Saturday Snow

February 1st, 2013 at 11:59 pm by under Bill's Blog, Weather

Local   Here’s radar and the links for the snow.  Most roads are snow covered and slippery.  The NAM gives G.R. +6″ Friday Night/Sat. AM.   The new European gives us a low temperature of -8 Tues. AM, the GFS is at +7.  Looks like another 1-2″ Sunday PM and maybe 1-3″ Tuesday…with either snow (2-4″) or a mix Thurs. PM.  The weather should be good for Snowfest in Muskegon this weekend and for the Ice Breaker in S. Haven.  Ski conditions are very good with fresh powder and the man-made snow that they have been cranking out the past several days.  Cannonsburg is back to a 32″ base.  Pando is open for tubing and they’ll be skating and luging at the Muskegon Winter Sports Complex.   For current Michigan weather observations and wind speeds, click here. Here’s NAM model snowfall thru 84 hours, the GFS snowfall thru 120 hours and the HPC snowfall predictions. Here’s WOOD-TV Interactive Radar, looping radar. Check out regional radar, GRR radar, northern Indiana radar, Chicago radar and Milwaukee radar. Here’s the College of DuPage Radar Map, the local warning/advisory map and the National warning/watch/advisory map. You can checkout the latest Grand Rapids NWS discussion, the Northern Indiana NWS discussion (includes the Michigan Counties that border Indiana), the discussion for Northern Lower Michigan, and Eastern Lower Michigan. Here’s the Spyglass Condos Weather Station the S. Haven GLERL station, the Muskegon GLERL station, the Grand Haven Steelheaders webcam and weather station, and the weather station at Holland State Park. Check out the WOOD lightning tracker and U.S. lightning, the Marantha Webcam at Lake Michigan and links to webcams. Here’s the infrared satellite loop (night) and the visible satellite loop (daytime), Lake Michigan water temperatures. Here’s storm total precipitation for W. Michigan and E. Michigan. Here’s data from the mid-lake buoy (not available in winter) and the Wind Map. Here’s local storm reports from Iowa, Western Wisconsin, Eastern Wisconsin, and northern Michigan. Check out these webcams and the Snowman Cam from Gaylord. Here’s current U.S. temperatures.

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  1. Jack says:

    FIRST!!!! I love it when it SNOWS at Night, Because I was Born a NITE- OWL,,,,!!!! ;-)

  2. Brian says:

    How much snow can we expect by tomorrow. I hear we could actually see an additional 8-10! Is this right?

  3. Todd In Nunica says:

    If you look at the expanded radar the snow is really hitting a “wall” mid lake.

    looks like just under 1″ so far here.

    1. Matt (Spring Lake) says:

      That has been happening ALL winter. When did fixxxy get out there to install this wall?

  4. Astute and Wise says:

    Betting on an early spring like last year.

  5. Tonka says:

    Wow did we get snow in zeeland over night. Did driveway about 6 last night. Sidewalk plow just went by and must of cleared 10″ more. At least that sitting on top of my van this morning too. Is it over finally?

  6. Dan says:

    I’ll bet we have received another 6 inches just from last night! I’m just along 1313 and 84th syreet

  7. Dan says:

    Oops should say 131

  8. Dan says:

    and 84 th street no coffee yet!

  9. michael g (SE GR) says:

    Solid 6+” here overnight. NICE!

    1. SlimJim NW GR (1) says:

      A tad better here at my in Walker I received a good 7.5″ over night and now have 13.4 on the ground.

  10. Rocky (Rockford) says:

    Yes I love the “new normal”! Temps in the teens and 6 fresh inches of snow on the ground, currently heavy snow and at least 4 more inches today!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Rocky (Rockford) says:

    Lets review some snowfall predictions for GR from last night:

    NWS – 6 plus inches thru today
    WOOD – 4 to 8 inches.
    RDB – 8-12 inches
    FOX 17 – 1-3 inches for most of Kent County including GR.

    Yes the FOX 17 weather models and forecasters said GR would get 1-3 inches of snow last night and another inch or so today! What ever models they are using throw then out. What a horrible forecast!

    I just measured and we have 5 inches of fresh SNOW with another 4 or 5 inches by 1:00 PM today. I would say WOOD and the NWS and the RDB model did a GREAT job!!!!!

    1. Tom S. says:

      Fox 17 just going with there new saying “Without the hype and scare tactics” so they always predict less then expected, huh I’d hate to see them on a severe weather day say “isolated t-storms, outside activities should be fine” then seeing a big ole monster come and pound down upon people outside ;)

      1. Rocky (Rockford) says:

        Hype is one thing but to have a SNOWFALL forecast that far off is outrageous, especially when it was very clear even to a novice that we were going to get a decent SNOW STORM!

