Travel Day

December 11th, 2012 at 12:45 am by under Bill's Blog, Weather

From Georgetown, Kentucky.   Quite a difference this morning between where I live in Alpine Twp., where we had nearly an inch of snow on the ground Mon. AM and ice-covered trees (and my driveway) from freezing drizzle Sun. night and just a couple miles to the south where the ground was bare.  About the only sun we saw today was leaving our driveway, with the glassy sparkling on all the trees and bushes.  We hit snow showers south of Kalamazoo.  GRR radar at midnight shows lake-effect snow showers from far W. Allegan Co. to Berrien Co. then southeast into NE Indiana.  Here’s recent snow reports from GRR.   The temperature was between 32 and 36 all the way down here.  We stopped to see the wind turbines across the Ohio border north of US 30 near Van Wert, Ohio.  All but 2 of the 30+ we saw were spinning nicely in the wind.  I clip coupons and my wife and I each used one at a local McDonald’s.  We’re staying at the local Microtel…$38 with a coupon from a coupon pamphlet we got at a rest stop…the desk said it was the best deal they offer, better than showing an AARP card.  We get breakfast in the AM, free WI-FI in the room and free local and long-distance calls.  We saw gas as cheap as $3.18 along I-75 in Ohio.  We just watched Brady and Co. pound Houston on Monday Night Football.  We head to Tennessee tomorrow to visit my mother and my sister and her family.  My niece is performing in concerts Tues. and Thurs. evenings and we’ll get to see both of those.  I’ve got a nice gift basket from Noto’s for my mother, a gift membership in the Botanic Garden and we’ll stop and get her a certificate from her local supermarket.  My sister wants to go play golf and it’ll actually be sunny and low-mid 50s a couple days this week here in E. Tennessee.  The last time I was down here in winter it was freezing.  I remember the temperature at Noon in Knoxville was 24 and we had a passing moderate-heavy snow shower.  We were eating lunch and everyone got up from their tables to look out the window and see the snow!  I was like, what?  It’s just a snow shower…but it was a big deal to people that may not get to see it snowing that hard all winter.   A very quick scan of the weather data shows a cool day today in Michigan with maybe a passing flurry or snow shower, then rain over the weekend.

The Arctic Air spilled down into the Rockies and Northern Plains.  Low temperatures Mon. AM included -12 at Park Rapids MN, -11 at Pierre SD, -9 at North Platte NE, -3 at Gallup NM and Colorado Springs and -23 at Alamosa CO.   The low was -38F at Lansdowne House, Ontario, north of Lake Superior.  The cold has been intense in Alaska.  For the week of 12/2 thru 12/8, the average high temperature at Fairbanks AK was -20.7.  That was 26.7 degrees colder than average for that week!  Additional snowfall totals from the weekend storm:  17.3″ Sacred Heart MN, 17″ Lake Elmo, MN and 16.2″ at Menomonie WI.  Heavy snow fell as far south as New MexicoBlizzards have dropped heavy snow and blocked roads in Mongolia and N. ChinaHeavy snow has “blocked 193 villages” in E. Turkey.   The country of Georgia also experienced heavy snow.   The picture here is from Laura at ReportIt, showing the weekend snow covering some late-blooming pansies.   Down in SE Tennessee you can see pansies blooming in the winter.  At my house we have what looks like yellow daisies (actually a variety of mum) that are very late blooming, in late Nov./Dec.  Then I have snowdrops that come up in February right thru the snow.  These flowers are right next to the house and get some bounce-back warming from the brick wall.  So I often only go a couple months without having a flower bloom.  Both the mums and snowdrops came from Fruit Basket Flowerland.  The snowdrops have been there for 20+ years…quite the amount of enjoyment I’ve had from a few bucks spent back then.   Finally, check out the multi-colored nacreous cloud over Scotlandthis fireball (bright meteor) that streaked across the Texas sky, the risk for severe storms in Florida (and tornadoes in the South yesterday) and this house, decked out with 180,000 Christmas lights.

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  1. Evie says:

    Have a wonderful time visiting with your family. I always love reading your posts about your visits!!!
    Merry Christmas!

  2. bluewind says:

    “Police protect the rich and their bureaucratic system. We saw it on Wall Street, we see it in Michigan. Sabotage, work stoppages, General Strike! Workers run America, we can shut it down!”

    1. Bill Steffen says:

      Is this how you “shut it down”? Union thugs attacked a poor African American caterer at the Capitol:

      This is from the Lansing State Journal:

      “Lansing hot dog vendor Clint Tarver, who was hired by the AFP to serve their members, had his equipment destroyed when one of the tents was torn down.

