Meteor – if you saw it let us know with a comment

April 11th, 2012 at 9:30 pm by under Bill's Blog, Weather

    Meteor (shooting star) visible across West Michigan and five other states.  If you saw it…leave a comment and give us a time, what you saw and which direction you were looking. So far, reports have come in from Libertyville, Hinckley, Canton, Deerfield (my brother lives in Deerfield), Naperville, Springfield, Lombard, Elgin, Cary, Lake Zurich, Plainfield, Skokie, Moline, Crystal Lake, Harvey, Palatine, Glenview, Chicago, Compton, Frankfort,  Pecatonica, Romeoville, Rockford, Bloomington and Ottawa, Illinois – Racine, Neshkoro, Weston, McFarland and Pleasant Prairie, and Madison, Wisconsin…Des Moines, Iowa City, Mt. Vernon and Cherokee, Iowa and Moberly, Missouri – also, Lowell, Indiana all giving times of 9:20 to 9:25 PM EDT. Here in Michigan reports have come in from Kalamazoo, Alpine Twp., Wyoming, Comstock Park, Robinson Twp., Holland, Centreville, Muskegon, Charlotte, Cutlerville, S. Haven, Hudsonville, Three Rivers, Lake Odessa, Hastings, Bellevue, Middleville, Grand Battle Creek W. Olive, Standale, White Cloud, Kentwood and Jenison.  Camera spotted on our west-facing webcam – Space Science & Engineering Center, Madison, WI: … skip ahead to 20:21:24.  It’s also up on YouTube.  The meteor traveled well west of Madison, because the camera is looking west.  There have been no reports of fragments reaching the ground at this point.   Here’s the cameras at the Space Science Center at the Univ. of Wisconsin.  BTW, there’s a nice flyover of the Intl. Space Station this Thurs. night at 9:01 PM EDT.  (pic. is meteor from several years ago in Utah)

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    1. JoAnn says:

      My husband and I were traveling West on interstate 80/94 in Northwest Indiana. A huge green glowing ball of light with a tail was coming down at an angle heading north east. It was traveling slow enough to follow it with your eyes. It was very close and went down into the tree line.

      1. JoAnn says:

        In regard to previous comment : I saw this green light on 4/11/12 at 8:20 PM.

    2. Kathryn Williams says:

      My son and I were just getting home to Ontario, WI around 8:20 last Wed. night, when we saw the meteor. We were going southbound on 131 coming from Tomah, WI, which is 30 miles north of here. All of a sudden my eyes were drawn to a bright ball of light which seemed to be directly above and in front of me. It moved fairly slow and diminished into a rainbow trail. It was Amazing and I am so Excited that I saw a you tube video of it in Madison, to confirm it!

    3. Johanna says:

      I saw a falling star 09/03/12 10:15pm here in California Chula Vista CA 91910 . I was riding my bike home , when i seen something so bright pass by the sky but so close I
      Saw it clearly but very bright . I thought a lot of things wus just going to fall here on earth i was so shocked i never seen something like this i ws so scared i rode my bike faster -___- it was so beautiful but scafy i thought it was going to make a loud noise or destrot a home but nothing , the night was so calm . I can say i was lucky to see this so close like 15 feet away . It was falling zo slow though the only colors i saw was a ball in fire but white with a tail with bluish purple white. My parents thought i was in drugs but sadly no one cared of what i seen.

  1. Steve says:

    I was on the bike path from davenport to bettendorf and saw it around 8:20 ish

  2. Jeanne says:

    I saw the comet. It was around 8:30 . I live in Palatine. My eyes were drawn northeast and I saw a fiery ball for only 5 sec before it seemed as it went down below the rooftops. I thought it was a firework that blew up and I waited to hear sirens but there were none.

  3. Kay Daley says:

    I ran across the street to mail a letter,and was surprised to see the bright light zooming across the night sky. I live in Union Grove,WI and I think it was a little after 8:00 PM. It was so cool! The light quickly disappeared over the horizon. I’m glad I chose that moment to drop off my mail. It was Wednesday, April 11,2012.

  4. Jeanne says:

    It was funny we decided we didn’t want a couch and we put it outside, at the end of out short driveway. My fiancée thought it would be fun to enjoy the couch and get quilts and enjoy the night sky, while he read poetry and I drank a smudge of limo cella.i saw the fiery ball over Palatine I am horrible with directions but I only saw it for a very few seconds. I thought it was the limo cella. I told him I thought a dud firework or something went down. It was beautiful. I was bugged because he was so motivated to move couch on wednesday and garbage isn’t until Monday. When we woke. Up next morning the couch was gone. I am so grateful for the experience.

    1. Kimoeagle says:

      Maybe the aliens picked up your couch, Jeanne! ;-)

  5. April says:

    Hudsonville, MI around 9:20PM on 4/11/12 We were facing West and saw the meteor traveling northward.