    2. I think TV 13 also said 2-3″

      1. Rocky (Rockford) says:

        Yes I forgot about them – just a terrible job of forecasting a lake enhanced SNOW STORM!

  12. Rocky (Rockford) says:

    SNOW and COLD ROCKS! Keep it coming – one clipper after another. It will be a FANTASTIC weekend for WINTER sports. I will taking the sleds out this afternoon. Get out and enjoy WINTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. GunLakeDeb says:

      It is a stunningly beautiful morning!! Light snow falling (big fluffy flakes!) and no wind (at the moment). There was 4-5″ of fresh snow in my driveway. As soon as my furniture is delivered – I’m out on the trails!!

  13. Yup (Grandville) says:

    Holy snow batman, now THIS is what I’m talking about.

    1. SBPortage002 says:

      Just goes to show you, no matter how late winter starts, we always, eventually, get some good snows. Enjoy the winter activities.

      1. Yup (Grandville) says:

        You as well. Taking the kids sledding!

  14. Nathan says:

    Whoa!! And I thought yesterday’s snow was heavy!! This is insane!!

    1. Rocky (Rockford) says:

      This is what a lake enhanced SNOW STORM is all about. Keep it coming!

  15. Sandi says:

    At least 6″ of fluffy snow overnight here in Plainfield township! Wow!

  16. Dan says:

    Bring on feet of snow! No longer measuring by inches if you catch my drift!

    1. Rocky (Rockford) says:

      FANTASTIC – we are making up for lost time!

  17. Rocky (Rockford) says:

    My NWS point forecast gives me 10+ inches over the next four days!!!! I love it and keep the COLD and SNOW coming baby!!!!!!!!

  18. Michael g (se gr) says:

    7″ at home, solid 10″ at work in Grandville. Undercarriage dragging in the unplowed parking lot.

  19. Clara says:

    Wow did we get a lot of snow in 4 hours over here at Plainfield & 3 Mile! I let the pups out at 3.30a and there wasn’t much more snow than when I went to bed, and it was just snowing the fine stuff that doesn’t really accumulate. I woke up at 7.30a and holy catfish was there a lot more snow! I’m not going outside to measure right yet, but the bassett hounds behind us were plowing through the yard making some good trails. Probably at least 8” on the ground at my house now, but I am by no means content with that. More snow please!

  20. Swatz_Zoo(Cedar Springs) says:

    Rocky you ROCK!! You called it the bubble has broken woke up to 6″ and still snowing, it’s beautiful out. FIL coming up today from Mississippi so hoping his travels are safe.

    1. Rocky (Rockford) says:

      That is the spirit. Get out and enjoy this simply FANTASTIC WINTER day!!!!!

  21. North side of holland says:

    Kids are already hoping for Monday school closing :)

  22. Tom Rush says:

    I received close to 7 inches of more snow over night at my home in Alger Heights, I am so sick and tired of shoveling! I do not shovel my deck and the only snow that is on it, is what falls from the sky and according to the yard stick that I put out there, I have received a foot of snow since it first starting coming down Wednesday night. I am ready for spring and lawn mowing instead of snow shoveling!

  23. SW Kent says:

    Official snow report from Byron Center:
    Snow on the ground 1-27……..13 inches
    Snow on the ground 1-29…….zero
    Snow on the ground 2-2……….14 inches

    I have been keeping track of snow depth’s in BC for about 35 years. The deepest snow I have measured has been 26 inches. In 1978 and 2011.
    Had we not had the thaw this week, we may have been close to that record.

    1. Slimjim says:

      How much did you have in feb of 1985??? I lived in Kentwood at that time and there was over 36″ on the ground there mid Feb od 1985

      1. SW Kent says:

        Showing 22……

  24. JT says:

    Wood TV 8 just predicted another 4-8 inches through Saturday and additional 2-6 on Sunday Southwest and West of GR! Nice keep it coming.

  25. Ned S. (Now in South Holland) says:

    It looks like 8 to 10 inches have fallen in SE Holland since last night. I’ll do an official measurement when I go out to snow blow. Still coming down at a pretty good clip. It looks like the wind has shifted to the NE.

  26. marianne says:

    go out to shovel in south haven, snow comes back, repeat, repeat ad infinitum. its well over a foot or more and still coming today feb 2nd.

  27. Brenda (Otsego) says:

    Took awhile to get here but the heaviest stuff is falling right now. Beautiful scene!

  28. KF (SE of Lowell) says:

    Looks like about 5-6 inches of snow have fallen SE of Lowell. Today is my son’s birthday and he is starting to think that big snow storms are his birthday present every year. Keep the snow coming!

  29. I saw that the winds could be up to 30 mph sunday, if that is the case with the next clipper, we could see bad white out condtions. So what do you think Rocky.