      “It was just outrageous,” Tarver said. “They said I was on the wrong side. They called me ‘Uncle Tom,’ called me the ‘n’ word.”

      This is exactly why the union thugs have lost support of so many middle class law-abiding citizens.

  3. bluewind says:

    “In our glorious fight for civil rights, we must guard against being fooled by false slogans, as ‘right-to-work.’ It provides no ‘rights’ and no ‘works.’ Its purpose is to destroy labor unions and the freedom of collective bargaining… We demand this fraud be stopped.”

    Martin Luther King, Jr. quotes

    1. Brian(Grandville) says:

      But you fail to understand that the union’s are helping destroying the country. Most all of the money paid by union’s, is being funneled into hedge funds, delivered to the DNC. Then supporting their ” entitlement” programs, which are bankrupting the country before are very eye’s. We’re not talking about civil right’s, but nice try. It always gets brought up. Slavery was hundreds of years ago. It’s over! So get over it! One big reason we are not moving forward as a country, is exactly that.

      1. Mark (East Lansing) says:

        So your point is that a special interest group spent millions of dollars on a political party? Oh yeah, the RNC is purely self-funded.

    2. dano (Norton Shores) says:

      It’s about choice….
      General strike??? Yeah that’s a nice way to get people on board your bandwagan. And having Jessie Jackson and Michael Moore helping you out sends the real message.
      Look at the results of Prop. 2.

    3. GunLakeDeb says:

      All I can say is that the one union I was forced to join, did nothing for me but hold me back, because “management positions” didn’t come from the union workforce. There was no way to rise above “union wages” by working hard, being smart, etc.

      1. big Daddy BC says:

        Are you saying they had a policy of not promoting ‘union members’ into management positions? That sounds fishy.

        1. Bill Steffen says:

          As fishy as climate profiteering! Remember “use Mike’s TRICK to HIDE THE DECLINE!”.

  4. bluewind says:

    A look at some of labor’s options:

    Line-Item Veto: Snyder could sign right to work into law but still throw labor a bone by using his line-item veto power to strike the $1 million appropriation in the bill, according to Rep. Gary Peters (D-Mich.). That way, the law would be eligible to go on the ballot, putting the ultimate decision on right to work to the people.

    Citizens Initiative: This route may be labor’s best route to the ballot box. According to an analysis by the Citizens Research Council of Michigan and first reported by NBC’s Mike O’Brien, labor supporters could need to gather a high number of signatories to force a vote to repeal the law, similar to what was done in Ohio with the repeal of an anti-collective bargaining law. This route does not require the removal of the appropriations in the legislation.

    Repeal Legislation: Republicans will retain a majority in the legislature in the next session, but their ranks will be reduced after they lost a handful of seats in the 2012 elections. Not all Republicans were on board with right to work in this session, so Democrats could attempt to gain some GOP support for a bill to repeal the law.

    Recalling GOP Lawmakers: Labor leaders have raised the suggestion of trying to recall Republicans who back right to work, similar to what was attempted in Wisconsin after Gov. Scott Walker (R) and the GOP-controlled legislature pushed though a bill that stripped most public workers of their collective bargaining rights.

    2014 Elections: Snyder is up for reelection in 2014. There’s little doubt that unions will put their muscle into getting him out of office.

    Lawsuits: A union activist has already filed a lawsuit in an attempt to slow down the right-to-work legislation, “alleging violations of the Open Meetings Act after the Michigan State Police barred the doors to the Capitol,” according to the Detroit Free Press. The Associated Press recently reported that opponents are considering other possible lawsuits.

    1. Paul says:

      This garbage from bluewind kind of reminds me of that idiot Jennifer Granholm “blowing” (lol) us all away.

      Remember people this bill has support from hard working Michigan families.

      This bill should be known as the “Freedom from the union bosses sticky fingers”. Don’t believe the morons like bdbc or bluewind, their just mindless puppets of the union fat cats.

      Thank you Governor Snyder, you gave money back to families across MIchigan today.

      1. bluewind says:

        People like you who think money is more important then worker’s health and care are pretty evil,imo…then again that is the GOP’s MO,right? MONEY MONEY MONEY!

        And “puppets of the union fat cats”? Are you for real? At least I’m not a GOP member who are puppets of corporations.

        Its ok for you to be mad,Paul. You party BLEW it in November,then BLEW it by telling young republican Amash to go away and they just BLEW synder’s election in ’14.

        Your part is fading from history. No minority,woman or young person will vote for it in the foreseeable future. The GOP is done. Good bye,and don’t let the door hit you in your old,white and friendless ass on the way out.

        1. bluewind says:

          P.S “You gave money back to families across Michigan today.” Just like the 11% loss in wages for the people in the other 23 RTW states?

