Dallas Tornadoes

April 3rd, 2012 at 2:53 pm by under Bill's Blog, Weather

  SPC says 18 tornadoes touched down today in NE Texas, DFW NWS says it’ll probably end up as 8-14 separate tornadoes.  Check out the video of baseball-sized hail hitting a swimming pool.  Incredible video from tornadoes in the Dallas, Texas area.  Truck trailers picked up +300 feet off the ground and we have video.   Just at the Schneider truck stop, they report +50 trucks were destroyed or severely damaged.   The tornado crossed the Interstate.    7 injuries confirmed at Forney (heavy damage at Crosby Elementary School), Kennedale and at Cleburne (severe home damage) and 7 injuries (one critical) in Arlington, where 150 homes were damaged.  Some of the best pictures here.  Damage at Lancaster (SE of Dallas) with 73 homes damaged (22 severely damaged.  Lancaster has been declared a disaster area.   Tornado video and pictures here.  Here’s Dallas radarLive Coverage.  Tornado pictures here and here.  Video here and here.   Storm time line.  Damage reported at Six Flags.  In the Stage Coach area of Dallas, 7 homes were destroyed and another 54 damaged.  DFW airport closed, 1.75″ hail falling now at the airport.  Code Black at Parkland Hospital.  Funnel cloud passed over the Texas Rangers Stadium (I saw a game there about 6 years ago.  Dallas severe reports.  Nearly 30,000 without power and the Red Cross has opened a disaster relief center.  Baseball-sized hail and wind damage reported.    Here’s SPC storm reports.

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  1. Stephen (North Muskegon) says:


    1. Swatz_Zoo(Cedar Springs) says:

      Been watching it, this is something you would see in a movie!! I just hope the white car that got flattened by that trailer no one was in it when it came falling from the sky. UNREAL!!

  2. fixxxer says:

    hmmm… wheres our severe weather?

    1. Stephen (North Muskegon) says:

      In June/July its waiting.

      1. Swatz_Zoo(Cedar Springs) says:

        I don’t recall any severe weather being forcasted for today. I’m watching the radar closely to see where this ends up and what new storms are developing W of Clarksdale, MS and hoping nothing like what TX is getting.

        1. Stephen (North Muskegon) says:

          I wouldn’t be worried Swatz the ingredients there are NOTHING like what they are by Dallas right now.

        2. Swatz_Zoo(Cedar Springs) says:

          My son has been texting me and telling me the storms there are bad, and to call him if there is a tornado, I told him he’d know before I would! He isn’t use to storms down there, he only knows Michigan storms, so this is all new to him.

    2. Cort S. (Plymouth, NH) says:

      All the severe weather that has happened in Michigan so far in 2012…


      Heck of a lot more than where we were last year at this time.

  3. DF (SE Mich) says:

    There are a bunch of chasers on the tornado with video!

  4. Cassie - Kentwood says:

    Im watching them now on radar. I am at work and can not stream video but the radar looks like they are pretty strong tornadoes!!! TAKE COVER if you are in the North Dallas area!!

  5. Cort S. (Plymouth, NH) says:

    Hey pilots… this happened at Dallas/Ft Worth International…

    KDFW 031916Z COR 30012G30KT 250V340 1 1/4SM R17C/1200V5000FT +TSGRRA BR FEW004 OVC023CB 19/19 A2978 RMK AO2 PK WND 28030/1914 WSHFT 1902 GRB1856 FRQ LTCICCG OHD TS ALQDS MOV NE GR 1 3/4 P0063

    1.75 inch hail at the airport. Gust to 30 knots.

  6. hurricane hunter says:

    I’ve been watching MSNBC and the Weather Channel both have some amazing footage. One of the people they have on MSNBC has a mother, brother, and other family members that live in that area and they are texting her things that are happening. I feel bad for those people, we went to north Texas alot when I was a kid.

    1. Stephen (North Muskegon) says:

      I really hate seeing you comment on the blog. You drag every storm chaser down and you even called out charles at one point for his videos. Also, Your website sucks.

      1. DF (SE Mich) says:

        He has always only been here for self promotion.

        1. Stephen (North Muskegon) says:

          He is a piece of trash. He thinks he is greater then any storm chaser that ever lived.

      2. Kimoeagle says:

        Who are you referring to??

  7. Brad says:

    “Truck trailers picked up +200 feet off the ground and we have video.”

    LOL…is this Inside Edition or Extra!?

    1. fixxxer says:

      slow news day as this made yahoo’s front page.

      1. Cort S. (Plymouth, NH) says:

        Probably a normal news day, but I don’t think you understand the magnitude of the situation for America’s 8th largest metro area.

