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  I’m working Tues. to Sat. this week, so my wife and I walked around ArtPrize today (Mon.) and got a good look at each of the top 10.  We’re both going to vote.  My wife has some art experience, having been a stained-glass artist for a number of years, even running her own shop for a number of years up in Rockford (she’s also done a little painting and sculpture).  So, she provides an interesting perspective and knows something about the materials, techniques and presentation.  At this point, I’ve talked with half of the top 10 artists, which I think is really cool.  I haven’t made up my mind, my wife has a top 3 at this point.  Leave a comment if you like and tell us your favorite, or if there was an entry or two that you thought should have made the top 10 and didn’t.  (Note, at this point I don’t think I’ll make my choice public).   I’ve been able to see about 300 of the entries.  I wish I had more time.  On the whole, we’ve had good weather, but this is going to change.  It gets pretty chilly for Friday.  The Awards Party is at The Loading Dock of the former Grand Rapids Press Building.  It’ll be a little chilly in the evening.  You can watch the show on WOOD-TV at 8 PM. Friday.

Here’s the top ten (links) in random order:  Origami, Rebirth of Spring, The Chase, Life in Wood, Stick-to-it-iveness:  Unwavering pertinacity; perseverance, Return to Eden, Lights in the Night, Elephants, City Band,

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  1. Shari says:

    We are hoping to take our classes on Wed. to Art Prize. Do you expect the light rain will turn into some heavy showers at times during the day? We are outside all day and don’t want young kids walking around wet. Your thoughts for Wednesday’s showers?
    I guess if we lived in Seattle we would go…..???
    Questioning in Zeeland!

  2. Nathan (Forest Hills) says:

    I love the moving bird one the best because it is awesome! And hey Bill, how are you? (I’m coming to downtown to watch you this Wednesday! I don’t know if you remember me, but I’ll be there!!)

  3. Jeff (Fremont) says:


    1. Jack says:

      :-) 2012 A.L. Central Div. Champs !!! ;-)

  4. whatBillwantstosaybutcant says:

    Return of sring, Life in wood, in that order. Mind blowing. I am not much into artsy fartsy stuff but if you ask me this is just human beings with extra ordinary skills at its finest. The painting has to be seen to understand that this is not a photograph. And Life in wood is thee most intricate wood carving i have ever seen in person or in pictures. The last place i thought i would be is at art prize on Monday. But i am glad my wife persuaded the kids and i to join her. I would encourage anyone who is “leary of art” to check it out.

    1. whatBillwantstosaybutcant says:

      Actually i saw return of”spring”. Return of “sring” was unfortunately not there this year.

  5. Jack says:

    I enjoyed The Bear, Made of Pine Needles, at The J W Mariot.. Just saying..

    1. whatBillwantstosaybutcant says:


  6. DerekS says:

    The Weather Channel has announced that it will be naming winter storms like hurricanes, starting this winter.

  7. dan says:

    The media covers art prize to death. Have you seen the polls? Close to 95% of the people don’t give a hoot about art prize.

  8. GunLakeDeb says:

    Having a hard time getting to see Art Prize – but have viewed from afar, the top 25. I tend to be attracted to “original art” (not a redrawn photograph) and really like “Rebirth of Spring”. And there’s just something about the horses galloping up the Grand that makes me smile :-)

  9. Zachary Lassiter says:

    I guess The Weather Channel will be naming winter storms…. A is for Abominable Snowman, B is for Bill Steffen

  10. Sandi says:

    Luv, luv Rebirth and Eden. Hoping one of them wins.

  11. Sandi says:

    Bill happy to hear your wife agrees on Rebirth. Standing in front of it makes you feel like you could just walk right into the woods. Fabulous! With her extensive background in stained glass I’m curious what she thought of Eden. OH and I loved Stick – to – it – iveness too.

  12. Joan Chidester says:

    My sister & I were recently in Grand Rapids for Art Prize. We parked in one of the Elliot Parking ramps. After walking around for a few hours & throughly enjoying all the venues, we desided to return to the car. We found ourselves at the wrong Elliot building. We asked a lady if she knew of another Elliot ramp & she graciously took us to Campus Police to determine our correct destination, which they did , & a nice officer gave us a ride to the right building. Upon entering the ramp , we found ourselves on the wrong floor. Again a nice woman asked if we need assistance & gave us a ride to the car. We were so impressed with the helpfulness of these fine people of G.R.. Their kindness is greatly appreciated. Joan

  13. Lawrence says:

    Your presentation of the Artprize Finale was so poorly produced it was a embarrassment to watch. Voice matching on the presentation sections were upsetting to watch. Get someone who knows what they are doing because you do not!

  14. Bruce says:

    Enjoyed the art but when all the people bring so much to the local bars and food services and they turn you away when needing a bathroom i thought it was very rude i understand there was a lot of people but if it wasn’t for the people they would not have made a dime how fast they forget. But maybe to make things better next year there needs to be more bathroom facility’s throughout downtown there are allot of people that need to be taken care of. Next problem is the trash it was overflowing all the trash cans that also needs to be improved. Had a great time.

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