        2. Paul says:

          bluewind, take a deep breath and settle down. You got your ass handed to you on November 6th. Make sure you read the results and take as long as you need to, to understand the numbers because I am not explaining it to you again.

          By the way bro, settle down with those CAPS!!!! You’re now known as “Stupid” on this blog bluewind, lol.

        3. bluewind says:

          Oh no,don’t call me the word “stupid”,whatever shall I do? Put down “Garfield’s big book of comebacks” and try harder.

        4. Paul says:

          Stupid, you’re laughable.

        5. big Daddy BC says:

          Paul’s a bigot redneck with absolutely nothing to add but insults, and those aren’t even any good.

        6. Paul says:

          bdbc is a anti-Semitic racist pig who dresses in womens clothing and walks Division Ave. all night!!!!!!! bdbc and bluewind = dumbasses

        7. big Daddy BC says:

          It suddenly smells like stale cigarette smoke and B.O.

        8. Paul says:

          You’re right bdbc, take a shower.

  5. Jack says:

    And the Wind BLUE , and, The SHIT Flew…..;-)

    1. bluewind says:

      Take it easy on the caps lock,bro.

      1. Jack says:

        blue wind. The Wind Blue(pun on your name), and The Shit Flew. BRO. ;-)

        1. whatBillwantstosaybutcant says:

          Jack, how come you don’t hammer INDYY when he bashes RTW? If RTW changes nothing……….then why change it? Sad day in Mi.

        2. Paul says:

          Jack, do you ever feel like you’re entertaining the “dumb ass” section of the crowd (bdbc, bluewind, whatbillwantstosaybutcant, joanne)?

          This is a new beginning for Michigan and it was a great day.

        3. whatBillwantstosaybutcant says:

          Jack, you have never worked for a Union its obvious so you just stick to comments about the weather….OK. As far as the dumb ass comment i can’t let that go unchecked. First of all you are talking to Jack about the “Dumb ass” section of the blog? No offense here but Jack as we speak is probably hunched over some keyboard right now, higher than a giraffes eyebrows, surfing for some old hippie music to play. You are now known here as stillborn. Just another trailer park republican who just repeats whatever he hears from some coffee clutch somewhere. RTW=someone pissing on your head, but telling you its raining and you just bumble through life believing it because you have no knowledge base to bounce it off from……..sad. The weekends you have off were brought to you by Unions. I have worked for both shops, union and not. So i know wtf i am talking about. Stick to commenting on the weather…..stillborn. CUE:

        4. whatBillwantstosaybutcant says:

          Above was for Paul. Paul is stillborn not Jack. Jack is just High.

        5. Jack says:

          Wbwtsbc, Your as Crazy, as Your Name Implies. You have No Idea about My Life, and Where I’ve worked, all My Working Career. So it’s HIGH- TIME.Ya quit Trying. SPIN : Johnny Cash – The Man Comes Around – YouTube
          ► 4:27► 4:27

          Sep 6, 2009 – Uploaded by TheJohnnyCashChannel
 And I heard as it were the noise of thunder One …
          A Little Entertainment ….Dumb ass .. ;-)

        6. Paul says:

          whatbillwantstosaybutcant, you’re addlepated. Go ahead, look it up and get back to us later today, lol.

        7. Mark (East Lansing) says:

          Addlepated? That’s a new one for me. Was that the word of the day on the O’Reilly Factor?

        8. Rumrunner says:


        9. Bill Steffen says:

          My dad was in a union. But that was back when the primary work of the union was to find work for their members and keep their members working. From the “World Socialist” website (socialist, eh?): They ought to get back in the business of protecting their members’ jobs.

  6. Bnoppe says:

    Meanwhile in the wonderful world of the weather IT’S COLD

  7. Mindy ( Mason MI ) says:


    1. chuckles says:

      Go ahead and try a recall. We see how well that worked in Wisconsin.

      1. Bill Steffen says:

        Yeah get this: “The Wisconsin State Senate reverted back to a Republican majority in January 2013 for several reasons. Democrat Jim Holperin, who survived two recall attempts during his time in office, announced he would not seek re-election. Republican Assemblyman Tom Tiffany defeated Democrat Susan Sommer, 56% to 40%, flipping the seat back to Republican. Senator Jessica King, who, in the August 2011 recall elections, defeated Republican Randy Hopper, lost her own bid for a full term of her own to Republican Rick Gudex by 590 votes. The Senate has 18 Republicans and 15 Democrats.”

        Despite Obama winning the state handily – Republicans GAINED in the Senate. The unions overreached. The middle sees them as just another special interest group.

