Big Severe Weather Day – 2 Dead

July 26th, 2012 at 10:55 pm by under Bill's Blog, Weather

   These are storm reports from SPC.  The moderate risk that SPC put out from SE Indiana to NYC sure worked out.  There was one fatality in Genessee, PA, one fatality in NYC (scaffolding collapsed) and injuries in Camden and Rockaway, NJ. and also at least one other injury in NYC.  There were still 33,000 customers without power from the storms.  The Ohio St. Fair was temporarily shut down by the storm.  A State of Emergency and mandatory curfew were declared in Elmira, NY because of storm damage.  Measured wind gusts this PM:  72 mph Durant OK, 74 mph Armagh IN and 75 mph at Versailles KY and Albany OH.  As I write this (10:55 PM – trying to finish before the news), SPC reports 350 wind damage reports (blue dots on the map), 2 possible tornadoes and 37 severe hail reports (up to tennis-ball size).  One-inch diameter hail fell in downtown Cincinnati.  The NYC storm is being called a derecho.   Check out this picture of the storm coming into NY from Ryan Brenizer Photography.   Lightning started a 6-alarm apartment complex fire in NYC.  A number of firefighters were taken to the hospital.

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  1. Soccer6713 says:

    WOW! That photo by Ryan of the storm coming into NY is awesome. I thought I was looking at a still from a Harry Potter or Batman movie! Just incrediable.

  2. Nathan says:

    Bill, any winter guesses yet? (I hope the bubble moves down south for the winter by the way!)

    1. Bernie (At da Lakeshore) says:

      We still have 3 months of summer left yet. :)

      I won’t make a guess until I see a wollie worm. My preferable start of winter would be Nov. 13 or 14.

      1. Janet says:

        I have wollie worms all over my place in Hastings.

        1. Bruiseviolet says:

          For some reason it seems like when I was little we could find those all over the place- and now that I have children I never see them, only once in a blue moon. (and it’s not because I’m not looking for them, I am looking for them to show my kids!)

  3. Kimoeagle says:

    Well, I may be a wet mop, or a party pooper, but here is one person who has no desire to experience another derecho. It means danger.. hardship.. tragedy to far too many people, and we’ve had enough of that this year. The weather is awesome until it hits you in the face. Then, it becomes something to endure. I shall welcome the return to more normal meteorological pattens and events. IMHO.
    The Big Apple apparently got a pretty good shot of straight-line stuff, eh?

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