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  Picture from “Mary” at ReportIt.  See it full screen.   Muskegon had a daily record 6.9″ of snow on Tues. and 1.1″ today, giving them 78.5″ for the winter.  They are now 0.6″ ABOVE average for winter snowfall to Feb. 20.  Last year at this time Muskegon had 44.6″, so they are about 31″ ahead of last year.  Muskegon is up to 38.8″ for the month.  Grand Rapids had 1.3″ of snow on Tues., upping the monthly total to 22.3″ and giving us 46.8″ for the season.  That compares to 40.7″ last year on 2/20.  Holland had 42.4″ for February as of 7 AM Weds.  Marquette had 12.8″ (NWS office) on Tues., they are up to 117.9″ for the winter.  Top honors go to Twin Lakes with a season total of 170.6 as of Tues. AM and 3 1/2 feet of snow on the ground.  There was so much snow (Blizzard Warnings) they police closed M-28 west of Munising.  Pine Stump Junction had 12″ in 12 hours, Calumet had 11.5″.  S. Ste. Marie had 9.3″ in 18 hours.  Nearly 10″ fell west of Traverse City near Interlochen.

Most models give us a dusting to an inch of additional snow today.  The NAM has 2.7″ of snow for G.R. on Friday – plus a little freezing drizzle.  The Euro. is about the same.  The Euro. has a mix, but more rain than snow next Tues.

February is running 2.7 degrees cooler than average, 5 degrees cooler than January (on average, February is 2.5 degrees warmer than January) and 8 degrees cooler than February of 2012.

It’s been cold in Alaska.  Tues. AM the low temperature reached -43F in Fairbanks and a bone-chilling -54 in Umiat.  Valdez reports 54″ of snow on the ground and McGrath checked in with a 40-inch snow cover.

6 Responses to “Snow!”

  1. Yup (Grandville) says:

    First (can’t resist…) It’s crazy to me that we are getting close to average snowfalls for the area with such a late start to winter!

  2. Dan (Holland) says:

    I am confused. Holland has had 33.4 for the month or the season? No way Grand Rapids has had more snow than Holland. Also – pretty sure we got around 8 inches since 7am Tuesday.

    1. Ned S. (Now in South Holland) says:

      Dan, we’ve had at least three feet of snow in Hollnad so far this Feb. Probably more like four feet when you add in yesterday and last night’s snowfall. I don’t know who keeps the “Official” tally for Holland or where it’s measured.

  3. chuckles says:

    I live in GR (NE side) and it sure seemed we had quite a bit more than 1.3″.. I know a of it was blowing but in my back yard I would say we had a good 3-4″ of new snow.

  4. Looks like Iowa is getting all the fun with this snow storm! So we will probably see 1-3 on Friday Bill? Will the Lansing area see slightly more or less?

  5. Tom says:

    I got very little snow over here at my home in Alger Heights maybe an inch if that. There were white out conditions yesterday near the airport, but again very little accumulation there. After the nice sunny and warm weekend that we had, I was ready for all this to be over with and for spring to begin.

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