Sunday Flurries

February 24th, 2013 at 2:16 am by under Bill's Blog, Weather

Local   I’ll leave radar at the top this Sunday for a few lingering snow showers/flurries.  I’ll be in Birmingham today to receive the Silver Circle Award from The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.  I’m in the middle of my 39th year of doing the weather on television.  My first broadcasting job was doing part-time sports on WNTH-FM in Winnetka, IL at the age of 16 (I had a nice deep bass voice that sounded good on FM, I was told).  My actual first TV broadcast was at the age of 15 when they were testing a very preliminary cable TV project in Chicago.  I wore my Boy Scout uniform because I didn’t have a coat and tie.  I actually have an old, grainy picture of that from 1967.  I came to work in G.R. in Nov. 1974 doing 6 days a week for a first year base salary of $9,100.  In the old days it was 2 plexiglass maps (state and national) and a box of Magic Markers.  You got weather maps on an Alden printer and weather data from the Service A yellow teletype machine.  We hand-plotted our own weather maps several times a day.  For current Michigan weather observations and wind speeds, click here. Here’s NAM model snowfall thru 84 hours, the GFS snowfall thru 120 hours and the HPC snowfall predictions. Here’s WOOD-TV Interactive Radar, looping radar. Check out regional radar, GRR radar, northern Indiana radar, Chicago radar and Milwaukee radar. Here’s the College of DuPage Radar Map, the local warning/advisory map and the National warning/watch/advisory map. You can checkout the latest Grand Rapids NWS discussion, the Northern Indiana NWS discussion (includes the Michigan Counties that border Indiana), the discussion for Northern Lower Michigan, and Eastern Lower Michigan. Here’s the Spyglass Condos Weather Station the S. Haven GLERL station, the Muskegon GLERL station, the Grand Haven Steelheaders webcam and weather station, and the weather station at Holland State Park. Check out the WOOD lightning tracker and U.S. lightning, the Marantha Webcam at Lake Michigan and links to webcams. Here’s the infrared satellite loop (night) and the visible satellite loop (daytime), Lake Michigan water temperatures. Here’s storm total precipitation for W. Michigan.

Model update (overnight runs)  All the models start precipitation around mid-afternoon on Tuesday.  The NAM (caribou) gives G.R. mostly snow and 4.4″ with an ENE wind that maxes out at 20-25 mph (so some drifting).  The GFS (caribou) is up to 5.6″ for G.R. (and some mix).  The European would start as rain and go over to snow with at least several inches.  The long-range looks pretty cool with daytime temperatures possibly in the 20s for Friday – Sunday.  Here’s 84-hour snowfall off the NAM and 120-hour snowfall off he GFS.  A 4-inch snowfall Tues.-Weds. would take  both Muskegon and Holland above 50″ for February snowfall.  The overnight GRR NWS discussion says that a 4-6″ wet, heavy snow event for Tues. PM into Weds.  Then the discussion says:  “A SYSTEM FROM THE ARCTIC MAKES A TRACK SOUTH SOUTHEAST TOWARD THE GREAT LAKES FOR THIS COMING (next) WEEKEND. THIS SYSTEM SEEMS TOTALLY UNDERPLAYED AT THE SURFACE WITH THE MODELS. FOR NOW I HAVE VERY LOW CHANCE POPS BUT I WOULD IMAGINE IF WE REALLY SEE A SYSTEM AS STRONG AS SUGGESTED BY BOTH THE ECMWF AND GFS FOR THIS COMING WEEKEND THERE WILL BE A MUCH STRONGER SURFACE SYSTEM AND SIGNIFICANTLY MORE SNOW.”   This is going to be a wintry week of weather!  Stay up with the blog and the latest forecast updates on WOOD, TV-8.

Cold air blasts south.  00Z GFS gives Orlando a high of 50 and low of 32 on 3/3Cold front pushes down all the way to 15N latitude with temperatures 10-15 deg. cooler than average in the Caribbean down to Costa Rica.  Check out these record cold and record snow reports coast-to-coast.  Paradise AZ, 40 miles from Mexico, had their biggest snowfall ever at 6.3″ (records go back to 1896).

