says:

        Winter is over. Very little cold air is in our future and what little cold air does show up, it will be short lived. Enjoy the SUN and WARM temperatures because we will be seeing a lot more of this!!! Keep it coming. I have been getting a lot of golf in over the last 2 weeks. This is unprecedented!!!!!!!!

        1. fixxxer says:

          Lol.. ;)

          Ive taught you well young jedi

    2. bruiseviolet (rockford) says:

      I can remember swimming in our Pool on Easter one year. Believe it was 86? 1987? or possibly ’88.

    3. LM (GH twp) says:

      I was on the pier tonight &saw a bunch of people in the water. There were even a bunch of boys jumping off the pier.

      1. Matt (Spring Lake) says:

        Wow, only a couple days in and we already have the teenagers who think they’re cool making stupid decisions…I’ve seen them jump off of the pier and it’s not safe at all! Every summer somebody gets hurt there.. :(

  46. Jeff B.(Gowen) says:

    BBRR. Water is cold. You guys belong to a polar bear club? HaHa

  47. DF (SE Mich) says:

    Only 83 for the high in Detroit… Westside wins.

    1. fixxxer says:

      Id say 83 for march is pretty darn good. We could have snow on the ground.

  48. Brian(Grandville) says:

    Found about a dozen black morels in the woods today, need some rain and the temp’s to come down to really get them going.

  49. Jordan (Twin Lake) says:

    Nice cell out in Lake Michigan heading for me is that going to hit Muskegon county???

    1. Stephen (North Muskegon) says:

      Looks like it Jordan heading straight towards us.

  50. All done. Here’s the video and photos. There’s one especially cool shot of lightning in there: http://charlesimages-stormedia.com/surprise-lake-breeze-t-shower/

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