Lake Levels

February 1st, 2013 at 4:32 am by under Bill's Blog, Weather

   Click the pic. to enlarge or even better, click here. This is the S. Haven Lighthouse with a good deal of ice.  This picture came to us from Jack Martin at ReportIt.  The water level of Lake Michigan/Huron (these 2 great lakes are at the same level, connected up at the Mac. Bridge) is down one inch in the past month and continues to be at a modern day record low level for February.  We’ve one inch below the previous record low for February set in 1964.  We are 61″ (that’s over five feet!) lower than the modern day record high level for February set in 1987.   There continues to be concern about the dredging of the St. Clair River that has significantly lowered the water level of Lake Michigan/Huron.   The level may go up an inch with the rains we had this week.  Grand Rapids had 4.01″ of precipitation in January and Muskegon had 5.48″ (3.45″ above average).  Precipitation over the past 25 months has actually been above average in Grand Rapids.  Rivers are high in Lower Michigan.  The water level of Lake Superior is the same as it was at this time last year.  30% of the equation of the water level of Lake Michigan (not counting the dredging) is what comes down the St. Mary’s River from Lake Superior.

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  1. Scott Moore says:

    Bill, do you think we will see lake levels go up this year? We had alot of boats in south haven last year on or near hitting bottom in the slips.

    1. Bill Steffen says:

      We’re off to a good start with above average precipitation…but precipitation is only one element working here. Grand Rapids has actually had above average precipitation over the past 25 months and if you look at precipitation across the Great Lakes, that alone certainly does not explain a 17″ drop in Lake Michigan/Huron, especially since Lake Superior, upstream, is at the same level that it was at one year ago.

  2. snowsearch says:

    Interesting pic, just felt like someone should comment?

  3. Jack says:

    Thank- You…Mr. Martin , For Another BEAUTIFUL Pic.. !!! God Bless Ya !!!

  4. Jack Marin ( Fennville, Michigan) says:

    Thank You Bill and Thank You for enjoying this picture! It was a really cool sight!

    1. Bill Steffen says:

      And thanks for another GREAT pic!

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