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April 24th, 2012 at 12:52 pm by under Entertainment
“Touchback” does well at West Michigan theaters in opening weekend

"Touchback" poster courtesy Anchor Bay Films

     “Touchback” was 8th highest attended movie showing at Celebration! Cinemas during the weekend, eventhough it was only showing at 3 of the theater chain’s theaters.  The family drama was also playing at AMC Star Grand Rapids, but no information on ticket sales is available from the AMC chain.

     Celebration! says 2500 tickets were sold Friday, Saturday, Sunday at Celebration! North, South, and Rivertown.   “Touchback” was #5 at North, “Touchback” was #8 at Rivertown, and #6 at South.

      “Touchback”‘s per screen average in West Michigan was 7 times higher than it was nationally where it was playing on about 70 screens.

     Nationally, “Touchback” was 45th, making $64,000 this weekend in 69 theaters.  That’s down 4.5% from its first weekend in release, although it was playing in 19 more theaters than last week.  So far, the movie has made a total of $149,100 in 2 weeks of limited release.

“Touchback” filmed for several weeks during the summer of 2010, mostly in Coopersville, but also in Grand Rapids, Detroit, and Ohio in Coshocton, Columbus, and Warsaw.

The cast includes Kurt Russell as the head coach, Brian Presley in the lead role, Melanie Lynskey as his wife, Mark Blucas as a friend and teammate, Academy Award and Golden Globe winner Christine Lahti as the mother, Drew Powell, James Duvall, and Austin Ross as teammates, Sarah Wright as cheerleader and girlfriend “Jenny”, plus Sianoa Smit-McPhee,  and Kevin Covais.

(National box office info from Box Office Mojo.com)

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