Cold East, Warm West

March 3rd, 2013 at 2:35 am by under Bill's Blog, Weather

   Click the image to enlarge and actually read the numbers on the High Temperature Map from Saturday (courtesy Univ. of Albany).  Here’s some high temperatures from Saturday and the average high for the date in ( ):  Tampa 60 (75), Orlando 61 (76), Tallahassee 54 (71), Atlanta 39 (61), Birmingham 39 (63), Macon 43 (66), Jacksonville 54 (71), Nashville 35 (56), Miami 69 (79), Fort Myers 61 (79), Evansville 33 (51), Baton Rouge 47 (69), Natchez 39 (66), Lexington 32 (50), Grand Rapids 29 (38).  They had snow flurries as far south as Jackson MS.  It was also quite windy in Florida with gusts to 54 mph at Pampano Beach, 41 mph at Sanford and 40 mph at Daytona Beach.

Out west it was warm:  Seattle 57 (52), Boise 60 (50), Billings 62 (44), Phoenix 85 (74), Los Angeles (airport) 82 (64), Reno 66 (55), Rapid City 63 (43), Miles City 64 (41).

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  1. Jim S.(Saugatuck Twp) says:

    What does the latest SREF show?

    1. Rocky (Rockford) says:

      Cort posted this above at 7:27 PM.

      1. Jim S.(Saugatuck Twp) says:

        I think the new one just came out.

        1. Rocky (Rockford) says:

          Good point!

  2. kevin. w says:

    No I don’t live in Shepherd slim I actually live about 7 miles northeast of Mt.Pleasant and I own about 100 acres of mostly wooded property that I have tapped trees for a very long time. Last year I got about 10 ten days of syrup running after that the maple trees budded out and the sap was done. I’m hoping to get a good solid month of sap running out of my trees and I got 5 taps in some of my older maples. You guys can have the snows I have about a foot on the ground and it was tough running the 4 wheeler through the woods. I don’t think winter is over til April, so let the sap run like crazy. good night.

  3. Jim S.(Saugatuck Twp) says:

    00z nam is now loading. If it trends even further south, that would be 3 straight runs. Getting too close to missing us altogether.

  4. Rocky (Rockford) says:

    00Z NAM looks like it is trending a little further South, however 24 hours form now the trend will be back to the North! Get ready!

  5. Jim S.(Saugatuck Twp) says:

    00z nam shifting a bit further south again. Hope for a snowstorm is fading.

    1. bnoppe(Albion) says:

      maybe in your area but Were still looking good for 6 inches+ along and South of I-94!

      1. fixxxer says:

        Hope it stays there. Im done with snow.

  6. Michael (Berrien county) says:

    Bullseye right on top of me on the 18Z GFS.

  7. Cort S. says:

    21Z SREF snowfall plumes aren’t available yet, but it looks like the average output from the ensemble models still suggests the heaviest snow will be in the southern two rows of Michigan counties. The ensemble mean 12-hour snowfall during the peak of the event is 4-6 inches along/south of I-94. But areas near and south of I-96 would still pick up at least an inch or two of snow. But that’s just the average of all the ensemble models. There is certainly quite a lot of disagreement among them all.

    1. Cort S. says:

      Wait, here are the total snowfall plumes:

      Take your pick. 0 to 11 inches (14 inches as an outlier), with a mean of just over 5.

      1. Jim S.(Saugatuck Twp) says:

        Interesting. It’s a tad lower than the 15z, but still has quite a spread.

  8. Jim S.(Saugatuck Twp) says:

    Wgn rpm model gives south haven 6.5″…less north, more south.

    1. Michael (Berrien county) says:

      Is there a link to wgn’s rpm model for snowfall? I can’t find it on their website.

  9. Jim S.(Saugatuck Twp) says:

    Fox has 1″ for gr. about 3″ for Muskegon, 7 for south haven, 10 for Benton harbor,and 4.7″ for holland.

  10. fixxxer says:

    All i know is my kids and i are getting spring fever. We miss the warm summer nights and our nightly walks for ice cream. As expected we wont have a repeat of last march. My hopes are for a milder april and a decent latter half of spring and summer.

  11. Michael (Berrien county) says:

    To everyone on here from the I94 corridor south to the stateline….. GET READY, GET READY, GET READY!!!!!! 00Z GFS coming out now is lookin’ very white for us.

  12. Jim S.(Saugatuck Twp) says:

    00z gfs a bit further south as well. My guess is an a winter storm watch for van buren, Kalamazoo, south and east for 4-8″. When it finally arrives, my guess is gr 1-2″, holland 2-4″, south haven 4-6″, Benton harbor 6-8″.

    1. Michael (Berrien county) says:

      Yeah definitely a watch along & south of I94. Prolly an advisory all the way up to I96, especially with the winds, which will be gusting to around 30mph or so. Could definitely be some good blowing & drifting by Tuesday night.

  13. Cort S. says:

    21Z SREF mean snow totals across the region:

    The Weather Channel is calling this “Saturn.” But you know what I see some D.C. people calling it? Snowquester.

  14. Travis Ulberg (West of Martin, Allegan County) says:

    What an awesome weekend of snowmobiling! I put on 360 miles from Friday through today(only 600 all of last winter!). We had mostly cloudy skies here in Allegan County both Friday and Saturday, and it was mostly cloudy up north today as well. NW of Baldwin in the woods has a snow depth of 16-20″ (just under my knees). Looks like Tuesday night/early Wednesday could be my last trail ride of the winter.

    And I agree with the past few comments on snowfall predictions. With a little around I-96, 2-5″ between I-94 and I-96, and 5-10″ I-94 and south. I can’t seem to make it to 6″ for a snowstorm, and it looks like I won’t on Tuesday either.

  15. Michael (Berrien county) says:

    Interesting to note too, CPC is saying below normal temps & above normal precip 6-14 days out. This seems to be supported by the Euro, GFS, & GEM which advertise a pretty good shot of arctic air around mid month with more stormier weather & maybe more lake effect. Winter is definitely NOT over yet!

  16. mr. negative says:

    Snow on the ground, and in the air through mid May

    1. Jack says:

      Mr. negative, Are u positive , about That ? ;-)

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