    2. Brian(Grandville) says:

      I saw that video, it was jaw dropping.

  8. INDY says:

    Again RJ great call on the warm temps for spring break from out in the sunny side of things teemp 64* out at the YARDofBRICKS back to more fun and sun ahhhhhhh …..INDYY!!!

    1. fixxxer says:

      indy rj was wrong as can be, did you see the possible snow and cold for next week?

      1. Swatz_Zoo(Cedar Springs) says:

        As you always say the long range crap is junk! I don’t buy it until the day before or day of any more.

      2. RJ (Rockford) says:

        fixxxer I said there would be plenty of sun and above average temps for Spring break week and guess what it is happening!! I have not made any predictions for next week, however stay tuned! Rock n Roll GR!

    2. DF (SE Mich) says:

      Alias or not RJ was correct… 70.2 out here.

  9. beth v says:

    My son is on a Naval Base in Ft.Worth and NOT returning my calls!

    1. Swatz_Zoo(Cedar Springs) says:

      Any word from your son yet?

  10. Jill c. says:

    Son and daughter-in-law’s cell phone can receive but can’t call or text out. They are posting their status, what they’re seeing and hearing to Facebook. Kind of hard being 1200 miles away from them with this much storm action down there. :(

    1. GunLakeDeb says:

      Hey – they can post; and that would be an answer to every parent’s prayers!! Crossing my fingers for my cousin who lives in Arlington…..

  11. Nathan (GR) says:


    1. Nathan (GR) says:

      Uh ohhhh

    2. Cort S. (Plymouth, NH) says:

      I think Plano threaded the needle right in between two supercells (the Ft. Worth supercell and the Dallas supercell). But they have a round of storms coming through soon with heavy rain, lightning, and possible hail and winds.

    3. Cort S. (Plymouth, NH) says:

      Nathan… I took this radar picture from 3:40 Eastern Time.
      It looks like there was rotation on radar going over the far west side of Plano.

      1. Nathan (GR) says:

        I hope they don’t live on the west side

        1. Cort S. (Plymouth, NH) says:

          It might not have been touching down at that point. I don’t know. But they say the worst damage is in Arlington (east of Ft. Worth), and Lancaster (south of Dallas). The last round of storms is moving through Plano right now with maybe hail and winds, and they should be in the clear very shortly.

  12. Martin (Marquette) says:

    WOW I am glad I decided to go to Florida instead of Dallas I was going to go to Dallas then decided to go to Florida but also praying for those in Dallas

  13. Richard says:

    I am from GR living in TX now, this kinda reminds me of the 57 tornado in GR. I live little north of Dallas/FortWorth…little town called Rhome, all we got was rail, lucky us…………Yall be careful up there

  14. Richard says:

    aaaaaaaaaaa RAIN sorry

  15. lade_trucker says:

    Just talked to my trucker friend who is in Oklahoma near Ardmore he’s got a load going to Houston he’s shutting down said the flying J in Dallas got hit hard “trucks everywhere overturned”

    1. GunLakeDeb says:

      The video they’re showing of semi trailers flying through the air looks like a Schneider depot…lots of orange vans…..

    2. Bill Steffen says:

      I read that there are over 50 trucks at the Schneider lot that were destroyed or heavily damaged.

  16. Mike (Mattawan) says:

    WOW…. my dad just flew back from dallas a couple days ago to spend this week with us in michigan… good thing too!

  17. Meagan says:

    Wow… I would love to see a major storm like that… but from a very, very, very far distance…
    Praying for the people in northern Texas area!! Crazy wicked weather!!!!

  18. Jill c. says:

    Younger son says he heard reports of grapefruit-sized hail but hasn’t seen any yet, just rain. Daughter-in-law shares, after coming out of the hall closet with the kids: “I can’t tell if the sirens are still going off or if I just have the ringing in my ear. Wow, that was crazy, and still is in some parts of DFW. Praying for friends all over the Metroplex today… didn’t seem to matter where you were, you probably felt this.”

  19. INDY says:

    Hey RJ fixxer needs to learn how to read what school has 2 weeks of spring break off yea looks cool NEXT week not ahhh this week only in that pea size fixxer brain of his!! 67* out at the YARDofBRICKS!!! Enjoy this nice weather u all!! INDYY

    1. RJ (Rockford) says:

      We are having a FANTASTIC Spring Break week. Enjoy people!!!!

  20. Swatz_Zoo(Cedar Springs) says:

    I’ve been watching radar and having a hard time determining if my son will see any of these severe storms. A Lot is moving up his way but I can’t tell if the cells in Dallas are shifting more E then N. I guess I just keep on tracking to see what happens. I told him this is why I’ve tried to encourage him to go to Skywarn with me and his brother so that he is aware of the sky changing and what to look for.

