MN – ND snowstorm

October 4th, 2012 at 6:25 pm by under Bill's Blog, Weather

  (click picture to enlarge) A snowstorm has dumped nearly half a foot of new snow across NW Minnesota and NE N. Dakota.  Karlstad, MN reported 5″ of snow and 3 1/2″ fell at Grand Forks ND.  Police were dealing with slide-offs and cars were moving at 40 mph on I-29 and just 30 mph on US 2.  A NWS meteorologist said that the odds of snowstorm this early (first week of October) was only 5%.  (picture from

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  1. fixxxer says:

    They can keep that white crap!

    1. Nick (Grand Haven) says:

      NOOOO I’m ready for some white stuff!!

      1. fixxxer says:

        Next month maybe.

  2. Sharon L'Anse, MI says:

    Moving in our direction? They were calling for snow here in the western U.P. for Saturday, we shall see~

  3. Jeff (S.E. Ionia County) says:

    Yikes ! Way to early for snow for me. :P

    1. Yup (Grandville) says:

      Ya… I was enjoying that 70 degree weather yesterday. Not ready to see it go so quickly :(

  4. INDY says:

    Get hat and gloves out!! Temp has gone down 14* out at thee YARDofBRICKS.. BILL ARE U READY??? INDYY…

  5. Jordan (Twin Lake) says:

    Too early but I will take a snowstorm anytime after Oct. 31 :D Bring on the snow Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

    1. Rocky (Rockford) says:


    2. SBPortage002 says:

      You would not want snow with the leaves on the trees still. Could lead to all kinds of problems, like power outages and the like. I like a good color show in October, then a snowstorm or three would be nice spread out thru the winter.

  6. Mark (Okemos) says:

    Did the weather channel name it? LOL

    1. Jordan (Twin Lake) says:

      I don’t think they did WOW they really need better people LMAO I mean REALLY name winter storms that has to be one of the stupidest things I have heard in a while LOL but on the other hand I guess it is a good idea too NO offense to those who named winter storms before

      1. SlimJim NW GR (1) says:

        They like to “hype” all kinds of weather. I never knew just a rain shower became a “storm” until the TWC came about. I don’t watch them but what “names” are they going to give winter storms??j

        1. fixxxer says:

          They can call the storms “failure”. Sounds fitting to me. ;)

        2. Cort S. says:

          That gives me an idea! Here is the list of winter storm names that we should use this winter…

          Winter Storm Anticlimactic
          Winter Storm Bust
          Winter Storm Can-See-Grass
          Winter Storm Dusting
          Winter Storm Ephemeral
          Winter Storm Fail
          Winter Storm Gullible
          Winter Storm Hype
          Winter Storm Inch-and-a-half
          Winter Storm Joke
          Winter Storm Knew-it-wouldn’t
          Winter Storm Lame
          Winter Storm Miss
          Winter Storm Nothing
          Winter Storm Overforecast
          Winter Storm Pass-us-by
          Winter Storm Quiet
          Winter Storm Rain
          Winter Storm Suck
          Winter Storm Tame
          Winter Storm Uneventful
          Winter Storm Vanish
          Winter Storm Wishcast
          Winter Storm Xaggerated
          Winter Storm Yawn
          Winter Storm Zero

        3. Yup (Grandville) says:

          You forgot Winter Storm Bubble

        4. Irish coffee says:

          LOL1 Nice list Cort! Fwiw, NWS BUF has for years named LES events

        5. Cort S. says:

          Winter Storm Bubble will be a great replacement name when Bust gets retired. That’ll certainly happen soon! :)

          Can anyone think of something else (or something better than what I came up with)?

        6. Jack says:

          Winter Storm… Fixxxer Flakes…. ;-)

      2. Jevon Murphy (Chicago) says:

        I think its a good idea to name winter storms they name almost everything else, such as, Hurricanes, T.S.s, Tornado outbreaks, so why not winter storms? They should alson categorize them from 1-5! There are categories for winter stroms from 1-5 that Paul Kocin and some other very good meteorologists came up with!

  7. SlimJim NW GR (1) says:

    Well its now been (10 days right eye and 2 days left eye) sense my cataract surgeries its taking time for me to get used to not being nearsighted in fact I went from being extremely nearsighted to having good distance vision but now needing reading glasses just to read (and see the computer screen) I still am having a feeling of something in my left eye (for some reason its more so then the right eye was) anyway I will be glad when that sensation in gone and better yet when I get used to using reading glasses.

    As for snow in October!!! its way too early and in no way dose it foretell what kind of winter we may have, if fact if its cold and snowy not there is a good chance we could have a somewhat warmer winter. One winter that did not turn out that was was the winter of 1976/77

    1. Jennifer K (NE GR) says:

      I hope you recover quickly from your surgery! I had my tonsils taken out on Sept. 18 (exactly 1 week before my 31st birthday) and I am still recovering! They are not joking when they say this type of surgery is harder on adults! Anyways, hope your recovery goes faster!

  8. fixxxer says:

    The winds of change are blowing….

  9. Jim Shultz says:

    Thank goodness I am heading to Georgia and not up in that direction. Not ready to deal with snow and those who think they know how to drive in it. I’ll stay in the warm south

    1. Kimoeagle says:

      Hate to say this, Jim, but you may need to deal with the white stuff in Georgia, and — even worse — people who do NOT know how to drive in it!! I lived in Atlanta for 3+ years, and learned to just stay out of their way!! ;-)

  10. TomKap (Michigan St. & Fuller) Grand Rapids says:

    Weak El Nino means mild and dry Winter for us.
    Sorry to burst all yer bubbles…..

    1. Irish coffee says:

      Tell THAT to the weak El Nino of winter ’76-’77….i dare ya!!;)

  11. It’s becoming thought it’s not just if it’s a weak, or strong El Nino or in between but just as important as to “Where” the warmer or cooler waters take place that is more critical to what effects it has on the lower 48.

  12. Not to mention the huge amount of other factors that play a roll in our winters. Last year should have been very cold but no blocking took place to our north and thus couldn’t pull down the cold air for any sustained time to give us cold outbreaks or battles with the warmer air to the south thus a wimpy winter.

  13. Jordan (Twin Lake) says:

    Lmao at accuweather they changed their winter forecast again now extending the below normal snowfall all the way over to Pennsylvania see that’s why I don’t rely on them they just have a lot of meteorologist that are not really meteorologist because they can’t even forecast my goodness for crying out loud they just need to change their name accuweather is just a stupid a** name because they are never accurate lmao

    1. John (Holland) says:

      Accuweather is forecasting wintry mix or snow for Sunday. We’ll see…lol.

  14. Daniel (Denver, CO) says:

    Denver got caught off guard with our first snowfall this morning. It was only an inch on the grassy surfaces, but quite the shocker given it was 83 2 days ago. Seems like there are only 2 seasons here…summer and winter.

  15. TomKap (Michigan St. & Fuller) Grand Rapids says:

    Wow, Freeze Watch for tonight goes all the way down into Texas!

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