Blue Moon

August 31st, 2012 at 1:35 am by under Bill's Blog, Weather

blue moon   First, an appropriate tune.  We have a full moon tonight. The 2nd full moon in a given month is called a “Blue Moon“.   Here’s a video on the subject from NASA.  We had a full moon on August 1.  A “blue moon” isn’t any bluer in color than any other full moon. It’s just a name, like the “Harvest Moon”. A full moon comes around every 29.5 days, so…on average, every 2.7 years, we get two full moons in a calendar month. The last time this happened was December 2009 and the next time will be July 2015. The “blue moon” depends on your place on the globe and your time zone.  You cannot have a blue moon in February.  However, on very rare occasion (about every 25 years), there is no full moon in February (in 1961, 1999, 2018 and 2037.   Because this is something that is a rare phenomena, hence the phrase “Once in a blue moon” to highlight something that happens rarely, like a Detroit Lion playoff appearance.  In Dec. 2009 we had a blue moon on New Year’s Eve. That happens only roughly every 19 years.  So, you could say that the Detroit Lions winning a playoff game is a “once in a blue moon on New Year’s Eve” event.  No….wait, that’s only happened once since 1957, and 2009 minus 1957 is 52 years. Hmmm…how about the Lions winning a playoff game is a “once in a blue moon on New Year’s Eve AND all the socks match coming out of the dryer” or “once in a blue moon on New Year’s Eve AND they don’t start playing Christmas music on the radio until after Thanksgiving” or “once in a blue moon AND the price of gasoline goes DOWN before a holiday”.  Also, it’s on average every 91 years that there is a blue moon and an eclipse on New Year’s Eve…that’s not even as long as the time between Chicago Cub World Series wins!  ADD:   there are no flyovers of the Intl. Space Station thru Sept. 13th.  Here’s this week’s Sky at a Glance and more from Spaceweather.   We can have a blue-colored moon, if it’s shining thru particles from volcanic dust or the smoke from a forest fire (only if the particles are the right size.).  Also, here’s a neat pic. of the Northern Lights from Lake Superior on Aug. 20th.

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  1. Kevin says:

    I just got home from a trip to photograph the Moon.

  2. Crystal says:

    It is absolutely beautiful up here in Hesperia,it reflecting off the White river in my backyard…..

  3. Vincent(N.E.Kent Co) says:

    Watched it rise over the Tigers/Royals game Tues night here in Kanasa City. Not a good time here for the Tigers. Prolly the last time I will ever spend cash to go watch them play. I’ll just stick to the TV. 94degrees at game time. No breeze. The moon was the best part of the whole game!

  4. DF (SE Mich) says:

    That blue line is getting much closer on the GFS… winter is coming…

  5. big Daddy BC says:

    Foreign Affairs: How Romney’s Millions Went Tax-Free Overseas

    Looks like the crap’s hitting the fan for the tax evader.

    “On the same day that Mitt Romney cracked his birther “joke,” new evidence indicated that he and his partners at Bain Capital have used questionable methods to avoid federal taxes—including a scheme that transforms corporate stock into untaxed offshore “derivatives” and a practice that converts management fees into capital gains, which are taxed at a far lower rate.”

    1. Ned S. (Now in South Holland) says:

      Mr. Obama has used more than a few questionable methods during his presidency, so you’d best button your lip, buster.

      1. big Daddy BC says:

        For example?

        1. Bill Steffen says:

          Spying on AP Reporters…hacking into their computers and listening to their phone calls. The same over at CBS:

          Wish they’d spend a little time working on the economy.

    2. bobcat says:

      And since Obama can NOT run on his record, he’s hoping there’s a big bunch of ‘big daddy’s’ out there, with nothing better to do than to sit on the internet all day looking for crap on Romney. Hmmmm….

