Winter Weather Advisory is over

January 2nd, 2013 at 4:54 pm by under Bill's Blog, Weather

   Winter Weather Advisory until 4 PM Thursday for 1-4″ of snow and some slick roads.  The more significant accumulations will be west and northwest of Kent County.  As of 10:30 PM, it’s snowing lightly in Muskegon, Montague and Mears (Oceana Co.).  An inch or less from Grand Rapids to the southeast.  In any case, there will be slick spots around for the morning commute, especially along the lakeshore north of Saugatuck/Holland.   There may be another inch of snow Sunday AM.  No big storms.  The upper level flow remains west to east, keeping the real Arctic Air north of Michigan.  Afternoon temperatures early next week will be in the mid-upper 30s.  The last 2 days were the coldest back-to-back days (high temperatures) since last Jan. 20-21.

58 Responses to “Winter Weather Advisory is over”

  1. Mary says:

    I look at the “Weather Advisory” as a “Chance of Snow”. 1- 4 inches? That is normal winter weather in Michigan isn’t it?

  2. fixxxer says:

    im about done with the cold & snow and it’s only jan 2nd.

  3. Matt (Spring Lake) says:

    Bill, just a head’s up: your title is misspelled.

    1. Todd In Nunica says:

      yea…whats an advisroy…….is Bill now trying to be like TWC and naming storms….lol

      1. Bill Steffen says:

        I did the update in about 20 seconds before my first weather “hit” – didn’t have a chance to proof it…fixed now!

        1. todd says:

          bill you dont have to explain 99 percent of us understand and respect you its the 1 percent that have to nit pick

        2. Todd In Nunica says:

          Just had to give ya a hard time is all. :)

        3. Matt (Spring Lake) says:

          Todd, I respect Bill…but I hardly call a professional met spelling “advisory” incorrectly as “knit-picking”. Geesh, the dumbing down of American society…

  4. Rocky (Rockford) says:

    I’m buying the WWA. It will probably get cancelled again and most people will be lucky to see an inch of snow! NO SNOW PATTERN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  5. Todd In Nunica says:

    so who knows the REAL time the snow will start in the lakeshore counties? wood says 5-6am, NWS says 12-1am……..STILL a big spread.

    1. Matt (Spring Lake) says:

      Some time between 12 and 6 a.m. :P

      1. Todd In Nunica says:

        Yea cause the latest graphic on the news was 1 inch by 12am, then another inch by 6am…..thats some REAL light snow showers at 1 inch per 6 hrs……..Guess ill just stay up. Have to bring my son to the bus station at 8am, fit in plowing at some point in there (if we get 2″)……

        1. Matt (Spring Lake) says:

          Haha…well the NWS is saying 1/2 inch per hour rates.

      2. Todd In Nunica says:

        mmmm….yea I think ill go dust off the weather rock….he will be right for sure!

    2. Rocky (Rockford) says:

      Probably will be 10 or 11 AM :)

      1. fixxxer says:

        Fyi gr and kent wont be included in this rj.

      2. Steelie says:

        Good Day,

        How about between improbable and never… I mean with the way things are going so far, why not? ;-) (Insert sarcasm.)


  6. Bruiseviolet says:

    I cannot wait until the blog posts don’t include the phrase “no big storms” I am still holding out hope we will get a couple before spring.. it is only January 2. :)

    1. fixxxer says:

      Id take a tstorm over snow any day. We had to suffer a lack of storms during the spring/summer/fall so you guys can suffer a snow drought. ;)

      1. Bruiseviolet says:

        Lol fixxxer. If it makes it any bettrr it’s not snowing where I am now (cedar springs)

    2. Steelie says:

      Good Day,

      Who knows? March could end up being the “Bizarro” to last year’s “Superman” of warmth.


  7. Clint(Rothbury) says:

    Well I let everyone know how much snow I get up here!! Looks like I’m in the sweet spot!!! I’m guessing 3-4 inches!!!

    1. Deb (Oklahoma City) says:

      Don’t count on much if anything since the Nws already issued the advisory so probably 1″ or less

      1. Clint(Rothbury) says:

        Well with the lake enhancement I can just about bet on it, but who knows maybe I’m just crazy…

        1. Deb (Oklahoma City) says:

          Well I sure do hope for you for the best!

  8. arcturus says:

    5 more days til Rocky’s blizzard prediction.