  8. Marti B (Grandville area) says:

    Sure wish it would snow a ton in this area! ;)

  9. OWK says:

    I can’t believe its already the middle of December! The year went by fast it seems.

    1. Jack says:

      Yup, That’s True, I’m not Sure it’s that’s a Good Thing, or a Bad Thing. I Do Know However The Older we get. The Faster Time seems To Go.

      1. OWK says:

        Yep. It seems to go faster when you get done with school.

  10. OWK says:

    Just saw the new trailer for next summers Superman movie,it’s looking great! About time we got a good modern Superman movie!Can’t wait!

  11. Mike M. says:

    Indiana added 43,300 jobs — 13,900 of them in manufacturing — while Michigan shed 7300 after Indiana passed RTW. Looters and parasites take note. :)

    1. big Daddy BC says:

      RIght to work states like Indiana can afford to add jobs because everyone makes less, safety takes a back seat, and insurance just goes away.

      1. Bill Steffen says:

        Prove that “EVERYONE” made less when Right to work was implemented in Indiana (or any other state with RTW). Prove that safety “took at back seat” in Indiana after Right to Work was implemented in Indiana. Prove that insurance “went away” when Right to Work was implemented in Indiana.

        I’ll wait.

  12. Mike M. says:

    Times change. It was a unique set of circumstances that created a business environment that could pay uneducated laborers a middle class wage. Technology and global competition has displaced them. In 1983 20.1% of the American workforce was unionized. Now it is only 11.8% and only 6.9% of the private workforce.
    The task at hand now is to make public unions illegal. Private unions are a nuisance. Public unions are harmful to society as a whole. Ask California.

    1. INDY says:

      Wow lets be Like Indiania who cares again my home town is Grand Rapids Michigan !!Some don’t have a cue …..INDYY..

        1. Rumrunner says:

          I’d play with that, but she got it all wet.

    2. SlimJim NW GR (1) says:

      With Michigan now among the Right To Work for Less states we can now look forward for more part time lower wage jobs with fewer or no benefits.

      Its always been my position that if someone dose NOT want to join a union at a unionized location they always had a choice they could 1. just not apply (or accept) a job there or 2. quit and work some place else.
      But it should be brought out this is a very emotional issue the state legislature should never had passed and Rick Snyder should never had singed into law. For some reason the GOP just keeps wanting to divide the country (maybe for their benefit) and as long as that is the case the economy will never get better.

      1. John (Holland) says:

        ROFL. The GOP is dividing the country? Were you around for Obama’s entire presidential campaign this year? Democrats are masters at pitting groups against each other.

        Our economy is in shambles, and a part time job is better than none, right? So why put up artificial barriers like union membership? With all the nonsense union members are forced to put up with, any lower wage is worth it for avoiding the headache and thought police Gestapo.

      2. Mike M. says:

        The country is already divided. We’re in a cold civil war, for gosh sakes. The vast majority of the country was and is opposed to Obamacare. The Dems rammed it through by themselves. Did you consider that divisive? How is that any different than a Republican House, Senate, and governor passing RTW? 58% of Michigan voters turned down Prop 2. You can assume that most of those voters support RTW. This is how democracy works. (Sorry for the scattershot arguments, I’m running out of time.)

      3. Mark (East Lansing) says:


      4. big Daddy BC says:

        Just because people voted prop 2 down doesn’t mean they wanted RTW. If it did, why did the repubs engineer the RTW bill so that citizens can NEVER repeal it? Why did they lock the Capitol? Why did they rent the porch to Dick DeVos? Why did Dick DeVos offer to financially support any legislator that voted for RTW? The citizens of this state do not support a law that has been historically proven to lower wages for the middle class. You’re so damned stupid, Mike, it’s sad.

        1. Bill Steffen says:

          The question to answer is why did the union thugs destroy the cart of the African-American caterer:

          This is from the Lansing State Journal:

          “Lansing hot dog vendor Clint Tarver, who was hired by the AFP to serve their members, had his equipment destroyed when one of the tents was torn down.

          “It was just outrageous,” Tarver said. “They said I was on the wrong side. They called me ‘Uncle Tom,’ called me the ‘n’ word.”

          This is exactly why the union thugs have lost support of so many middle class law-abiding citizens.

    3. Mark (N.E. Gratiot) says:


  13. Nathan (Forest Hills) says:

    Today is 12/12/12! Tomorrow is my birthday! And next week is a snowstorm!

    1. Ned S. (Now in South Holland) says:

      Well, happy birthday Nathan. I wouldn’t bet the farm on a snowstorm occurring next week. This pattern we’re in, shows no real concrete sign of breaking down.

    2. GunLakeDeb says:

      Well, happy early birthday!