    1. INDY says:

      Swatzze them storms in Texas are spinning around a low sunset will kill them off !!! We have to keep a watch for Sunday afternoon in Michigan BIG cold front coming untill then my friend lots of sun blind and 60′s rest of RJ week!!! INDYY

    2. Stephen (North Muskegon) says:

      The way they are moving is east South East.

    3. boman says:

      Hes a big boy swatz. He can handle it

  21. Amy Thomas says:

    Sure glad we don’t have it here, once in my lifetime is enough, bet they could taste it in the air down there like we did when it hit here in 1956.

  22. RJ (Rockford) says:

    Ye baby, enjoy the abundant sunshine the next FOUR days!!! GREAT SPRING BREAK!!!

  23. Brad says:

    I’m seeing 30s for highs next week :-) .

  24. INDY says:

    RJ great call on weather this week feels good to be right been there before! I hope your outside to enjoy your RJ of a FORCAST!! INDYY

  25. Jordan (Twin Lake) says:

    So are we supposed to get snow next week? I hope not

    1. INDY says:

      Nope 2 warm!! …Short cool down mid 40′s back to 60′s and 70′s end of the next week!!! INDYY

  26. Swatz_Zoo(Cedar Springs) says:

    WOW this line looks to be heading towards Mississippi, yes I know he’s a big boy but he’s on the phone with me and he said there is no tornado sirens that they just have to depend on TV, no basement no storm shelter. So we shall see what happens. He’s asking me to keep track of storms for him. http://www.accuweather.com/en/us/southeast/weather-radar?play=true

    1. Swatz_Zoo(Cedar Springs) says:

      Yup I think I can start getting concerned, I haven’t shared my concerns with my son just told him to be alert that more storms were on their way. But yeah, I listened to their forecast down there and even without the sun they are still intensifying. So I am a bit nervous and yes I know he’s a big boy and can handle it but he’s never been this far from home and he listens to me and trusts what i have to say about the weather. He’s the one who asked me to check radar and keep him informed because he to is a bit nervous knowing there is no basement, no storm cellar and no tornado sirens in the city of Clarksdale. http://www.wunderground.com/wundermap/?lat=34.23731995&lon=-90.60743713&zoom=8&pin=Clarksdale%2c%20MS&type=hyb&rad=1&wxsn=0&svr=0&cams=0&sat=0&riv=0&mm=0&hur=0

    1. cathy venne says:

      Won’t click on it… Got a ‘Virus Alert’ from one of your previous links.

      1. DF (SE Mich) says:

        Just ignore him…

      2. Yup (Grandville) says:

        It’s a safe site.

        1. cathy venne says:

          Still will not click.

    2. Stephen (North Muskegon) says:

      If there was one person i wish bill would ban it would be you.

      1. cathy venne says:


  27. Bernie (Da Original) says:

    It’s a month early but the Trilliums are blooming. I was suprised to see them today checking the mushroom patch.

    By time May gets here the May flowers will be gone!

  28. Swatz_Zoo(Cedar Springs) says:

    YAY storms are weakening down in Mississippi! My son said if there is a tornado he’ll put his hands over his head and stick his butt in the air! ROFLMAO!! He’s a goof now I can go to bed more at ease.

    1. Todd A (from Holland but in GR) says:

      Great Twister reference! Hope he stays safe Swatz.

  29. Ann-Marie Meyers says:

    Hi, Bill,
    I am a survivor of the Kalamazoo tornado. I was in the ISB building, and was smart enough to head for the basement when the warning went off. Apparently, I am now looked at as an expert down here in the Dallas area, if you can believe that! People keep asking me the stupidest questions, all a variation on the tune of, “How much time after you see a twister heading for your building do you have to get to shelter?”
    Of course, I tell them, “None. If you see it, it’s too late. Head for your safe area when the warning goes off.”
    Nobody is prepared down here. I can’t believe it. We are just plain lucky there were no fatalities.
    My particular area of Dallas/Fort Worth did not get anything but thunder storms, but I spent plenty of time on Facebook, admonishing friends and relatives to get OFF Facebook, stop bragging about how they could see two tornadoes, and get the heck into the stairwells.
    I am seriously thinking of putting together a tornado safety program. These Texas sure need it.
    A glad survivor,
    Ann-Marie Meyers

    1. Bill Steffen says:

      Thanks so much for the comment Ann-Marie. I remember the Kalamazoo Tornado well. I got to work before 4 AM and stayed in the afternoon with the severe weather threat. We quickly got a helicopter up in the air to get video for the news. Bronson Park is different today, 32 years later you can notice the reduced number of trees in Bronson Park.

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