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  1. Jeff (Portland) says:

    Congrats Bill ! Ive been a loyal follower of your forcast since i was a kid. Like 25 yrs.. Awesome job again and well deserved !!!

  2. michael g (SE GR) says:

    Congrats Bill! Sounds like it’s about 14 years overdue. Going to go for the gold?

  3. dano (Norton Shores) says:

    Congratulations Bill!

    Mostly Sunny here on the lakeshore and 35*

  4. Stephen (North Muskegon says:

    Taking a guess Oceana to the south Winter Storm watch by tomorrow morning 6-10 hopefully for the whole area

  5. Slimjim says:

    If everything pans out (it may not) then I think a 3 to 6″ range is what we will be looking at next week, of course that could change up or down as needed.

  6. Slimjim says:

    Cloudy and 37 here now

  7. Cassie says:

    Bill, I am SO tired of this snow! I want green grass and flowers….:) Hoping it warms up soon…

  8. weather watcher Newaygo/Oceana says:

    Just got the Winter Storm watch alert. Looking like an interesting storm coming our way.
    Congrats Bill on your award!

  9. Dan says:

    Just issued, I saw that weather watcher. WSW for Tuesday afternoon into Wednesday am. Looks like they are only calling for about 4 to 5 inches of snow. We will have to see if they are thinking more snow because it’ll be all snow!

  10. 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin says:

    Congrats to Bill. A true professional who’s humble and kind.


  11. Stephen (North Muskegon says:

    and called it correctly :)

    1. Brad (Lawrence) says:

      Good call Bro. Looking like March will be in like a Lion. Gotta admit though, this sun we’re getting today is awesome. Giving me spring fever. Hopefully we hit 50 in the next 10-15 days.

      1. Stephen (North Muskegon says:

        Yep after this storm I’m ready for spring getting around on my crutches in this isn’t too fun!

  12. Swatz_Zoo(Cedar Springs) says:

    CONGRATS Bill You deserve it!! Proud to call you are local Meterologist you are AWESOME and I’m PROUD to be able to learn from the best of them, YOU!!

  13. Katie in Kentwood says:

    Loving the sunshine today. It really is giving me spring fever. I can’t wait to open all my windows and do some spring cleaning. I am excited for more snow though…even though on Tuesday night I need to drive to Muskegon and back for work. Can’t the snowstorms ever hold off until the weekend? :p

  14. Jim S.(Saugatuck Twp) says:

    18Z NAM looks similar with 4-6″ in most areas, and a few 6-8″ areas…18Z GFS has backed off on the total precip. but have yet to see a snow map. This may be a watch that turns into an advisory for 4-6″ is my guess.

    1. Jim S.(Saugatuck Twp) says:

      18z GFS shows more like 2-4″ south of 96 with a little more near the border. It’s way down from the 12Z run.

  15. GunLakeDeb says:

    Had a beautiful snowmobile ride this morning – but we need more snow over here, to keep the sleds running cool…. and finally we have good ice, judging by the 1/4 mi snowmobile drag track someone plowed out on the lake! This was a darn nice winter day!!!!

    1. Travis Ulberg (West of Martin, Allegan County) says:

      We tried going to Gobles yesterday, but decided to turn around just into Van Buren County because it was a little too thin for our liking. Way more snow here in central Allegan County. Should be a perfect week for riding this week!

  16. Swatz_Zoo(Cedar Springs) says:

    I don’t see where Kent County is included in the WSW, hopefully NWS wasn’t to trigger happy 3 days out from this storm.

    1. They are right in the heart of the watch area

  17. Jeff (Portland) says:


  18. Dan says:

    Snow and more Winter to go! March looks to start off cool, maybe another snow storm or two in March! WINTER is still here!

  19. Bnoppe(Albion) says:

    GFS is south with the heaviest snow still way too early

  20. Wolverdog says:

    Looking at the data and the alignment, could be a big system for along and south of I-94. What happens between now and then will tell the story.

  21. Uncle Sparkee says:

    Well your ol uncle sparks mowed down 36 moon shine cherries today watching the old American race with your ol aunty Edna. I eat them as fast as I can cuz you ol aunty Edna likes to drink the juice! Looks like a grand ol weather event headin r way. Gettin crazy on voodoo luv in the ol back woods tonight!!