      Aw man – I was going to watch the clock for 12:12 PM – missed it by a minute. LOL!! That could be the story of my life :-)

    3. Jack says:

      Happy Birthday NATHAN ( Forest Hills ) !!! God Bless You , with Many, Many, MORE. :-)

  14. INDY says:

    Rick Snyder lies and he knows up to a week ago he said he was not going to sighn the bill but when have Dicky Devos Coke Brothers many more with money with there big butts telling him to sign a bill why would ya!!! Let the hard working men and women make this chocice what a snake the nerd is just like when he put Gateway into the ground and folks voted for him hahahahah our ship Michigan is sinking thanks to Rick and Dick!! Weather news winter here to stay get ready for a white xmas and a few drinks not with them dinks baaahummbuggg!!!! INDYY….

    1. chuckles says:

      Last I checked west Michigan (thanks to people like the Devos’s) is doing much better than the more predominantly liberal/union east side of the state. Things were so much better under Granholm weren’t they?

      1. 04 GTO (gaines 68th & Kzoo) says:

        +1 besides the west side is and always will be the best side!!!

  15. INDY says:


    1. WhatBillwantstosaybutcant says:

      Sorry Jack. I was emoting. Paul, i knew i had you pegged when you googled a thesaurus found some word you have never , , ,and will never use…….ever. And then end it with LOL. 100% snot nose punk. To all of the rest…….sorry for the rant. Indyy take care.

      1. INDY says:

        It’s ok I am still in a pump up swing of things from yesterday in Lansing everybody has there own thoughts I agree I just hate when some talk about things they don’t have facts or cues on!!! Take care whatwilbillldo!! INDYY..

      2. Jack says:

        You are Forgiven, wbwtsbc ! GOD BLESS Ya ! Listening TO : JOE SOUTH- ” WALK A MILE IN MY SHOES ” – YouTube
        ► 4:03► 4:03
        Oct 5, 2009 – Uploaded by rwells47
        LYRICS: Walk A Mile In My Shoes Joe South and The Believers Written by Joe South Peaked …

  16. Travis (Oxford, MI) says:

    It will be another awesome day today for Michigan and for Snyder! Michigan workers finally have a choice! The whole nation is going right to work… it’s only a matter of time. Trust me, no one under 30 or 40 wants to be forced to join some outdated union who steals their paychecks to pay for big salaries and a bunch of propaganda they might not even support. And if the union does add value and are as good as some people say they are, then everyone will join and nothing will change – so why are people so afraid of choice?

    Looks like Tom Skilling has done a complete 180 and sees only mild temperatures in sight. Get ready for some warm days ahead. I’m sure Rocky will be getting out the golf clubs.

    1. SlimJim NW GR (1) says:

      People always had a choice if they did not want to work for a union company they did not have to apply at that company. As for people under 30 not wanting to join a union. There will be a very large number of people that are under 30 right now that will spend all of their lives living in moderate to extreme poverty. If anyone dose not believe me on this come to work with me and I will show you the future where I now work part time at a local high school. Any business owners you can try and pick out who you would want to work for you. (good luck on that one)

      1. INDY says:

        Slim I agree with u on that one!!! Who would want to work for a company that will pay that guy or gal next to u more money even no u are doing the same job becouse they like him or her better!! NO THANKS!! INDYY..

      2. Travis (Oxford, MI) says:

        “Every person shall have the right, freely and without fear of penalty or reprisal, to form, join, or assist a labor organization – or to refrain from any such activity.”


        Unions are only 12% of the work force now and are going to be less than 5% in a decade or two… so this is a huge win with the future in mind.

        Postal workers making $100,000. Guys on the line with a high school education often making much more than college educated private workers. My buddy getting a $70,000 buyout from GM after only working two years after high school. Union employees guaranteed a job for life no matter performance.

        These inefficiencies are a thing of the past and will help to reward the most deserving workers, strengthen the economy, and encourage higher education.

        1. INDY says:

          a least they are working and have a job for life and make good wages with a safe work place!! can go on vactions take time off with pay folks with a union can have bargin there rights for work yea it’s worth evey cent my friend!! INDYY..

        2. Brad says:

          Please explain to me how fewer people making good wages helps the economy…

        3. Brad says:

          (meant for Travis)

        4. Mike M. says:

          Brad, please explain to me how far more people working is worse than a chosen few enjoying bloated pay and benefits.

        5. Mike M. says:

          Besides, you would impoverish all of us with a carbon tax anyway! ;)

        6. Travis (Oxford, MI) says:

          Think long-term. Inefficiencies in the workplace might give more money to a person in the short-run, but it has horrible effects in the long-run.

