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   (Picture is snow in the U.P Thurs. AM – from WLUC – click the pic. to enlarge).   Second picture is rain/flooding in Las Vegas NV.   Here’s snow reports from the central U.P.  Four inches of snow fell at S. Ste Marie.  October 1-11 has been 3 degrees cooler than average.  Oct. 1-11 last year was 6.1 degrees warmer than average (so right now we’re running 9.1 degrees cooler than last October) with no rain.  We’ve had at least a trace of rain on 9 of the last 10 days.  The new 00Z NAM caribou model is very similar to the Thurs. morning run.  It prints out 1.59″ of rain for the weekend.  The 00Z GFS has 1.67″ with 0.84″ on Saturday and 0.83″ for Sat. night/Sunday.  Actually, the GFS plot prints out a whopping 5.43″ for G.R. over the next 16 days…probably overdone, but certainly a wetter pattern than we have had.  The NAM caribou has the strongest wind at a steady 26 mph early Sunday afternoon.

The storm that’s headed our way for the weekend produced heavy rain in the SW U.S.   Needles, CA in the desert reported 1.59″ of rain!  Bullhead City had 0.98″ and North Las Vegas NV. had 0.92″ (that’s more than 3 times the average rainfall for the entire month of October).   Waterspouts were reported off San DiegoHail piled up 2″ deep in Gilroy CA.  Los Angeles had it’s first measurable rain since May 1st (and some local flooding) and San Diego had the first measurable rain since May 25th.  It’s been the wettest Aug. 1 to Oct. 15 ever in Las Vegas.


Also a rare significant  “once in a century” late season snowfall has hit parts of Australia.  Two major roads were closed by the snow, which accumulated to 10 centimeters (about 4″).

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  1. Vincent(N.E.Kent CO) says:

    Nice pic. Glad it was not here. Clear and 37.4° here at this time.

  2. Jack says:

    Listening To : Jonathan Edwards…..Sometimes In The Morning…. ENJOY….TGIF.. ;-)

  3. Timbo says:

    Great call last night at 6:15 on the “couple of raindrops”! I am untrained and ignorant but could still look at the radar and tell you that you were nuts. What did GR get, like 1/2 by 10pm?


    1. Bill Steffen says:

      No one had 1/2″. Officially, Grand Rapids had 0.06″ – Kalamazoo had 0.05″ and Battle Creek had 0.03″.

  4. Hugh says:

    How often does this strange anamoly occur? I guess, in all the times I’ve been in Vegas, there was never mesurable rainfall. Next question – Why does rain in the desert run off and not soak in?

    1. Barry in Zeeland says:

      Generally when it rains in Vegas it’s more of a quick massive downpour so the rain never really gets to soak in, but instead just rushes into the concrete ditches and trenches they have made for it. We’ve been there 3 times and we’ve had snow one time, and rain another time. It was pretty crazy with the rain because it was 109 degrees and the rain actually felt like it was burning your skin because it was HOT! That picture above is kind of odd though because I don’t remember ever seeing that much green anywhere.

      1. Hugh says:

        thank you!

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