Major Flooding

January 30th, 2013 at 4:40 pm by under Bill's Blog, News, Weather

  Major Flooding on the Muskegon River…ice jam – evacuations on both sides of the river along the Rogers Pond…here’s the river level just upstream at Evart.   Here’s video and our story.   The volume of water coming down the river is about 2.7 times average flow.  The crest on the river should move through Mecosta County today.   Evacuations occurred on Riverside Dr. and 183rd Ave.  We heard that two people were rescued from their 2nd floor.  The river came up 4 feet in less than 3 hours.  Here’s more from our news dept.   Also:  “OTTAWA COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT REPORTED AN ICE JAM DEVELOPING ON THE GRAND RIVER NEAR THE U.S. 31 DRAWBRIDGE. WATER LEVELS ON THE GRAND RIVER WERE RISING IN THE AREAS UPSTREAM OF THE ICE JAM.”  Watch the news  for pictures/video.

The Red Cross now has a long-term shelter for flood victims at the local Methodist Church.

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  1. Nathan says:

    Yes, your probably extremely busy right now! Have fun!

    1. Jack says:

      Bill, Loves HIS JOB , as he has Stated on Many Ocassions !! He gets Paid for HAVING FUN !!!! ;-)

  2. Kristi Golden says:

    Please keep us up to date! My parents live in the evacuation area in Mecosta County and I am in Caro, MI trying to find any news on it!

  3. Nathan says:

    Im kind of confused (And I’m sure lots of others are too) as to when the snow is expected to start. It doesn’t sound like there is a lot expected tonight… But everyone is saying something different. It might be one of those wait and see events again, kind off like last time. From what i have seen, Grand Rapids is expected to get about 1-3 inches of snow tonight… Thats a huge difference! One inch is absolutely nothing, but three could cause some severe problems. Some other stations have been saying nothing, some have said five inches.

    1. Rocky (Rockford) says:

      Welcome to the deliema of predicting lake effect snow and snow after the low pressure exits. The RBD model shows 2.5 inches of snow tonight for GR! The main lake effect will kick in Thursday during the day and Thursday night, when GR may pick up about 5 more inches of SNOW!!!!!

      1. Nathan says:

        Well Im fine with 2.5 tonight… But like I said, I don’t really trust anyone/anything. (Except for Bill)

        1. Jack says:

          In GOD we TRUST…Nathan ! ;-)

        2. Rocky (Rockford) says:

          The problem is Bill and WOOD will not give you a specific snowfall estimate for GR because they speak in generalities and wide ranges where the RDB model will give you a specific prediction for GR!!

        3. Nathan says:

          So what does this so called RBD model estimate?

        4. Rocky (Rockford) says:

          For GR tonight 2.5 inches and then another 4.5 to 5 inches Thursday and Thursday night for total of about 7 inches by Friday AM! ROCK n ROLL!

        5. fixxxer says:

          I hope we get nothing tomorrow night.

        6. GunLakeDeb says:

          Nathan – RDB stands for “Rocky’s Dart Board”, I believe ;-) Now that being said – I DO pay attention to it because it’s been as correct lately as any of the other models…LOL!

        7. Rocky (Rockford) says:

          RDB = “ROCKFORD DART BOARD” model!

  4. Scott (west olive) says:

    Right now it could snow 10 inches tonight, but it will all blow inland. Very windy here. Don’t know temp or wind anymore, had to take weather meter down since we are moving. Feel like I’m flying blind. Lol

    1. Jack says:

      Cheer Up Scott, It could be Worse….. Cue: ZZ TOP – Arrested For Driving While Blind – YouTube

      ► 3:09► 3:09
      Lol..Enjoy..Lol ;-)

  5. Nathan says:

    Wow, the LE advisory is in effect from now until 1PM Saturday! We should be seeing over 5 inches for sure… Maybe closer to ten!! Well, I hope.
    On another note, it appears that some light to moderate snow is falling south of 1-96 and west of US-131 at the moment.

  6. Stephen (North Muskegon says:

    No offense to you Bill but i love watching your weather cast but i just can’t watch news team 8. Even with the studio upgrade which is more appealing to the eyes, people my age (teens – 20′s) seem to find channel 8 boring compared to Fox. (maybe its just me). I try to watch it but i just turn it to fox until the weather. It just seems like a news channel for people 40 and up.

  7. Cort S. says:

    Here is a video of the Muskegon River in Big Rapids:

    1. Todd In Nunica says:

      after watching this video I sat here for an hour watching ice dam break up videos on you tube……. :0

    2. GunLakeDeb says:

      That’s amazing – the Muskegon in the summer is a gentle river. THAT was downright scary!

  8. Mike (Mattawan) says:

    Wow… good luck keeping up with all the news! GREAT job WOOD for keeping us posted! KEEP IT UP!

  9. Barry in Zeeland says:

    Not a flood here, but just heard a load snap and then a crash. Went outside to find one of our huge 60 foot tall ash trees laying next to our barn. Got lucky. 10 feet further over and our barn would be smashed to bits, along with all the cars in it. I noticed it got pushed over a ways with that one Saturday night wind we had a few weeks back, and I was guessing that once the ground thawed out it might fall. Sure enough, the big thaw yesterday, and now the high winds out of the north did it in. Looks like I’ll be cutting firewood for the next week. Not that we really need any more because we haven’t even burnt through last winters wood yet with the mild winters we’re having lately. Chop chop.

    1. GunLakeDeb says:

      That’s sad, when you figure all the storms that tree has weathered in its life….

  10. Nathan (Forest Hills) says:

    Not too many updates as of late. Btw I don’t think anyone knows how much snow to expect tonight… One inch… Three… Five…eight??

    1. Jack says:

      2 4 6 8..Who Do We APPRECIATE ??? BILL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of Course !,, :-)

      1. Nathan (Forest Hills) says:

        Wait, just caught it… Bill Said 2-4 on east side and 4-6 on west side through tomorrow!

        1. Jack says:

          2 4 6 8 …. Who does BILL Appreciate ????? NATHAN!!!! Of Course !! ;-)

        2. Nathan (Forest Hills) says:

          Now that’s more like it!!

        3. Nathan (Forest Hills) says:

          But we still appreciate Bill just as much :)

        4. Jack says:

          Yup… Drive Safe Tomorrow Nathan… ;-)

  11. Brian(Grandville) says:

    Looks like a pretty good band on LES setting up from South Haven to Paw Paw.

  12. Ray says:

    I am ready for spring!

    1. Brian(Grandville) says:

      So is fixxxer.

  13. INDY says:


  14. Bnoppe(Albion) says:

    This is the best thing a little comical relief

    1. GunLakeDeb says:

      Um – this one is going to offend people…..

    1. Matt (Spring Lake) says:

      When the “weather string” is the only thing showing: flood.

      1. Brian (Grandville) says:

        When the string is blue : colder weather in view.

        1. GunLakeDeb says:

          ROFL!!!!!!! Yep – I’ve had to shovel a “safe” place for my daughter’s little dog, or the poor guy suffers the same problem :-)

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