          It creates dependency, reduces the output of workers since they can never be fired, reduces attractiveness of higher education… and we’ve all seen how perfectly capable workers retiring at 55 or 60 absolutely drains our country’s financial resources.

        7. Brad says:

          Should it be a national priority to create opportunities for average workers of average intelligence with average skill sets? In my mind, the strength of our socioeconomic system has been the opportunities for the average man and woman to strive and succeed. Not everyone is a high achiever, but high achievers have many opportunities that are in part tied to the existence of a large middle class.

        8. Brad says:

          And Mike, I’m still working on that carbon tax. I have a meeting with G. Soros later this week and a retreat with Forecast the Facts this weekend. Bill will be hearing from us.

        9. Irish coffee says:

          Oh gosh, no more rubber ‘romper’ rooms….or bingo games, Texas Hold-em up @ latent car battery terminals/plants.Meanwhile, the can gets kicked further and further down the road…UNTIL we run out of road & our children(+their kids) are forced to build new ones from shattered shards of dust and clay achin’ hearts.Funny (satirically at least), Obama was all out AGAINST raising the debt ceiling under Bush– RAILED on about how irresponsible and unfair such an act would be for our children!Well that was then(’06) this is NOW(’12)and we are to believe that after almost DOUBLING down on the debt, he wants RAISING the debt ceiling as part of agreement to avoid fiscal cliff?!What happened to Sasha and Malea’s FUTURE? OH, nevermind…private schools, 5 million dollar Hawaiin vacations on the backs of taxpayers in the middle/back of gov’t bus traveling 90mph into GRAND CANYON of fiscal insanity- it’s all good ;)

        10. Travis (Oxford, MI) says:

          In an efficient, rising economy, a worker should be paid what he’s worth. And I believe that a worker with average intelligence and an average skill set can still do very well in America (especially compared to the rest of the world). And there should always be adequate safety nets in place during tough times.

          But those days where average workers can make $100,000 a year with very little education, without having to worry about ever getting let go, 5 weeks paid vacation, and retirement at 62… are simply unsustainable for both the US government, as well as most companies (as we’ve seen!).

        11. GunLakeDeb says:

          Travis, you’ve made some good points. Bottom line, the artificially-high wages paid to union members are forcing companies to go where the labor is cheaper. And guess what? Mexican workers can assemble a vehicle with the best of ‘em. So rather than have a lower-paying job – the unions have made sure there are NO jobs (in some cases)

          I am a product of the Grand Rapids Public Schools. I saw firsthand where the “bad” teachers go – they get sent to inner-city schools in the hopes they’d retire; because they COULDN’T be fired. Thanks God the majority of teachers were caring and did good jobs, because the ones who were bad were AWFUL.

          And lastly – where do those union dues go? I just watched a documentary on the history of Las Vegas, which was basically built with Union money in the hands of a bunch of gangsters. I’d like to think it’s more carefully handled today – but is it?? So where IS Jimmy Hoffa???

        12. Brad says:

          Deb, the end result of the “please I need a job” mentality is wage slavery for the majority of the population. Wealth continues to accrue to a very small sliver of the population.

        13. GunLakeDeb says:

          Brad, I’m not sure what your definition of “wealth” is – but I disagree. Assuming “wealth” is being about to pay all your bills AND save some money (and have a little fun once in a while) – then I’d say the wealthy are considerably more than a sliver. And if you’re talking wildly rich – well, most of those folks aren’t “union”, anyway.

          And when the factories close and there are no more $35/hr jobs available – what then?? There are scads of foreclosed homes in our area; I suspect the people losing those homes would take “slave wages” over “no wages”….

        14. Mike M. says:

          Ah ha! I knew you danced with the anti-christ Soros! Could you sink any lower, Brad? What next, you’ve become a Green Bay Packers fan?

        15. Irish coffee says:

          Speaking of Clinton era tax rates…..why is it that liberals NEVER include Clinton era SPENDING RATES in that argument?

        16. big Daddy BC says:

          How many are sick of the politics of wealth redistribution? The middle class has been making less every year while the wealthiest keeps getting wealthier. Why do you trailer park repubs think billionaires like DeVos are sponsoring these measures? It’s not because they want what’s best for you. Wise up!

        17. Bill Steffen says:

          You’re the ones doing the wealth distribution…taking hard earned money from people make 20K or 30K and giving it to government workers who make more in pension than many people make in actual salary! We should be focused on generating more wealth rather than impeding wealth production through silly regulations (like you can’t have a groundhog in an orchard) and boondoggles like Solyndra: and LG Chem:

    2. John (Holland) says:

      Exactly. Judging by the news clips I’ve seen, most of the union protesters in Lansing were exceedingly angry old men. Unions are a relic from a bygone era and they know they’re past their prime. Young people won’t put up with their manipulation and pay-stealing ways. The mafia bosses are running scared now, and they trot out their human shields to scream childish slogans and act like toddlers when they can’t get their way.