  6. Jack Whitney says:

    Driving south on Edens at Glencoe-Northfield border 2130-2145 and it was bright as Venus almost parallel to the highway headed straight over Chicago !!!

  7. Bill Stowers says:

    I was looking west when I saw a white flash with streaks of green go past the 20 feet of glass in my living room. It looked like it landed in the field beyond my neighbors house. I live in Eagle Point Merrimac, out near Lake WI.

  8. Jennifer says:

    I saw it while travelling west on M-222 near Allegan, MI. Spectacular!

  9. Barry says:

    I was going west on Baldwin in Jenison/Hudsonville between 28th and 36th Ave, and saw the brightest “falling star” I’ve ever seen. Time was about 9:25. It was large, mostly white, and moving from south to north and downward. It looked so close I thought it was going to land somewhere near my home on 36th ave. The large ball had long “tails” streaming backward on both top and bottom. It flashed out just before it “hit” the ground. Amazing that it could be seen in so many states. The heavens declare the glory of God…

  10. Ron Armagost says:

    Had just gotten out of my car and was walking towards the entrance to WalMart (Riverside Blvd & Central in Rockford, Illinois) when I looked West and saw this big white phospherous (sp) ball streak thru the sky towards the northwest. It dropped some burning material as it streaked along. Amazed at the size and brightness of the meteor. Time was in the 8:20 to 8:25 PM area.

  11. Pam Clifford says:

    Saw a green light ball last night around 8:25 or so in Plattsburg, MO looking northeast.

  12. Luke Francis says:

    Facing due east. Fireball started going south to north for 4 seconds with a greenish glow. I would think that would mean copper such as from satellite debris. Visible in Grinell, Iowa.

  13. Mike says:

    I was driving due east. The fireball started at the east position and traveled from south to notherly direction for 3-4 seconds increasing in brightness until it disappeared. It’s luminosity was brighter then venus. It was visible from Des Moines, Iowa.

  14. Patti Depaola says:

    Orland Park, IL April 12, 2012 about 3:00AM a huge orange ball in the southeast sky.
    Morning news stated there was a big meteor seen streaking across the Chicago sky. I was thrilled to have finally witnessed my first “falling star.”
    The evening news clips showed a small green object quickly moving across the sky.
    It looked nothing like the orange ball I saw hanging low in the southeast sky.
    It looked like a rising moon but it was way too far south. It’s hard too say if it was bigger than the moon as the moon looks bigger at the horizon.
    One thing for sure it was somewhere between huge and gigantic.

  15. Nate says:

    Heading west on m-43 about 9:30 when I saw what I thought, at first, was a plane crashing. The trajectory was almost straight town, maybe 150 degrees. The perspective seemed to change, as if it was getting closer. Then it got very bright and disapeared. It appeared to be moving north. It seemed so close I thought it was landing near Gobles.

  16. J. Yonker says:

    I live in Holland, MI, 1-1/2 miles south of West MI Regional Airport. On April 11 at 9:10 pm or so I saw a meteorite streaking through the western sky about 30 degrees above the horizon. It was a greenish-redish ball of fire. Quite something to see.

  17. Shannon says:

    Yes I saw it! It was beautiful and stunning! I was driving/looking west on Lakewood Blvd in Holland, MI, it was approx 9:30pm when I saw what seemed like a very large shooting star however it had a very long ‘tail’ of yellow/orange/red. It was ‘shooting’ toward the north and was absolutely beautiful!

  18. Kimoeagle says:

    Star light, star bright,
    The first star I see tonight;
    I wish I may, I wish I might,
    Have the wish I wish tonight.

    Warmer weather, maybe?? :-)

  19. Scott Rambatt says:

    Was tracking my road mill on I-90 west outside of Rockford in Illinois. Had a nice clear view as it streaked across the sky. It burned a bright shade of green before it broke up and disintegrated. It was the largest and most colorful meteor I have seen. Very Awesome.

  20. momouska says:

    I live in Poplar Grove Ill. I thought I was seeing things. I have never seen anything like it before. I was looking East and it was going to the north. It looked just like the pictures you see of a star with a bright tail of light. Glad I was able to see it.

  21. Sharon says:

    I was southeast of Lowell, traveling west on Cascade Road. The meteor appeared at about the 11:00 location. Very bright. Then fell and disapeared directly west, straight in front of me. Left a green streak in the sky as it fell. Had a falling time of at least 5 seconds.

  22. Sandra & Gordon Ostrander says:

    At 8:07 on April 12, 2012, we observed a very bright light fast-moving from (southeast to northwest we think) – moving much too fast for a plane. Was that the space station flyover? Cannot find any information from the news.