    3. Bill Steffen says:

      Again, BigD interrupts…disrespecting the other readers/commenters. I reserve the right to delete comments that have nothing to do with the thread. Everything Romney did was legal. Between the mud-slingers and the lapdogs in the press, we’d know about anything that Romney did that was illegal (remember how they looked through all the personal files of Joe the Plumber). You guys had 60 votes in the Senate…you could have blocked offshore derivatives if you wanted (you’ve got rich donors, too). You could have confiscated every nickel from everyone making over 200K (I don’t BTW)…but it wouldn’t be even a speed bump on the road to bankruptcy that this country is driving down at high speed. Watch this:

      1. big Daddy BC says:

        It wouldn’t be the first time you deleted or blocked people that posted something in opposition to your politics. If you don’t like my posts then go ahead and delete me. Block my IP. Block all the moderates that post on here. Right Wingers hate freedom of speech because that’s the only tool we have left. You own the media. Below, you actually posted ON MY POST! That’s offensive, aggressive, and unfair. Play by the rules, Bill, and respond the way everyone else does.

        And, Bobcat, Obama’s record is stellar. He created more jobs in 2010 than Bush did in eight years. He inherited a republican mess and had to kick all the rich foxes out of the henhouse. He stopped a depression for God’s sake. Look at our GDP,

        That dip is the last republican administration. We don’t need more rich guys in office.

        1. Bill Steffen says:

          I’ve only blocked two people, one for the most foul of racist comments (against Dutch people). The station may have blocked a couple more, but in nearly 6 years of doing the blog, that’s very few. You need to learn to respect other people. They don’t want you to interrupt with your political nonsense. You’re not a “moderate”. Because I respect freedom of speech, you’re still here, but you need to respect those who are carrying on a conversation related to the thread. There are bazillions of other forums and websites where you can blame and whine until your fingers fall off. Obama is a “rich guy”. He’s worth millions…made 5.5 million in a single year off his book. Politicians like to write books. It’s a backdoor bribe to buy thousands of books (many of which are never read) from a politician. You’re figures are just plain wrong. Plus it’s 2012 going on 2013. The Unemployment rate went up to 8.3% last month…42 months of +8% unemployment. I hate Bush and I hate Romney is not a plan to make things better. You want to suck more money out of the economy. Mainstream Democrats never proposed that..not Clinton and not this guy:

        2. big Daddy BC says:

          Oh, please. This blog is a political pulpit for you. If you were to block everyone who commented off topic, you wouldn’t have a blog and you’d have to block yourself. Get real.

          Romney’s rich. Obama’s rich too, but barely. Romney’s got hundreds of millions he hides off shore to avoid paying taxes. He’s a tax evader. The investigators are pouring through all of his records now. Look what they found:

          My dislike for the economics of Bush and Romney is selfishly derived. I’ll admit it. I see no point in taxing poor and middle class people to give welfare to rich people. It never works. Never has.

        3. Bill Steffen says:

          Sure you want to tax the middle class and poor – with “skyrocketing” utility bills and $9 a gallon European level gasoline prices.

          Gore is worth more than Romney:

          Obama is more than “barely rich”:

  6. Dan says:

    Trouble is, Obama has nothing to run on. His policies have failed so he and the media machine have to make up stuff on Romney. Chicago bully style politics at its finest! It is all very amusing this time of year. One side says the other side is lying. Then, the opposite happens. Can both sides be lying?

    1. big Daddy BC says:

      Really, Dan. You and I have corresponded on this issue. All you’re doing is parroting FOX NEWS, and that’s disappointing.

      Obama fixed Detroit, stopped the Bush Depression, killed Bin Laden, ended the war in Iraq, ousted Kadafi, passed Universal Health Care, got the banks under control, and gave tax cuts to 3.5 million businesses. He created more jobs in 2010 than Bush did in eight years! You’ve got to be kidding, Dan.

      BILL STEFFEN RESPONDS: Obama fixed Detroit??????????? ROFLMAO!!! Yup…Detroit’s fixed: Unemployment is going UP – up to 8.3% now! Obamacare is NOT universal health care. Your jobs claim is bogus…the unemployment rate is up 13% under his watch, it’s up for African Americans, up for women, up for Hispanics. The number of people on food stamps has doubled. And there’s no plan for the next four years but we hate Bush and Romney and everyone who makes over 200K a year. His policies (or lack of policies) is so different from the approach of Clinton and this guy:

      1. Dan says:

        Not parroting anything really! All I’m trying to say is that we are still 80 days or something from the election and I’m already sick of it! I really wish you would look at everything, Big Daddy.
        Seeing as how you won’t, maybe you’ll indulge me in this thought.
        What if by chance, we had 50% or greater turn out at the voting precincts? I would much rather see it 60 or 70% but that probably isn’t going to happen. What would happen if the turn out numbers were there? We could really affect change on many levels. The voters would definitely have the “majority” Right now, its a “pipe dream” Its all SLINGING of MUD right now and I’m sure it’ll ramp up even more. The Country remains divided. The law makers are grid locked on just about everything! What is truly getting done? Especially, during a campaign season? The race for the White House is nothing more than a popularity contest! What really changes?
        Nothing! Don’t get me wrong, I’ll do my part! Obama and any President is a “puppet” controlled by special interest groups.
        Go see Dinesh’s movie and then decide!

      2. big Daddy BC says:

        I take your point and agree that special interest groups are out of control, but disagree that the President has nothing to run on. He’s accomplished quite a bit despite all that gridlock.
        What I don’t get is how a return to Bush style economics could possibly end the recession that Bush started. It doesn’t make sense. Romney’s plan incentivizes moving jobs overseas. Estimates are that they’ll create 800,000 jobs overseas. Seriously. They’re also planning to raise taxes on the middle class by $2000 on average. I pay enough taxes, but will NOT vote for a plan that takes even more of my money and gives it to the rich. I’d sure love to see a conservative ticket that’s actually conservative.

        1. Dan says:

          I don’t see how another four years of Obama is going to help in any of the areas outlined from above. Obama ran on reducing spending. Did he do that? He also said that if the stimulus passed then, unemployment would be under 5% It has been over 8% even approaching 9% for 45 months of the Obama term! He does NOT understand how to fix the economy nor, does he understand how to put people back to work.
          Do you think you will not be heavily taxed by Obama? C’mon, Big Daddy! For starters, what do you think Obamacare is? A HUGE TAX. You haven’t seen anything yet!
          This is the record I was talking about. There certainly is more to the Obama record then fiscal responsibility and unemployment but it definitely hits the point! Many of his followers aren’t willing to look carefully at all of that! Go so the movie!

        2. big Daddy BC says:

          Movie??? Dan, Obama inherited a jobs landslide. What do you think created that landslide? Every time you put a republican in the big chair, unemployment goes up.

          It went up under both Bushes. Clinton, of course, fixed the first Bush recession. Obama fixed the second one. I don’t recall him claiming that unemployment would go down to 5%, but I if the teabaggers hadn’t stalled every attempt he made to fix the economy, we’d be in a hell of a lot better shape. Remember, this congress is called ‘Constipation Congress.’ They won’t even pass gas if means helping Obama fix the economy.

        3. Bill Steffen says:

          Speaking of Movies, the documentary about Obama was the 3rd most watched movie on Thursday: It’s already grossed over 13 million and had the highest per theater gross of any movie that day. You ought to go see it. You’re comment about Republicans and unemployment is easily proven false…two words…Ronald Reagan. You can go here and plug in the year/month: Everyone older than 50 knows things were heading downhill fast under Jimmy Carter. We had rapidly rising unemployment, double digit inflation and interest rates. Reagan won a 44-state landslide. People liked his economic policy enough to give him a 49-state landslide in 1984 (and he probably could have had 50 states, but he chose not to campaign in Walter Mondale’s home state of Minnesota). Reagan took office in Jan. 1981. It took a little over a year to get his program passed. Unemployment peaked in Nov. 1982 at 10.8%. By the time he left office, unemployment was down to 5.0% (in April 1989). Reagan left office with a 63% approval rating. That means a lot of Democrats approved of his presidency, too. Our unemployment today is up a notch last month to 8.3%. That doesn’t count the record number of people that have stopped looking for work or are underemployed. The number of people on food stamps has just about doubled. The ANNUAL deficits are over a TRILLION AND A HALF. We’re borrowing every nickel that China has. GDP growth is anemic. We spent 831 BILLION dollars in a “stimulus” that…well…just didn’t quite work: The Tea Party didn’t stall anything. The Democrats had 60 votes in the Senate and a huge majority in the House for two years. They could have passed anything. I hate Bush is not an economic recovery plan. Neither is a massive tax increase. Here’s why:

        4. Dan says:

          Your argument is a flimsy one but ok! I certainly get where you are coming from. Fact is, whoever got into the White House during the Clinton years, would’ve had a boom! Look at the trends and the culture. He was the beneficiary of prosperous times and a big contributor was the internet!
          Similarly, although not exactly the same kind of logic, I think it was matter of good timing for anybody to come around and get elected when Obama was. Many were sick of the current state of things and McCain (I highly respected McCain, trapped and tortured in a POW concentration camp. McCain is/was a hero) did not run a very good campaign!
          Look up the stats, Big Daddy regarding the stimulus.
          Also, to your point. Obama had two years with control of both houses! Two full years. He still had issues getting things passed. He also managed to take the countries credit rating down! Please look at ALL the facts not just the left side of things. You accuse me of not parroting Fox News which I do not do. You should look at all the facts. Go to fact check. Also, go check out the movie about Obama from Dinesh Disousa!

        5. big Daddy BC says:

          Dan, Clinton did not inherit good economic times. He created them. He inherited a weak dollar and recession from GHW Bush. Old man Bush was a terrible president. He didn’t even get a second term. Bush/Gore created the most prosperous economic times in history. So now Bill’s trying to compare the tax evader, Romney, to Reagan. LOL What about the two Bushes, Bill? Reagan would be considered a democrat considering where your party has gone. The ultra right owns it now. It ought to change its name. Reagan’s ghost is gonna haunt you for even insinuating that he’d have anything to do with this mess. Reagan and Tip O’Neal worked together to keep our economy strong. Your ‘Constipation Congress’ won’t even pass gas if it means helping our president help the middle class.

        6. Bill Steffen says:

          In the meantime…company after company is scared to death of Obamacare. There will be FEWER doctors under Obamacare. Expect long waits at the doctors office…then you won’t see the doctor, you’ll see a “health manager” who will decide what treatment is going to be administered (if any). Gas is up over $4 a gallon. The National Debt is now at $53,000 PER PERSON. The country is going to go the way of Detroit…can’t pay the bills. We have scandal after scandal after scandal. We’re listening in on the phone calls and hacking into the computers to read the emails of AP reporters!

      3. bobcat says:

        Yup… he ‘fixed’ Detroit. We all can’t wait to move there. And Bin Laden is dead because the SEALS went in and did what had to be done. Obama was called in from his golf game to try to look serious for the photo op… You seriously NEED to start looking for truth!

        1. Bill Steffen says:

          Gridlock, bigD? Obama had 60 votes in the Senate for the first two years and a super majority in the House. The election of 2010 when the Republicans gained 63 seats in the House was a restraining order! Unemployment is up 13% since Obama took office, the number of people on food stamps has doubled, we wasted an 800 Billion dollar “stimulus”: We’ve had boondoggle after scandal: The price of gasoline has more than doubled since Obama took office and while they claim inflation is zero…the prices at the supermarket sure seem to be going up to me. You have nothing to run on…so all you do is trash Romney and Bush. Reagan cut inflation and unemployment in HALF. His program worked, just like the tax cut of John Kennedy worked:

        2. big Daddy BC says:

          2010 was the year where Obama put more people to work than Bush did in eight years.

        3. Bill Steffen says:

          Sure…and the moon is made of green cheese! This is from the Huff Post:

          “…the economy has added 562,000 jobs during Obama’s time in the White House.

          Obama’s total compares with a net loss of 13,000 jobs in President George W. Bush’s first term, from 2001 through 2005. Bush added 1.1 million in his second term. Job gains under President Bill Clinton totaled 11.5 million in his first term and 11.2 million jobs in his second.

          I wonder how many of those added Obama jobs are to people who are hacking into the computers of AP reporters or new IRS agents to bully political opponents.

      4. big Daddy BC says:

        BILL JUST POSTED ON MY POST! Holy smokes! You don’t get to do that. Stay off of my post, Bully! We don’t have the ability to post on others’ posts. Put your comments below like the rest of us, Bill Steffen!

        1. michael g (SE GR) says:

          What an amazing tool.

