8.0 Magnitude Earthquake – 6 dead

February 5th, 2013 at 9:19 pm by under Bill's Blog, News, Weather

    UPDATE:  6 people are confirmed dead and 4 others are missing and presumed dead as a 5-foot tsunami following an 8.0 earthquake in the Santa Cruz (Solomon Is.).   According to the BBC:  “The wave went 500m inland, and I was told that three villages were basically damaged or destroyed,” Robert Iroga, press secretary to the Solomons prime minister, told the BBC.  “Houses were brought down, and the authorities were unable to ascertain as to what the damage was like because they were also running up to the mountains, up to the hills.”  Read more here.

Tsunami Propagation Map.  Click this link for updates from radio Australia.   8.0 Magnitude Earthquake in the Santa Crux Is. (Western Pacific Ocean).  That’s a big earthquake.  Original estimate was 17.8 miles underground.  Tsunami Warning issued.  Here’s a webcam relatively close to the e-quake.  Tsunami confirmed…no word as to how big (and it may be small).  They had a 6.3 at 0:07Z  and a 5.3 at 0:46 Z BEFORE the 8.0, which occurred at 8:12 EST or 1:12Z.  They’ve also had at least 10 significant aftershocks of 5.6 magnitude or greater in the 2 hours  and 15 minutes after the quake.  3.4 foot tsunami at Lata…rise/fall lasted 15 minutes.   CIA factbook on the Solomon Is.   Tsunami Watch for Australia and New Zealand.   UPDATE FROM RADIO AUSTRALIA:   Police in Lata on Solomon Islands says three villages have been “wiped out” by the tsunami.  It’s not known as I type this if any lives were lost.    Sea level changes in Lata.  Pacific Tsunami Warning Center says:   “PTWC: BASED ON ALL AVAILABLE DATA A DESTRUCTIVE PACIFIC-WIDE TSUNAMI IS NOT EXPECTED AND THERE IS NO TSUNAMI THREAT TO HAWAII.”   Quick evacuations in New Caledonia.  Airport covered with seawater near Lata.   Buoy Central where you can check buoy water levels.  New Zealand Gauge Network.   Traffic mayhem in Fiji as people rush for higher ground while tsunami warning sirens..  Here’s more pics. of people heading for higher ground in Fiji.

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  1. Nathan (Forest Hills) says:

    Wow Bill, you sure are in blogging mode today!

    1. Nathan (Forest Hills) says:

      There are tsunami watches all the way out to Australia and New Zeland! Must be big?

      1. Nathan (Forest Hills) says:

        Uh oh, not good! Villages whipped out?

  2. reid says:

    thanks for the note, that’s a whopper of an event! More to come I think.

  3. Katie in Kentwood says:

    The Fiji cam updates every few mins…anyone have a streaming cam with audio?

  4. Astute and Wise says:

    Be prepared for Gas to go up again.

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