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January 8th, 2013 at 8:41 pm by under Bill's Blog, Weather

   MODIS satellite picture of Lake Michigan from 1/7.  Click the pic. or click here to enlarge.  Note the area that is snow-free from N. Illinois (Chicago) up along the Lake Michigan shore (where there has been some lake-warming and up to the barren bubble over Ottawa and Muskegon Counties.  You can see the extensive snowcover to the northwest (Madison is +2.7″ for the winter) and to the southeast (Indianapolis is +5.1″ for the winter).   There is a little ice starting to form in Green Bay.  Here’s Lake Huron, Lake Superior (with lots of lake-effect clouds), Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, Florida (from Monday), the Midwest (darker rivers cut through the snow cover), Korea and China (where it’s been quite cold…note the solid snow cover and the ocean-effect clouds generated when the cold air comes over the relatively warmer ocean water), Southern Greenland, and the smoke/ash cloud from Mt. Cristobal in Nicaragua moving from east to west.

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  1. Steelie says:

    Good Day, First! Hehe…

    and let us not forget one of Bill’s favorites – the Wisconsin tornado scar!


    1. Mark (East Lansing) says:

      Quite visible in this pic

  2. Barb says:

    We can’t ignore the changes globally on the climate change: i.e., sea lions, whales, bees, etc. They foreshadow what’s to come.

    1. Bill Steffen says:

      From “Scientists found that, in most cases, global warming will actually give a boost to Arctic and subarctic life. Looking at 61 mammal species that currently inhabit high-latitude Europe the scientists found that, under climate conditions forecast for the year 2080, the majority of the species will see their ranges expand. They found that warming will actually bring in more species from further south, increasing biodiversity in the region. And, even in their worst-case scenario, they expect at most one species to go extinct: the Arctic fox. But, they suspect that this worst-case scenario is just that, a nightmare scenario unlikely to unfold.”

      Read more:

      1. Brad says:

        We can expect a decline in beta diversity in the Arctic and subarctic as warmer climate homogenizes vegetation…that said, the models are limited by unpredictable markets and potential human land use changes in these areas. In developed regions, lack of dispersal corridors due to landscape fragmentation threaten to isolate species in inhospitable habitats, and the impacts to diversity will likely be severe.

        1. Brad says:

          As an analogy, this is kind of like Subway moving into town and eliminating your local sub shops. Cold cut combos may thrive, but that delicious family recipe you cherished is toast.

        2. Bill Steffen says:

          Brad, you are such the conservative. You don’t want anything to change! People go to Subway by choice, and at Subway you get (literally) hundreds of choices, whatever sub you like. You can add or subtract from more than a dozen items. There are literally hundreds of places to eat now with countless options. Some businesses hang on and even thrive

          The doomsday predictions haven’t been working out. The Alaska pipeline was going to wipe out the caribou…didn’t happen. The polar bears were supposed to be dropping like flies by 2013 and I have yet to see a picture of a polar bear that can be proven to have died from “global warming”.

          And I thought snowfall was going to decrease: We just set a record for extent of snow cover in December in the Northern Hemisphere: (data from the Snow Lab at Rutgers Univ.)

        3. Brad says:

          LOL…hundreds of choices…not including the bread recipe, nature of the ingredients, etc., etc. I’m just trying to discuss biology here, and my analogy is that generalists do better in a homogenized world. It’s much like human cultural assimilation and the extinction of languages.

        4. Bill Steffen says:

          Languages don’t have to become extinct. It’s nice to have one (or a limited number) language for such things as air traffic control and commerce is simplified by people who understand each other. Some people groups have done better than others at preserving language and culture. Of course, there are some things about all cultures that probably should fade into history (that family Holiday fruitcake that felt like I ate a bowling ball).

  3. Slimjim says:

    Also looks like a lack of snow cover in the Saginaw area and while there is a large ice flow in the Saginaw bay a large part fo the bay looks to be open. The norma water depth in the bay is between 3 to 6 feet. And is generally well frozen this time of the year. That ice flow could come crashing on shore with a NE wind, however looks like the next wind event will be SW so the could push the flow into open water.

  4. fixxxer says:

    so now a ton of schools are closing tomorrow in kent & ionia “due to illness”. as i said it’s like the damn plague this year. my kid is staying staying for awhile.

    1. Slimjim says:

      Look like two schools so far! I guess they may weigh a ton but so far it’s tlooks like only two.

      1. Jack says:

        Lol, Slimjim, Hence The Name 2 Ton Tessie ! Lol…. snicker,snicker… ;-)

    2. Deb (Oklahoma City) says:

      It’s really going around down here too but not as bad as it sounds like up in Michigan

      1. Brad says:

        The Muskegon area in particular has it rough!

        1. 11 Bravo (Yankee Springs) says:

          It’s been bad. I had the cold/sinus infection, lasted 3 weeks, but no flu (got my flu shot in Sept from VA)…..girlfriend came down with flu last Thursday, really kicked her butt for 48 hrs, high fever, headache, chest congestion, just got back on her feet today…….the speed at which it hits is surprising. Folks are fine at briefing, several dropping halfway through shift, going home and down for a couple days.

        2. Brad says:

          I just got a shot, kinda late, but I don’t need the flu.

        3. Jack says:

          Question ???? If I’ve Had This Flu..Do I still Need a shot ?? Answer Please … Anyone…..

        4. Brad says:

          I doubt you will be reinfected, Jack. And, think about it…a vaccine is an injection of inactive viruses that stimulates your immune system to develop antibodies. If you had the full-blown flu and recovered, you should have plenty of circulating antibodies ready to fight off any reinfections of the same strain (and other strains, to a lesser degree).

        5. Bill Steffen says:

          Season snowfall in Muskegon (8.7″ – much of which melted as it fell) is well behind Madison WI (23.5″), Evansville IN (10.7″), Indianapolis (15.3″) and Little Rock (10.3″).

        6. Jack says:

          Wow, Thank-You DR. BRAD…… Ahhh Cue To Pay YOU : Michael Franks Dr. Sax Live at the Blue Note Tokyo-1993 – YouTube
          ► 6:31► 6:31

          Nov 25, 2009 – Uploaded by iehtube
          You need Adobe Flash Player to watch this video. Download it from Adobe. Michael Franks Dr …
          ;-) . ;-)

        7. Brad says:

          Haha, I am not a doctor…and I don’t usually play one on Bill’s blog!

  5. Zachary Lassiter says:

    First severe thunderstorm warning of the year!!!

    1. Deb (Oklahoma City) says:

      Stop posting that stuff!

      1. Zachary Lassiter says:

        Bill usually sends me an email thanking me….

        1. Deb (Oklahoma City) says:

          Okay I just thought they were scams?

        2. Zachary Lassiter says:

          How is a posting to a severe thunderstorm warning a scam?

        3. Deb (Oklahoma City) says:

          Nvm I’m sorry!

  6. Stephen (North Muskegon says:

    Isn’t the flu shot for a cold? It’s not for the stomach flu. If you say you had a flu shot and got a cold it obviously didn’t work which is way i don’t get one.

    1. Jack says:

      Don’t ask Me….Ask the Blog DR. BRAD… ;-)

  7. The influenza vaccination, also known as a flu shot, is an annual vaccination using a vaccine specific for a given year to protect against the highly variable influenza virus.[1] Each seasonal influenza vaccine contains three influenza viruses: one influenza type A subtype H3N2 virus strain, one influenza type A subtype H1N1 (seasonal) virus strain, and one influenza type B virus strain.

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