    Glens Falls, New York
    April 12, 2012

  23. atreyu says:

    i was driving west on route 6 in portage indiana on april 11. i looked to the right and out of no where a very bright green light flashed across the sky then just disappeared. it was at 8:20. i thought i was going crazy but i had to look it up and found this.

  24. Vicky Ferguson says:

    I got out of work (near Byron Center and M-6) at 9:15, got on M-6 traveling west, and about 5 or so minutes later saw the meteor to the west. I was near M-6 and Wilson at that point, I think. The meteor appeared to travel at an angle downward, south to north and was visible for a at least 5 seconds (it was so bright I feared it might be a plane going down, but then the light disappeared).

  25. Billie Hadwin says:

    I was driving my niece & nephews home from church heading west on 44th street to Port Sheldon. It was around 9:20 or so when I looked up in the sky & noticed a green light. My first thought was that it was a plane but then I realized how low it was & that this green light had sort of an aura of green behind it until it completely disappeared. This is when my & my oldest nephew realized that it was a meteor–very cool!

  26. Creighton says:

    Skokie IL. driving home on main st. just past Crawford and before Keeler, it shot across the sky moving northwest. It was luminescent green with a orange core and also looked like it hade some purple in the tail. I didn’t see it go down, it was there for a couple seconds and gone, I had to blink twice and shake my head. Thought I was seeing things for a second. Totally caught me by surpise, I kept looking for it after went past. Then I waited outside for like an hour hoping to see another. Very cool looking. Glad I am not the only person that saw it. Seen shooting stars before but nothing like this. It was way bigger and colorful.

    1. Bill Steffen says:

      Thanks, Creighton – I grew up in Evanston and Wilmette…my father drove down Crawford to get to work for 33 years.

  27. michelle clair says:

    My husband and I were driving north on I65, between Greenwood and Indpls. At about 920pm we saw A green ball of light falling diagonally somewhere west of Indianapolis. It went fast into the tree lines. We thought it must have touched down somewhere. Glad to here others saw it too.

  28. KINO Vasquez says:

    i was outside smoking weed around 10 and i look north from grandrapids and i saw a big light just in one spot first i thought it was a UFO. then it slowly faded away then 10min later i saw the same light towards the east. Carzy stuff lol i swear it was a UFO

    1. teajay jefferies says:

      I said the same thing bout what I saw last night

  29. Addy says:

    Saw it while driving around Green Lake in Spicer, MN. Was very confused at first lol. At first glance we saw flashing light in a strobe fashion then saw the ball fly by. Was very fascinating!

  30. Chaos says:

    I didnt see anything but I am wondering why their is a glowing green hole in my backyard

  31. greg says:

    I was driving on north bound 55 around 8:50 -9:00 pm, i thought i was seeing things but it was a greenish light, it was bright then it went out then back again, coolest thing i have seen , just hars to explain

  32. Saji says:

    yesterday 9.30 p.m MST we saw a small orange fire ball with a tail like fireworks was an amazing experience for our whole family.

  33. morgan says:

    Was at our ranch in central Texas (goldthwaite) calling up some yotes. Saw what I thought at the time was a shooting star but was green. Thought I might have had a little to much to drink haha but check it out on the internet pretty cool stuff. Anyway guess it was luck baged to yotes about 30 min after we saw it.

  34. Lu says:

    I saw a beautiful close up of what seemed to be a colorful large shooting star’ it took my breath away. It was in Bellingham wa around 9:00. November 15 2012. I Was sitting on my deck next to the ocean and right above my head was a slow moving shooting star. Yet it was so colorful and had a glowing blue steak in th middle w green Streeks on each side.. However this object was so large and so bright until it faded into a perfect circle then vanished. Also it was massive. And I am still blow Away’ i have seen shooting stars, showers and more but nothing like this. What was it????

  35. teajay jefferies says:

    I saw a bright light fall out the sky in front of my an my brother an a lot of other people seen it on interstate 20 west it wasn’t a meteor it fell like it was fallin to the expressway in front of us an disappeared I think it was sum else thought it was going to hit cars but it disappeared

  36. Cory says:

    I just saw a bright blue meteror over Chicago tonight! It fell straight down.

  37. Maria seiber says:

    Just now august 21 2013 around 9:30.. At copperas cove texas i was saw infront of my house never in mylife seen like that close to me with my fren standing at the porch.. I said opppss what i saw.. She aks me what i saw a brilliant ball with cristal bright on the bottom but so fast cant explain more for word of that i was not good in english but i was seen sonething i dont see b4… I was 36 years old. I ding know what it is any idea??

  38. Cheryl Boone says:

    I live in Chowchilla CA. and just about 8 pm I seen a huge noyhinggreen ball of light fall to the earth. I’ve never seen nothing like it. October 22, 2013

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