N. Orleans Prepares, Michigan Dry

August 27th, 2012 at 11:42 pm by under Bill's Blog, Weather

   Pictures from New Orleans show workers closing the Bonnabel flood gates and shops boarded up on Canal Street in advance of Isaac (see Isaac thread).  Here in Michigan we’re looking at sunshine and pleasant temperatures in the low-mid 80s over the next several days.  The 00Z Tuesday AM run of the Caribou NAM gives G.R. highs of 82 on Tue., 84 on Weds. and 90 on Thurs.  I’ll write more in the AM.

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  1. Mark (Okemos) says:

    I read somewhere that the Native Americans repeatedly warned the French not to settle at NOLA.

    1. SS (Pwell Area) says:

      I heard/read that somewhere over the weekend as well…

    2. Brad says:

      I’d like to see the source material.

  2. Dan says:

    Nice Summer weather we are having! I hope it stays around. Do we have a clear consensus on what Isaac is going to do? Does this hurricane (should be a hurricane by today) affect Michigan? Looks like it will not, at this point.
    I know, things could change! Looks like the 90s are coming back! YES!

    1. Travis (Oxford, MI) says:

      Not sure what you’re talking about. All the models since Sunday have shown Michigan right in the path. Looks like a crappy Sunday and Monday around these parts if it holds up.

  3. Brent - Zeeland says:

    Certainly could use the rain. The .10 of an inch on Sunday did nothing.

  4. jeff says:

    Any idea how far north the rain will spread? We’re heading up to the UP for the weekend.

    1. Cort S. says:

      GFS forecast on Isaac’s rainfall: click here

      It shows moderate-heavy rainfall passing through all areas south of I-96 on Saturday night, but do not take this as truth. Just keep it in mind as a possibility, and know that the farther south you are, the better chance you will have of seeing Isaac’s rain.

      It all depends on the exact extent that the jet stream draws Isaac northward into a trough or blocks him with a ridge. This is a very difficult thing to forecast, as this physical process in the atmosphere can produce very different results from just slightly different initial starting points.

  5. Kimoeagle says:

    Hmm. The Weather Channel is forecasting Isaac to be near South Bend on Sunday noon, wind speed 15mph, ground speed 12mph. FWIWD!
    AND, I just got through looking at the GFS model that Cort refers to, and, sure enough, Isaac is staggering through north central IN then. I agree, also, with Cort’s comments about jet stream influence. If it comes this way, much of it will stay below I-94, IMHO. — We shall see. At any rate, Isaac should help – in its small way –to lessen drought effects, or to re-establish water tables, at least.

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