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1200 UTC Day 1 Outlook  1200 UTC Day 2 Outlook  1200 UTC Day 3 Outlook These are the convective outlooks from the Storm Prediction Center for today, tomorrow and Friday. You can see that on Thursday, the risk of thunder comes right up to the Michigan/Indiana border. Isolated severe storms are possible today across N. Texas and tomorrow across the Gulf States. Tornado and Severe T-storm activity does pick up in late winter.  Last year we had a deadly outbreak of tornadoes on March 2nd.  I took two of my vacation days last spring to drive along the path of tornadoes in Indiana and Kentucky to see what I could learn.  The storms caused 40 fatalities and 1.5 BILLION dollars in damage.  There were more tornadoes that day than any other day of the year. A tornado was reported yesterday in N California.  The Dexter (MI) Twister also occurred in March last year.  Here’s pictures and a video of the small twister.  Several hail reports in Arkansas Thurs. AM

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  1. Yup (Grandville) says:

    First again?!?! You guys must be sleeping. Thunderstorms close to us…. EL OH EL…

  2. Jill C. says:

    We have a chance of severe weather here (Dallas) by morning. But as chilly as it was today I doubt it’ll be anything more than rain and a few thunder boomers. (No, not quite cold enough for “thunder snow.” ;)

    What does the long range forecast look like, Bill? We’re headed north next Friday and will be pulling into Whitehall Saturday evening. Finally get to see some of the snow you guys have had while we’re been gone!

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