Mojito Fruit Salad

June 13th, 2012 at 4:22 pm by under Food Joy

  The sweet taste of summer starts with home-grown Michigan strawberries and maybe a mojito on the side! Strawberries are the first of the fruits to ripen each year and West Michigan growers tell me this year’s beauties are sweeter than ever. I picked up a batch at The Fulton Street Farmers Market in Grand Rapids from Farmer Case of Visser Farms.  Every week, he and his family bring a wide variety of fruits and veggies grown at their Zeeland farm where they invite anyone to come strawberry picking and take a wagon ride tour .  If you can’t get out there before the berries are all picked, stop by The Fulton Street Farmers Market which has added evening hours on Wednesdays this summer. They now accept Bridge Cards, WIC benefits, Project Fresh and Market Fresh voucher and they offer incentives through the Double Up Food Bucks program of the Fair Food Network to help more people get their daily doses of fresh produce in their diets.    A Kid Approved Healthy Snacks Guide from the Michigan Nutrition Network is available on site for you to pick up and get good ideas for eats for those student-sized appetites that are home for the summer.   To put together all of the goodness summer has to offer in one dish, give my Mojito Fruit Salad a try.  Here’s how I put it together:

Lots of lovely, fresh picked Michigan strawberries
Half of a small cantaloupe
Half of a small honeydew
Half of a seedless watermelon
Two kiwi
One magnificent mango
fresh mint leaves
raw sugar
hint of white rum, if desired
Fresh lime, squeezed

Clean, chop and mix together strawberries, melon, peeled kiwi and mango.  Tear washed, fresh picked mint leaves in small pieces or use smaller whole leaves.  Squeeze half or all of the lime over the fruit. I love lime so I use it all! Fold the leaves gently into the combined fruit.  Sprinkle a desired amount of raw sugar, or white sugar if you prefer, over fruit mixture. I used only a teaspoon for an eight cup bowl of fruit because the fresh produce I found at the farmers market was so sweet and delish!  Sprinkle the same amount of white rum, more or less, over the fruit, if desired.  This mixture can be enjoyed immediately or refrigerated for use within a couple of days.  Sit back, relax and savor summer!


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