    1. Rocky (Rockford) says:

      I am glad that you that are paying attention, however I said the week of 1-7-13, so I have up until the 13th of January! ROCK ON arcturus!

  9. Rocky (Rockford) says:

    We are currently experiencing the WORST WINTER in HISTORY. Bring on the SNOW, COLD and more SNOW! The temps were not to bad today. It would have been much nicer if the temps would have been about 5 to 10 degrees colder along with about 6 inches of SNOW! This winter is horrible!

    1. fixxxer says:

      Your a broken record. At least during the summer your nothere. ;) hows the “golfing” going?

      1. Rocky (Rockford) says:

        No golf right now, however I am planning on getting some rounds of golf in latter this month. No cold or snow and above average temps in the forecast so golfing is right around the corner!!

  10. Lisa (Caledonia) says:

    Who has noticed that the Kent County SkyWarn training date was announced today? February 21st, Grandville Middle School auditorium… :) Since there are no winter storms in sight, I might as well imagine some spring storms…

    1. fixxxer says:

      Why bother, the past two seasons have been lackluster here.

      1. Cort S. says:

        Some people might enjoy learning a thing or two about thunderstorms, even if they don’t get hit by them.

        1. Bruiseviolet says:

          Bullocks! :p

  11. fixxxer says:

    Channel 13 says 1-2 west of gr.

    1. Nathan says:

      And you listen to them?

  12. Nathan says:

    *From West Michigan Forecast Discussion*

  13. Nathan says:

    And one more quick update for today. Possible cool down about January 11-12… Which means Rocky’s prediction may be correct if we can get any moisture.

  14. Mike Geukes says:

    I wish I was a weather expert, like the bloggers on here.

    1. Jack says:

      LOL, Mike it’s a Breeze….CUE: Eric Clapton/JJ Cale-Call Me The Breeze – YouTube
      ► 4:44► 4:44
      May 7, 2007 – Uploaded by mprwac
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      1. Ned S. (Now in South Holland) says:

        I like Skynyrd’s version better.

        1. Mike in Hamilton says:

          JJ Cale wrote it. As well as Cocaine, After Midnight, and many many other great songs… A very underrated musician!

    2. Bruiseviolet says:

      I say we throw them all in the tracking center.. give storm team 8 the week off….. Storm Team8 Amish Mafia Edition

  15. Robert (Plainwell) says:

    Hey Bill did you see this, Al Gore selling current tv. Typical Al just doing it for the money.

    1. Bill Steffen says:

      From one “Al” to another “Al”. Kyle pointed out that the local news shows in G.R. have more audience than Current TV has over the entire world! They’ll do Al Jazeera news and dump the global warming rants. Also, Al Jazeera is owned by Qatar, which has gotten rich off of oil money. So, Al Gore is being paid with oil money. How ironic is that! Plus, this deal got done right before the new taxes kicked in!

      1. Ned S. (Now in South Holland) says:

        Well I guess Granholm will have to fall back on her teaching career at Berkely to make ends meet. I can just imagine what kind of drivel she’s spouting there.

        1. Irish coffee says:

          Granholm?!lol…yeah, she just LOVES Mi sooooo much, she couldn’t help but MOVE away! At least we won’t have to worry about 15%+ unemployment for awhile…though i’d bet more than 15% of her students never attend class;)

      2. Steelie says:

        Good Day,

        It has been reported that Al Jazeera has purchased Current and will create Al Jazeera – NY. Therefore, Current T.V. is no more:


    2. big Daddy BC says:

      So if Al does it for the money, it’s wrong? You rightjob nuts do everything for money. Shouldn’t you be proud of him?

      1. Robert (Plainwell) says:

        hey bdbc I voted dem in the election all Al cares about is money the the climate. Time for you to grasp reality.

      2. dano (Norton Shores) says:

        I am sure your all thrilled about the movie “Promised Land” even though it was funded by United Arab Emirates.

      3. Bill Steffen says:

        Just pointing out the irony…Al getting all that oil money…and for a station that nobody watches. Reminds of his fanatical claims about rising sea levels…then he goes out and buys oceanfront property!

  16. Matt (Spring Lake) says:

    Lake enhanced snow has started here. Nice flake size…hoping to wake up to a nice amount in the morning. Good night, all.

  17. Nick (Grand Haven / West Olive) says:

    tily little flake here. Off to bed, gotta drive to GR in the AM

    1. Nick (Grand Haven / West Olive) says:


  18. North side of holland says:

    Where’s the snow?

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