        2. Bill Steffen says:

          I clearly identified myself. Since others had commented, my comment made more sense coming after yours. Because of the format, I have done that a few times when it made sense. Live with it. In the meantime, check this out:

        3. Dan says:

          Big Daddy: You of all the people that post here ought to know better. The blame game doesn’t work! Wake up! Obama’s policies have all failed. Where is the economy right now? All signs from economists, experts point to us about to over a cliff! The economy is certainly NOT robust! Obama’s answer to helping the economy is a fund raiser? He has also tried countless stimulus plans which means HUGE taxes. Do you really think that blaming Bush will help? People need to go back to work! We need to have a strong economy. We certainly do not need to continue borrowing money on the backs of ALL the tax payers!
          You also do not quite have your facts correct on the middle class. Please check them out. Then, you can re post again!
          Obama does NOT have a plan, Therefore, he’ll work overtime to distract the American people from the most important issues!!

        4. big Daddy BC says:

          We wouldn’t even be talking about Bush if your candidate wasn’t planning to reinstitute Bush’s policies as soon as he’s elected. Romney’s a tax evader and his partner emulates that crazy old woman Ayn Rand. Holy smokes, man. You guys really want to send us back into the Bush era? This country lost two million jobs in the last six months of Bush’s presidency. A million more were lost before Obama’s policies took effect. That stimulus bill you don’t like stopped us from sliding into a recession.
          The democrats saved this country. Turn FOX NEWS off and read a respectable periodical. Oh, and Boobcat, I wasn’t talking about the city of Detroit. I was talking about the auto industry. When it began to collapse this state sank right to the bottom. How soon we forget that it was Obama that fixed GM.

        5. big Daddy BC says:

          One correction: “…stopped us from sliding into a depression.” We, of course, were neck deep in the Bush Recession by then.

        6. Dan says:

          Do you bury your head in the sand and only make attempts to rationalize what is not true, Big Daddy?
          The stimulus only created MORE debt. It did NOT create jobs. Even, Obama took those words, “job creation” out of what he says.
          This is from the CBO! Yes, cut and past from the CBO. It is to prove the point. The stimulus did NOT keep us from sliding into a recession. It created much more debt, slowed the growth of the already anemic economy and decreased the overall stability of the economy. The results speak for themselves. I asked you this question already. You keep responding with blaming Bush. Is the economy robust? Where is the economy right now?
          AARA’s long-run impact on the economy stems primarily from the resulting increase in government debt. The increased debt tends to reduce the stock of productive private capital. In the long run, each dollar of additional debt crowds out about a third of a dollar’s worth of private domestic capital, CBO estimates.
          Over the long term, the output of the economy depends on the stock of productive capital, the supply of labor, and productivity. The less productive capital there is as a result of lower private investment, the smaller will be the nation’s output over the long run.

        7. big Daddy BC says:

          I appreciate the CBO take, but have a look here:

          They have no idea what’s going to happen. They give two scenarios, one in which the economy stagnates and one in which it becomes more robust. The interesting thing is that they tie an INCREASE in debt to growth. Where the tax breaks are repealed, the economy SHRINKS. So what’s gonna happen when President Romney not only cancels the tax breaks in 2013, but raises taxes on the middle class as he’s promised to do?

          You might not like the comparisons to Bush, but these guys’ economic plan looks just like Bush’s.

        8. Bill Steffen says:

          The “Stimulus” was 800 billion dollars. Where did all that money go? Do we have new bridges? new schools? Unemployment is still way above the AVERAGE of the Bush years. And now we have scandal after scandal after scandal. Instead of creating jobs, we’re hacking into the computers and phone calls of AP reporters.

  7. Lisa (Caledonia) says:

    Meteorological autumn starts tomorrow! :) Fall is my favorite season!

  8. Mary NE Van Buren Co. says:

    Just saw the “Blue Moon” while neighbors did fireworks.

    My favorite version of the song “Blue Moon” is from Bobby Vinton. It was featured in the movie “An American Werewolf in London”.

  9. Vincent(N.E.Kent Co) says:

    No moon here in KC tonight. 3 inches of rain since the start this morning. Still raining pretty good and windy.

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