      1. John (Holland) says:

        I feel bad for the union members who have been brainwashed through fear tactics. But these union protests are case studies in herd mentality. People lose their individual minds, overtaken by stupid chanting and violence in many cases. Think for yourselves, people.

      2. INDY says:

        Yeaaa hard working men and women that has made America what it is today!! To bad we have a Rick Snyder we can trust!!I was there TRUSt me lolololo there where a lot of young men and women there!! INDYY…

        1. big Daddy BC says:

          If unions go away, so do all the labor laws they’ve given our work force…overtime, five day work week, child labor, safety, lunch breaks, vacations, fairness, equality, and on and on and on. You people have really drunk the FOX NEWS Kool-Aide.

        2. Bill Steffen says:

          I’m in the private sector…and…guess what…we work 5 days a week (well, 6 days this week for me…but I’m having FUN when I work!)…there are no children working here…we get lunch breaks…vacations and equality! All that without a union! Your breathless hyperbole is laughable.

          In other news…global warming marches on in Russia:

  17. INDY says:

    Trust U lololo hey Travis stick to telling us what our weather wille be from the other side of the state !! I tell my kids don’t make lies or talk about somthing they dont know facts about!! Get a cue man!! INDYY…

    1. Travis (Oxford, MI) says:

      I couldn’t even make out what you were saying Indy! Too many sprites again last night!

      1. INDY says:

        lololololo TRUST U!!!! Again blogg about weather your thoughts about unions I can’t even make out what your saying!! Get a cue!! INDYY..

  18. DF (SE Mich) says:

    It is hilarious how the GFS is perpetually cold in the second half of the run only to be perpetually warm in the first half. I does look warmer than average for the near future. We still have a chance with the storm early next week, but any snow will promptly melt…

    1. Travis (Oxford, MI) says:

      It’s crazy. GFS has had a cold bias in the long-run of its forecast for the past 2 months now.

      The one piece of good news is that one of weather experts I follow who predicted a warm December for the east is still predicting cooler than average temps in Jan for us. (website goes offline when he updates)

      1. INDY says:

        Thanks for thinking of us with your weather thoughts!!! INDYY..

  19. Brad says:

    Folks, it looks like Bill is using up his vacation days before his retirement early next year. WOOD-TV has proposed a new contract that is under $275,000/year that is just plain unacceptable!

    1. Ned S. (Now in South Holland) says:

      He probably asked for less money; the gov’t is going to take it anyway.

    2. Irish coffee says:

      Meanwhile, from Air Force One en route to Hawaii comes the wave of ‘sympathy’ to fellow young minority compatriots in DC who struggle w/ ~50%unemployment, locked out of private school sans choice/vouchers, and whom would love to just fly a KITE to the corner store and buy their 2 girls a hula hoop & Hawaiin punch for Christmas.

  20. JoJo(Allendale) says:

    Lmao…if you union workers/supporters don’t look back already from Chrysler situation, you sure didn’t help your case here either. Bunch of thugs that are afraid to work for their money once in their life now…

    1. JoJo(Allendale) says:


  21. Mark (N.E. Gratiot) says:

    0.3 inches of snow overnight, bring us to a whopping 4.8 inches for the season

  22. Harry (Battle Creek) says:

    GRR…. sigh….. Yesterday they said “our first shot at an area wide snowstorm Tuesday”, now they’re playing it off like they new Tuesday was going to be a “rain” event the whole time haha.




    1. Travis (Oxford, MI) says:

      Interesting. Wood is keeping next Tuesday’s high at 34, but NWS is saying above average temps to continue well into next week.

  23. Jim S.(Saugatuck Twp) says:

    The 12Z GFS still develops the storm for early next week across the SE U.S. then rides up up near the east coast, completely missing Michigan. The 12Z Canadian is similar.

  24. Storm waning says:

    Warming Trend Begins?????? (Per Wood’s forecast title for DECEMBER 12) Uh,…… Mmmmmmmm

    When did it end?

    Seriously. They said things like. Cool Down, Cooling Down, Cooler Ahead, Colder next week, Cold just around the corner, Colder in other parts of the world…….

    But never cold NOW


    Yeah, we’ll that pretty much is forecast you could put in an infinite loop.

    This winter weather reminds me of the background in a Flintstone cartoon. It just repeats and repeats and repeats.

    Next 14 days.