  22. Congratulations Bill, its amazing reading how you started and looking at where you are at!
    I went out today and the sun was so warm, and oh I’ve been trying not to get spring fever I know its to early, but that sun was so warm!

  23. Jim Shultz says:

    Plenty of information regarding the storm from Detroit, but does little to help us over on this side of the state. Wish the GR NWS had this type of information available on their site.

    1. Jim S.(Saugatuck Twp) says:


    2. Mark (East Lansing) says:

      Ooooh, lots of pretty colors…

  24. 12z EURO comes in with around 1.00 QPF for Alma, NWS issues WSW, very next model run from GFS slashes its QPF to around 0.35 for 3 day totals, boy how many times have we seen that. Now on the other hand that’s just what happened with the last storm, less and less on the GFS and we got around 6 inches so will see what happens.

  25. I still feel a general 4-8 inch snowfall is the way to go until later model runs gel together the puzzle.

  26. Me :-) says:

    The weather channel only gives us a 30 % chance of snow/rain on Tuesday. Is this a sign that the storm is weakening? Anyone has any idea when we might see some higher temps? I am so tired of this winter.

    Congratulations Bill on the Silver Circle Award :-)

    1. Brian(Grandville) says:

      Don’t ever trust TWC forecasts.

  27. Barb says:

    I’m supposed to fly out of GR next Sunday morning to Cancun. How does it look, Bill?

    1. Nathan says:

      Matt said more sunshine for Sunday-Monday… But things could change. I don’t see any big storms then.

  28. Nathan says:

    Im positive that this storm will change its track at least one more time, so GR still has a chance of being in the hot spot! Of course, I have a swim meet, but Ill take the snow any day!!

  29. Travis Ulberg (West of Martin, Allegan County) says:

    Looks like the snowfall to water ratio could be at or below 10:1. Not good for driving in or shoveling, but perfect for the snowmobile trail.

  30. Nathan says:

    Did anyone see the ice bolder on TWC? They are near the Sleeping Bear Dunes and weigh over 75 pounds! (And bigger than a beach ball) There are TONS of them, and they are perfectly spherical and all natural!

  31. Rocky (Rockford) says:

    The 18Z GFS model is out to lunch! Throw this model run out the window! Grand Rapids is right on track for 6 to 8 inches of SNOW! Get ready for a SNOWSTORM and then three more weeks of GREAT winter weather!!! ROCK ON and enjoy winter!!!

  32. Melinda says:

    An award WELL deserved and over due! Congratulations

  33. Swatz_Zoo(Cedar Springs) says:

    I’m not entirely sure about this storm if this was going to be a big one I’d be feeling it by now I have twitches but I’m not uncomfortable nor is my flock having their tail feathers in a wad. So we shall see.

    1. Rocky (Rockford) says:

      Give it time – by tomorrow night you and your flock will know a storm is on the way!!

    2. What does Chris Matthews say ?

      1. Brian(Grandville) says:


  34. Rocky (Rockford) says:

    I love it. There is absolutely no sign of any warm air at least through mid MARCH! Keep the COLD and SNOW coming! FANTASTIC!!

    1. Szokoe says:

      Really Rocky….ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! My gas bill is astronomical!!! 5 snow days = 5 days no pay! BRING ON THE WARM WEATHER!!!!

      1. Steve (Kalamazoo Township) says:

        Don’t feed the trolls!

      2. Rocky (Rockford) says:

        It’s winter in MI! Get used to it!! The warm weather could bring severe thunderstorms, wind damage, devastating tornadoes, high AC electric bills, etc, etc!

        1. Brian(Grandville) says:

          Totally agree, last summer I went broke trying to keep the electric bill paid, running the A/C 24/7. No more summers like that, ever.

    2. Barry in Zeeland says:

      No warm air in sight? What is wrong with you. We were outside most of the day and it was dang near perfect. Just over 40 with sun all day. Cold would be teens and single digits which we are no where near nor will we be. Get you facts straight.

  35. mr. negative says:

    Congratulations on the career award Mr. Steffen.