    1. Rocky (Rockford) says:

      Definitely – we are looking at BLIZZARD conditions on Sunday with 3-5 inches of SNOW. With the date being 2-3-13 I would say the JEM model was close enough. Keep the COLD and SNOW coming!!!!

      1. Jack says:

        THE JEM MODEL is THE BEST, LONG RANGE FORECAST Model !!! Look back 2 WHEN this MODEL started Calling for This SNOW…. 6 to 8 WEEKS AGO!!!! Wowwwwwww…SIMPLY AMAZING !!! ( Crowd Cheers WILDLY). THANK YOU …… THANK- YOU…… Just Throw MONEY !!!! $$$$$$$$$$. STAY Cued..4 JEM UPDATES…… ;-)

  30. Travis Ulberg (West of Martin, Allegan County) says:

    Measured 4″ of new snow overnight, and that was an hour ago. We have been getting 1-2″ per hour snowfall rates. I like when we get more snow than predicted. The snowmobile club just west of Allegan reported 6″ of new snow and that was over an hour ago. Closing in on 17″ overall, and the snow is almost to the bottom of our benches on our deck.

  31. Hey Fixxer did you see your shadow today.

  32. SlimJim NW GR (1) says:

    Its 17° here with light snow falling had a good 7.5″ of new snow here last night (from 5PM to 8:30 AM) and now have around 13″ on the ground. Its a good thing its light and fluffy lake effect snow otherwise some people would not be going anywhere today. I shoveled the drive way (with a shovel) in around 20 minutest I am glad it was not heavy snow as it would have taken much longer and I would have broken it into smaller increments.

  33. Cort S. says:

    Once the low passes to our east around mid day…The snow will taper
    down. Inversion levels drop to around 5k feet with neutral lift
    within the DGZ. So expect a lull in the action toward mid day and
    lasting into this evening.

    The next clipper arrives already by late tonight and lingers much of
    Sunday. This event may also need advisory headlines…But will let
    today’s event wind down before jumping into the next event. This
    system has deep moisture…but lacks strong forcing. So would
    expect a steady snow starting after midnight tonight and lasting
    through much of Sunday. Would expect 3 to 5 inches to occur along
    and west of U.S. 131 in this 18 hour period…with lesser amounts
    east of U.S. 131.

    The parade of clippers continues with another one arriving for late
    Sunday night into Monday. A bit of isentropic lift across the
    southern CWA as this one moves in. Along with a mostly westerly
    flow off the lake…and the synoptic element…should result in the
    steadiest snows over the SW half of the CWA.

    1. Did you read on about the system for Thurs. sounds like it could be a decent snow event for us.

    2. Red in Allegan Co. says:

      So it sounds like I won’t be going out tomorrow either…except to shovel and plow.
      Thanks for the info Cort!

  34. INDY says:


    1. SlimJim NW GR (1) says:

      At or just over 13″ over here in Walker so the gap is closing. Still getting a light snow shower

  35. Dan says:

    WINTER is FINALLY here! WOW! I thought, we would begin to warm up (freezing and above) by tomorrow or Monday. This does not appear to be the case. More COLD and SNOW. WINTER is making up for lost time. Where are we now in terms of snowfall totals for the season? Are we over 30 inches of snow?

    1. Rocky (Rockford) says:

      We will not see a temperature above 32 degrees all week!!!!

  36. INDY says:

    Well over 30 inches Dan I glad u did not give we still have 2 months of West Michigan winter coming!!! BREAKING SNOW I HAVE IT FOR SALE FOR U EAST BLOGGERS IT’S WHITE FRESH AND DEEP SNOW!COME AHHHHHH GET IT!!! INDY..

    1. SlimJim NW GR (1) says:

      The snow is light and fluffy…heck I shoveled and the guy across the road is using a big 2 stage snow blower it looks like his pushing it around is more work then just shoveling

  37. Rocky (Rockford) says:

    Just got done snow blowing and measured a fresh 7 inches of SNOW since yesterday. Not bad especially since a lot of the so called experts and naysayers said about 1-3 inches! Just amazing! Still light SNOW currently. ROCK N ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. jesse (5mi west of hudsonville) says:

    9 inches of snow overnight that I measured on my truck. Most likely more than that fell! wow. has to be close to 18 inches or more since the events started this week.

  39. Bill says:

    Just 5.5 inches on the ground near Woodland, Barry Co.

  40. Vincent(N.E.Kent Co) says:

    Have 5 inches on the ground here. The most this winter so far. I am still going with 58 inches of snow this season at the GR airport.

  41. Todd In Nunica says:

    WHOA whats that bright yellow ball in the sky????? Not sure how much snow we got last night (seems like 5-6″ maybe) I do know it snowed REAL hard starting about 4am. I finished plowing what accounts were opened today around 730. Looks like we got about 1 inch since then, but now the suns out. Wish I was not so tired I could go and enjoy all this fluff.

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