    Warmer, cooler, rain, touch o snow, warming. Repeat

  25. Mark (N.E. Gratiot) says:

    The sad thing is all the changes on each model from day to day. Throw in JB, NOAA, TWC and other forecasters “oh me too lol” and its crazy that the models are so lost with out a clue so often…..

  26. Mark (N.E. Gratiot) says:

    Even when the models are correct you don’t know it until it happens because you can’t trust them until it does happen….

  27. Yup (Grandville) says:

    A lot of hot air in this thread. I for one, would just like this weather limbo la la land to pass. Give us warm and storms or cold and snow!

    1. DF (SE Mich) says:

      So much for those who say we don’t get fall anymore… it is still fall =)

      1. Yup (Grandville) says:

        I hear ya there DF! Ha!

  28. Jim S.(Saugatuck Twp) says:

    And now the 12Z European model also shows a powerfule Nor’easter for next week.

  29. Ryan (Plainfield Twp.) says:

    I think the only thing we can count on for the next 2 weeks (and likely beyond) is temperatures being above normal. That said, Bill made a good point a few days ago when talking about what “normal” is for this time of year and beyond. By the time we hit Christmas, the average high is around 32 (give or take) and the average low is in the low 20′s. Moreover, if it’s going to be 1.5 degrees warmer than usual, for example, that doesn’t mean that every day is going to be 33.5 for a high. My point is that it’s still possible to get a big snowstorm or decent lake-effect, even in a warmer than average period. This winter appears to have a few to several days above average with a decent dry period (for winter at least), a low-pressure system bring decent precipitation (rain and snow on the backside), seasonably cool temperatures, and then a repeat of the above. If we could just pull a little more cold air down for these low pressures and get some moisture, we could still have a big snowfall (or multiple) and/or good LE events even if temperatures “average” above normal. I predict a topsy/turvy winter for the most part, for what that’s worth. Little prolonged cold, slightly more prolonged “warmth”, and a lot of systems that are near the rain/snow line.

  30. PAUL says:

    Tommorow models will show Tuesday storm for the east coast going thru Iowa.

    1. Irish coffee says:

      I dunno about TOMORROW’S models Paul, but next week’s poly-sci-fi model has Boehner and Obama hand-in hand swaying to background muzak “KUMBAYAH”….as they magically come together at the last second to avert the “fiscal cliff”; considering all the platitudes were just political posturing, grandstanding..and playing to bases(who’s on 1′st?).The only thing missing from the agreement will be an actual bi-partisan, balanced compromise/deal, as Obama will get tax rate increase, debt ceiling raised(high enough to house a Sequoia tree- w/ lights- just in time for Christmas!).The deal will be analogous to a ‘dealer’(Boehner) meeting a ‘user’(Obama) in the ‘park’ by the bridge(wink wink) where the dealer hands over the ‘goods’, but the user, instead of paying for it w/ a suitcase full of $$$, hands the dealer an I.O.U promissary note…w/ the intention of paying later, or at least meeting in another year or so to get an extension/grace period.

      1. big Daddy BC says:

        That’s a tax increase for the rich pigs that just pushed anti-labor legislation through Lansing. Somebody’s taxes need to go up, because as our salaries decrease over the next decade under RTW, we’ll all be paying less to Uncle Sam, all but the CEOs.

        1. Bill Steffen says:

          Hmmm…more jealousy and envy, eh bigD – you’re salary probably won’t decrease…but it probably won’t increase so rapidly that the state will go bankrupt. Check out what’s happening in Illnois, where public sector unions are bankrupting the state. This is an Obama supporter:

          Read what the article says: “Mr. Brown called the state of Illinois “asleep at the switch” and warned that if Gov. Pat Quinn and the Democratic-dominated General Assembly fail to solve the state’s deep fiscal problems, particularly its outsize pension obligations, the company would consider making investments elsewhere.” Mr. Brown chastised the state for not making hard choices to straighten up its fiscal house and said Illinois is falling behind neighboring states in both outreach to business and improving its business climate.

          “The day of reckoning will come, and it will come either politically or through other means,” he says. “But you can’t have the state of Illinois’ house being what it is and attract capital. . . .If Illinois kicks the can and stays in the four-corner offense, then capital will move out of the state, including ours.”

          It’s a departure for Mr. Brown, who has been more measured in his criticism of Springfield, unlike Caterpillar Inc. CEO Doug Oberhelman, who has long threatened to move jobs and investment out of the state if politicians don’t balance the state’s books.

          NOTE: Mr. Brown has been contacted personally by Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan, regarding moving jobs to the Wolverine State and it’s more jobs-friendly Right to Work environment.

          Creating new jobs…creating new wealth…not country clubs for union bosses:,2933,472304,00.html

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