  36. Vicki says:

    Congratulations Bill! I love your blog and your weather! You give me (us) so much information that I’ll have people say to me where did you hear about that and I’ll say Bill’s Blog! You should read it! Thanks!

    1. suehelen says:

      I say the same thing! My husband is always asking me “what’s the weather going to do?” Just a minute! I’ll check Bill’s blog!

  37. SlimJim NW GR (1) says:

    Well its now only down to 28° here in Walker with clear skies so its not that cold out and with sun tomorrow it should warm up to near 40° or better! Now on the the potential snow event. If everything comes together then we should see somewhere in the 3 to 6″ range IMO. There will be a better handle on the system late tomorrow but it will not be until we are into the system before we know for sure how everything will play out.
    Now for March as we are in a cold, wet pattern I feel we will stay in a wet cold pattern well into March and maybe for the whole month and who knows it could be April before we warm up. How many times have we had a record warm month one year just to be followed by a cold or record cold month the next year! Stay tuned.

  38. Szokoe says:

    Congratulations Bill!! Long overdue! :)

  39. Cort S. says:

    Probability of snowfall accumulation:

    95% chance of 2 inches
    80% chance of 4 inches
    20% chance of 8 inches

    1. Swatz_Zoo(Cedar Springs) says:

      I didn’t think I was feeling it that strongly

      1. Cort S. says:

        Looking like a 4-6″ event for most people, and it’ll probably be fairly wet snow too, or at least higher density like the last event we had. It won’t be light and fluffy, that much is for sure.

        1. Kevin(Rockford) says:

          So nice and slimy on the roads…good times!

  40. Rocky (Rockford) says:

    24 hours from now all of the models will show a stronger storm affecting the GR area with higher SNOWFALL totals! Bank on it!!!

  41. Bnoppe(Albion) says:

    If things hold winter storm warnings 96 south wwa’s north

    1. Rocky (Rockford) says:

      That sounds about right, however I expect the heavier snow and the warnings to go up one more row of counties!

  42. Lonesome Dove says:

    Congratulations Bill! A very deserving award. Thanks for all you do.

  43. Nathan says:

    Whats worse, slushy roads or snow covered roads?

    1. Brenda (Otsego) says:

      Slushy are worse, grabs and pulls you this way and that.

      1. Brian(Grandville) says:

        Yes, it’s horrible. The 1st of only 2 slide offs I was ever in was in the heavy slushy snow.

  44. Lisa (Caledonia) says:

    Congratulations, Bill! :)

  45. Cort S. says:

    If you think Michigan’s weather can be bi-polar, Oklahoma has a severe thunderstorm warning inside of a blizzard warning:

    1. Swatz_Zoo(Cedar Springs) says:

      That is just F’d up!!

    2. Mike Geukes says:

      Temps are still in the 50′s at Hobart OK

    3. DF (SE Mich) says:

      Haha. Nice!

    4. Todd In Nunica says:

      My son, 2 days after his move to colorado got to experience his first Colorado blizzard today. Called me this morning He and his wife are staying at a friends in Denver till Monday morning. Said it was terrible there, they got like 12″ in 7 hrs, plus wind.

      Funny that his friend was commenting on how sunny it was all the time in Denver…and 2 days after making the move, hes in a blizzard…lmao

  46. Jim S.(Saugatuck Twp) says:

    00z gfs gives most of west mich 4-6″…..but has a sparkling of 8-10″ around Detroit, Alpena, Chicago, and parts of far sw mich near the Indiana border.

    1. Jim S.(Saugatuck Twp) says:

      Meant 00z nam

      1. Jim S.(Saugatuck Twp) says:

        Fox 17 model shows close to 8″ for Kalamazoo…..only 2.4″ for Holland.

  47. Brian says:

    Bill, what does the weather look like for travel Thursday? I’m heading to a conference in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and we’re traveling by car.

  48. Evie says:

    Congratulations, Bill, on your award!!!

  49. Adam Johnson says:

    Thank You Mr. Steffen,
    You truelly deserve this award and it is, in my opinion, overdue. Your devotion and humbleness to everything you do is inspiring to so many. You are an individual that can be so proud of yourself knowing you have helped, inspired and comforted so many… Not with just your great knowledge of the weather, but your personality and spirit also.
    The Johnson Family

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